pls can bitter leaf cure pimples and dark spots, I had stomach ach after taking bitter leave. It clears the arteries too. Or is bitter leaf the best remedy? Take 5 to 6 Bitter leaves and squeeze out the juice. Thanks. Please for some days now I have been feeling hurt on my upper abdomen and near my breast side I feel like throwing up when ever I finish eating and taking drugs I feel vomiting and stool at same time it's like a heartburn at same time the pain comes up to my chest and my stomach tight what can I take to cure this please can bitter leaf work it and how does it pls. What quantity should one take at a time, I take one cup at a time and sometimes it keeps me uncomfortable. Pelumi Before that you need to mention why did you take Bitter leaf. Good day Sir/ Ma. I need ans. Awaiting ur reply, Have been going to toilet for the past 3month Pls what can I use to stop the diarraha. until the symptoms disappear. Taking bitter leaf with ginger what's it health effects . Continuous use may lower your blood sugar at a certain level, or detox/cleanse your body much. Blend Bitter leaf's leaves along with 5 to 6 teaspoons of water. please can bitter leaf be mixed with other herbs??? HOW TO MAKA A TINCTURE ? Dear Charity Take the following herbs which work effectively for your problem. One dose is : 4 pellets. The individual may take Galega Officinalis tincture, 5 drops every day. Then , skip for a week and again continue for 7 more days. What this herb or any medicine will do is, it will bolster your Liver and you won't be affected by the virus anymore. Please can I take bitter leaf juice daily for conception. 4 years since the treatment, i still feel stronger than ever with no symptoms at all, only occasional tingling on my right foot at night. But hope drinking a cup filled with bitter leaf juice a day or once in 3 days is not too bad just to prevent blood sugar and to reduce high blood pressure. The study showed a reversal in the serum, and the blood sugar levels of a … Drink it twice a day to lower the raised blood sugar levels. Pls ave been taking one sometimes two and drinking bitter leaf water for like three days now,how many weeks can I take it to treat my Vaginal discharge. You can but everything in moderation,please, Hello ,my name is kweku and I want to know where to buy the milk thirstle, So i came across your page because i found bitter left never heard of it before and read a little about its benefits,My question is can i give thi, Can I squeeze bitter leaves and moringa leaves together mixed proportionately with 10litres of water and consume a glass of it 3x daily for treatment of liver and kidney deceases? You may drink Chaste Berry tea for a month, eat Dong Quai capsules, one every day for a month. Bitter leaf does not supply oestrogen but helps the body to produce the right amount of oestrogen needed for life function. If not to keep a dosage and to self-medicate, there can be such side effects of bitter leaf juice as blood pressure, serious heart troubles, the increase of glucose level in a blood. Incidentally if people are looking for a a form , my husband used a fillable version here, UNITED STATE DISPATCH NEWS!! If so, what quantity, thanks. please can bitter leaf clear it completely from my system?? It is not clear. Some says is because of contraceptive and abortion but I have never aborted neither taken contraceptives. Please. Efua, i am based in Kumasi in Ghana. Squeeze the fresh Bitter leaf to extract out the juice. I want to conceive . I am sharing the link with you RN. I will try it on small quantity. Can I still drink bitter leaf juice after completing my antimalarial drugs? But thank God and now I know better to stop it. N/B only the juice from the two leaves. All these drugs mentioned here,do you mean the person should take it one after the other or the person should take either of the three. Also on my own. Glycogen is stored energy that is release in times of low … Mix Lemon juice with cucumber juice. You can drink the Bitter Leaf juice, 30 ml every morning. Few teas as Chamomile, Passion Flower tea are considered good for sleep. With bitter leaf around, women do not need to take artificial oestrogen has its own serious negative side effects. Keep taking it until the symptoms disappear. Names of Bitter Leaf in various languages of the world are also given. Can you provide contact details of Relish in Ghana? It will take its own course and then die. Scent Leaf is very popular in India and is popularly known as scent leaf or Tulsi. Now am confused. I also want to say that I start to notice a change in my body system when I drank something not knowing that there were a lot of black ant in it which I had