Please check this site frequently for updates and information. The University of Chicago in March 2018 announced it no longer had a need for the observatory, and in June of that year, 300 people attended a community meeting in Williams Bay before the facility was closed four months later. Charity Navigator will provide an assessment of the organization’s people operations, connectedness and engagement with the constituents and communities served, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion measures. Find out why. Learn more about GlobalGiving.Note: GlobalGiving Badges do not effect the nonprofit’s Impact & Results score. The University of Chicago announced March 10 that it had donated the historic Williams Bay landmark and 50 surrounding acres to the private Yerkes Future Foundation. It’s all housed in a dome that’s 90 feet across with a slit to provide views of the universe from a hill on the northwestern shore of Geneva Lake in Walworth County. EIN: 83-0802129. 'Today’s A Big Day': Wisconsin’s Yerkes Observatory Has New Ownership May 4, 2020 - 8:55am The Yerkes Future Foundation took over ownership of the Yerkes observatory and some land on Friday, May 1. Charity Navigator’s Encompass Rating System evolves on a quarterly basis as we add new measures and indicators, which we call Beacons. The 64-foot-long steel telescope tube holds two 40-inch diameter lenses cast in Paris, ground and polished in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and together weigh about 500 pounds. The telescope, now equipped with 1960s and 1970s-era electronics and a glass-plate camera, is constructed of steel and rests on a pedestal of concrete, brick and steel secured 40 feet into the ground. Much of the funding will be used to restore the 60,000-square-foot building and its three main domes, each with its own telescope. ", U.S. House could vote to lift nationwide pot prohibition this week — but McConnell could block effort even with weed-friendly Biden presidency looming. In the 1890s, Chicago millionaire Charles Tyson Yerkes Jr. provided about $400,000 in funding to construct the Great Refractor and build the observatory that bears his name. The Yerkes Future Foundation plans on restoring the observatory’s buildings and telescopes, reopening the observatory to visitors, and setting up educational programs. YerkesFutureFoundation… The nonprofit does not primarily deliver services directly to beneficiaries or it is not reasonable to expect the nonprofit to measure impact for its primary activity. Assistance has come from John Briggs in New Mexico, the former president of the Antique Telescope Society and an expert in telescope and observatory preservation. Dianna Colman of the Yerkes Future Foundation said the foundation and university in October reached an “agreement in principle” for the transfer of ownership after about 18 months of negotiations. A new foundation, the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF), today sent an “Expression of Interest” letter to David Chiaro, associate VP of the University of Chicago, indicating that concerned citizens of the Geneva Lake areas have come together as a cohesive organization with the desire to work with the university regarding the transfer of ownership of Yerkes … The observatory, sometimes called "the birthplace of modern astrophysics", was founded in 1892 by astronomer George Ellery Hale and financed by businessman Charles T. Yerkes. Former Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler linked to Selena Gomez after pair spotted dining together in NYC. The new organization needs volunteers with time and expertise to move forward the group’s goal of sustaining Yerkes Observatory and turning it into a public museum and education center, said Dianna Colman, chairwoman of the foundation’s seven … A $20 million effort by a local nonprofit is trying to make sure the elevating floor, the 40-inch telescope and the rest of the historic facility remain viable for another century after it was gifted last month to the Yerkes Future Foundation by the University of Chicago, which no longer had a need for the facility.

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