already chew it. I hope it will get better. They said the ailment is called pois (postorgasmic illness syndrome) what can I use to cure myself. The study was conducted to know the effect of leaf extracts bitter leaf, Awolowo leaf scent leaf and bridelia leaf on the performance and some blood parameters of broilers finisher chicken. ↑ Patil, Rupali, Kiran Dhawale, Hanmant Gound, and Rajendra Gadakh. Please i want to know whether bitter leaf can cure diabetes mellitus forever and ever....or will it only reduce the sugar level temporarily. Bitter-leaf can be very helpful in maintaining the livers optimum health to release bile acid every time people eat fatty foods. I have similar problem. Despite many benefits of scent leaf, the herb still has some side effects on humans when overdosed or used at the wrong time. I recently thought maybe am having poisonous substance in my body that keep my body system in a deteriorating state. Drink this water whole day. English is not the Mother tongue of Nigeria and not every nation of the world communicate in english, also those who do, speak it in different accents, spellings and pronounciation. Will the bitter leaf am using have any positive impacts on the blood pressure? Good afternoon sir, my name is Bright, my question is. I have tried everything recommended both drugs and creams, but it works temporarily and then surface again especially during my monthly period. There you will find many Herbs that cure PCOS... some say it is better to boil the leaves, as the raw juice is damaging to the liver over time. Gastronomy has been done followed by chemotherapy since then i have been on routine check of every six months. No amount of local application or pain killers are going to help, until the Liver disorder is corrected. and please if there is any other thing i need to do you can tell me. 1. Tincture of Dried herb: Add 200 gm of dried herb in One Liter of Alcohol . Bitter leaf contains flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant effects in … Stop the use, if it lowers your BP. I will need your view as regards to this. It is a very potent oil, and you have to dilute it before using it. I have tried every thing recommended for it, but it will go and then surface again especially during my period. Kindly let me know if somebody expecting to conceive or is pregnant already can eat or drink any of these: Scent leaf, bitter leaf, broccoli, cabbage, papaya, Gallic, ginger to cure breast lumps or prevent cancer outrightly. After dilution, apply further drop by drop if it suits you. Can I take the bitterleaf juice today? Mix half teaspoon of Saffron in a glass of warm milk, drink it every night before going to the bed. Gudmar is the most effective herb for diabetes. A FRIEND HAS BEEN DIAGNOSIS BY HEP B AND BEEN GIVEN A DRUG CALLED LAMIDUVINE CAN I COMBINE IT WITH BITTER LEAF AND SCENT LEAF. Wash it off after 15 to 20 minutes. Leave it as it is for 5 to 10 minutes. Yes, you may try the juice of Bitter Leaf. Thanks. I took too much quantity of bitter leaf because of blood pressure, now am serious weight loss, please what can i do. Bitter Leaf juice is used to cure Hepatitis B. It is known to treat a number of ailments as Blood pressure, Diabetes etc. You can juice it and drink morning and night. I search I saw bitter leaf juice. What herbs can I take to reduce my blood pressure cos it reads 150/100 and 180/120 depending. If you think you want to detoxify your body, drink Coriander juice daily for 3 days. please how do I use bitter leaf for staph infection and possible symptoms of a kidney disease? My location is Lagos. Can i use better leave for its cure if yes to what dosages if i should use its juice, Hi am planning to get pregnant can I continue taking my bitter leaf and milk thistle for my hep b. Make a juice of the Bitter leaves and mix it with water. Take Stinging Nettle in Mother Tincture form. please can bitter leaf cure PID bcos I am tried of this sickness Thanks. Simmer for 10 minutes, drink it twice a day. Bitter leaf juice can increase blood pressure in some people. Then you may conceive. please i have chicken pox and i was advised to wash the bitterleaf and use its juice to bath and drink some with alcohol that it will help. My question is could this be the cause. However, the water extract is marked effective to curb sleeplessness. I TOOK THE JUICE WITH BLENDED GRAPE( CITRUS) LATS THING BEFORE BED. Please can bitter leaf work for me, as I usually have low blood pressure, and what quantity can I take? But I really want to try it. Ganoderma is a herb which aids the liver function and boosts the immunity. Please i was diagnosed of pre-diabetic. I have in my house and it is working well for me. Mix Tea Tree Oil and Olive oil in equal quantities. Scent leaf, brewed as tea, has been used as a remedy for stomach disorders, including gastroenteritis. In ur last reply, you recommended green tea as one of the best to loose weight, my question is which product can u recommend? started having stomach ache after....please why is it so? I will also like to ask can bitter leaf cure this. Dear Tony Please follow the regimen. It is the best remedy to treat liver disorders as Hepatitis c is one of the disorders of liver. Pls can I give bitter leaf juice daily? no do not take it cause of the baby, go to a good hospital and explain to a doctor and explain yourself he or she will know what to do; wish u well and quick recovery. Hello... please can bitter leaf and garlic cure vaginal candida disease? This is my 3rd pregnancy. It is an effective herb for that. This herb tones the Liver. Is it Aldo true that milk thistle is not good for men? Most times i have to keep flexing it till it relieves me . Dear Adekunle Start by taking Ashwagandha for one month. Yes, you can drink the juice, it is known as Bitter Leaf Decoction. Can better help an hiv patient increase immune. As soon as you touch it, it sleeps. Did you get yourself diagnosed by a doctor? But it is advised not to use in pregnancy. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1994;38(3):223-225. Please my pregnant wife was tested positive for HPV, what can she use to get cure while pregnant? The bitter leaf plant, scientifically known as Vernonia Amygdalina is a medicinal herb that grows in tropical Africa and it is tagged “bitter” due to its bitter taste. Of course, a small amount of the plant won’t be able to manage all the symptoms, and too much of it can cause some unwanted side effects. Thanks. If yes, how can one uses it? my question is when i to take the radish juice is it right after the bitter leave or after food. This is a curative herb, used to cure certain set of diseases, not to be used if not suffering from any disease please. Please what else do you think I should do? Have it in gaps. Am pregnant and am having infection and ate bitter soup and discover dat a white substance is coming out of my vaginal.can it be dat the bitter leave is cleaning my system? I want to have safe delivery. It also depends on the additional medicines , if taking any. My six year old adopted son urinates frequently, though takes a lot of water as well. Homeopathic medicine Follicunum can be useful in your case., Please I want to know the effect of adding lime orange to Bitter leaf, you may die and you not even get sick but in some cases it meant heal but dont try it. I don't think that there is any permanent cure for Diabetes. I was told that taking bitter leaf juice occasionally damages the liver.How true is that? My life changed automatically after six weeks of applying the herbal remedy as instructed. Pls help me. Buy, Bohrevia Diffusa water extract, take 10 drops, daily for a month. I need your traditional advice medical and spiritual advice. Do not abuse the benefits of this plant by excessively using it as doing this may cause health problems. I have low progesterone can I use bitter leaf water. ]. What can i used to cure my hepatitis b,i have been using livonlin forte for three month now. This would not taste good at all. Uche Yes, the herb helps in lowering blood cholesterol and to reduce body weight. Pls i ve bn diagnosed of chronic hepatitis b since nov 2015. What is the best way to prepare and consume bitter leaves if I'm trying to cleanse for a drug test? Which will rise up in a severe form, affecting the more vital organ. For how long can I drink bitter leaf if I want to lower my glucose level?Is it dangerous if I drink it all the time? You have already taken it for quite some time now. Side effect of bitter leaf juice are mainly caused by personal allergic reactions. Please write correct English. i have done that many times they said hormonal imbalance.they only end up in forcing it out with injection after some time it will go off again.please i need something that will correct it permanently so i will be able to take in thanks. Readthe page, I have share dtyhe link with you. Let it dry. Please can bitter leaf juice cure heart disease and premature ejaculation. If you experience drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension or a headache as side-effects when using Scent Leaf medicine then it may not be safe to drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery.One should not drive a vehicle if using the medicine makes you drowsy, dizzy or lowers your blood-pressure extensively. Use it for gargle. Hello Bola You can try Psoralea oil. I have fatty liver and LDL plus hypertension. Do not repeat this medicine. You may try the Bitter leaf juice for a week, if it suits you then try for 7 more days. Dilute it ten times and then apply on the forearm as a tester. I want to know how to use bitter leaf to recover memory loss. Sir, please i have been suffering from cronical pimple(acne) for about four years now and it is all my body major face, chest, back and laps. We want it removed without surgery but natural treatment. It possible you have ulcer ,while the acid in the lime activated it. Not to be taken during pregnancy, i drank better leaf today with the aim to born fat, Is it good for someone who is on Hiv drug to take bitter leaf, For HIV, the best herb is Balck Cumin. Will Bacillinum 10 m cure all the sickness I listed down? Good day Doc. Hello Karan, I finished treatment yesterday. Helps get rid of fever. Bad Breath. So do you suffer from that ? Sir please are they alternative to this herbs as I can't get them in Nigeria here ad my gynecologist adviced against taking capsule as they increase fibroid growth. I have hepatitis b and l was given Emtricitabine/tenofovir drug at the hospital. I feel cured from the disease! i mean if one is not ovulating can bitter cure anything that hs stop the ovulation? Thank you. All in tincture form, mix equal parts of each as in 100ml of each in a bottle and take 1 teaspoon 3 times daily before meal. Alos, take Milk Thistle Capsules, one daily for a month. Can I use bitter leaf for ulcer and body pain and constipation. Bitter Leaf might not be the very effective herb to cure UTI. Please consult your doctor first, and then you can write back to us for a cure. This can lead to excessive low blood pressure in people with blood pressure. Dear Toludebby It is suggested that you please mention your problem in detail. The sugar readings should be monitored daily and the dosage can be adjusted. Thanks. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar, twice a day. Try for 20 days. The doctor said I'm prediabetic. To set this hormonal imbalance right, we recommend that you take Chaste Berry herb for one month. It also expels Nicotine and relieves nerve tension. Take 5 drops in a glass of water and have it daily for a week. There is no such evidence. Boil the washed roots and stems of Bitter Leaf in 250 ml of water. Drink one cup every day. The water from the squeezed leaves is beneficial in curing the disease. My wife have been trying to conceive, she is 46yrs she suffers intramural fibroid we tried surgery but they could not remove it bcos it as gum the uterus. Is giving a 1year and 8 months old baby the juice of bitter leaf boiled water good for feverish. I have been diagnosed for Hepatitis B for over 2yrs. Apply a thick paste of Cayenne mixed with water on the affected area. i have been on metformin for the past 3 years. The herbs that will help to strengthen the erection are Mucuna Pruriens and Cordyceps. please i have been experiencing excruciating pains in my waist that has made it impossible for me to stand for more than 5 minutes. The Lady Chimmy innocently asked some questions which to me is very clear and understandable and to white wash her on a forum like this is very appalling. You may consume the juice every morning for a week. (Tinosppora Cordifolia), Please can scent leave and bitter leave cure breast lump. Strain it off. or you may boil the stem and root of this plant and drink a glass twice daily till the symptoms persist. Hi Team, Please help with the best hearbs for Chronic HBV and the application. I'm suffering from malaria fever and boiled bitter leaf with lime. This advice is for educational purpose only. However, you can try other herbs as well like: Can one chew the leaf instead of taking the juice? Can bitter leaf cure reocurrence of stomach sour and unquick indigestion. Please help as it is unusual to use pampers for that age. Bitter leaf side effects It is impossible to use this species of a plant when the person has an allergic reaction. The bitter leaf rich with antiseptic that lowers the fever effectively. I recently went back to conduct a test on bacteria and I was free from it but I was given some drug to administer which Ginsomin tab was one of it well immediately I used it I realised some body change which I felt I should share with you my gum becomes glossy in nature and likewise my teeth and similarly my penis. Squeeze out the juice from the Bitter leaf. What is the local name in Yoruba or ibo . Well I was at the hospital recently Ginsomin was prescribed to reduce stress and as I speak I still haven't seen any changes. Is it safe to give my one year old bitter leave soup? Try this for a week. Can bitteeaf extract get rid of pimples and other skin dseases. Treating fever. It stops the bleeding and heals Wounds completely. Pls does bitter leaf work for weight loss, pls where can I get radish juice and how can I prepare it. half teaspoon of amla juice daily for 20 days will help. For Hairfall you can try a number of remedies as Onion juice, Jaborandi Oil etc. Please Dr. my mother has high blood sugar, I adviced her to be taking solution of bitter leaf, scent leaf and Garlic please is it a bad advice? This test is to make sure that you are not suffering from PCOS. Gift, Bitter leaf use is not suggested if you are trying to conceive, rather few but research says chances of abortion by the use of Bitter Leaf. Can I still take bitter leaf together with it? Scent leaf has been found to be a great mean of prevention and treatment for common cold, herpes, malaria, even HIV and AIDS. Precious I do not think it is a right idea to shrink the fibroid while you are pregnant. 2. Hello Rafeena, Bitter leaf is not that effective herb for bad cholesterol. Drinking 10 ml of bitter leaf juice everyday in the morning is of great benefit. Asides psychological effect of premature ejaculation. Thank you. Drink a glass of juice twice a day. I want to know the dosage of bitter leaf juice for an arthritis patient. View abstract. These herbs will help to cure fibroids. Hello Rafena, Is he taking any other medications too? It is advised that no drug or medicine should be taken, as this will interfere the natural course of the virus. PLEASE MY MOTHER DRINK TO MUCH OF BETTER LEAF WATER AND THE THING WAS DISTURBING HER SO MUCH, AND SHE CANT EAT .WHAT DRUG WILL SHE TAKE? As such there is no evidence of Bitter leaf causing Cancer of the gastro-intestinal tract. Add 5 drops of lemon juice in a cup of water. I have been diagnosed with hep.B,and around my anus,there is a lump.Whenever I want to stool,it's very painful.Please can I take bitterleaf juice for d pain. It started with my face, and now my back, buttocks and breast is covered in it. The best way is to squeeze the fresh leaves to get the juice. Thanks, Pls i was diagoned with hepatitis b last week and i am 31weeks pregnant...can i take bitter leaf juice. I heard bitter leaf can cure it. Grind the Radish and squeeze out the juice. To deal with High BP, Arjuna Powder: Take 1 teaspoon daily for 1 month. Dear Yusuf, 1. Also, for reducing weight, drink green tea daily. Try Neem. We can then suggest to you in a better way. Visit the page 'Hairfall' on this website. Basically the ingredients of this fruit can be used for various purposes but it does have some side effects that can be seen if it is over consumed. Milk Thistle capsules, one every day for a month. eat 2 to 3 Basil leaves. please i read some of your remedy you shared on the this page and want to try the bitter leaf juice on empty stomach, radish juice and milk thistle. Strain it. Hi, i sometimes take alcohol, can bitter leaf reduce the intake effect? Can herbal cure this situation. First of, It is recommended to patients with High Blood pressure. Thank you. If you are the type of person that eats late at night, it is likely you … I am currently pregnant 33weeks gone but with hbp and gestational diabetes reading 132. So I decided to contact the herbal man @herbalist_sakura for my younger sister's help to cure her breast cancer. Once done, pour the juice in a glass and fill it up with water to the top. because I KNOW THAT THERE is no cure for Diabetes except God my Email is phone 08100858575, Please can it cure a fungal infection and how. Repeat it once a day. you may take one capsule of each, every day for 20 days. Pcos or fibroids in the uterus. As well as be of help in control of blood sugar? Try having one in your routine. D you drink carbonated drinks or candies ? However, Bitter Gourd can be used to cure the infection. Boil 5 to 10 leaves in water. what combination of herbs can help me? Have 50 ml regularly for 20 days. This will make it even more bitter. Try it first, if it suits you only then continue. It is an effective herb for that. Yes, it is. Can I boil bitter leaves and pawpaw leaves together and drink? All my symptoms was terminated completely and am now living ALS FREE .. The effective herbal treatments for Strep Throat are following, you can follow any of the following: Common salt: Add half a teaspoon of Common salt in a cup of luke warm water. some time last year,I was diagnosed with heavy growth of staphylococcus aurea,I treated it with different drugs but it refused to go,my symptoms are:vaginal rashes,vaginal itching and burning sensation during sexual intercourse. You are just to great!!! Insomnia is a condition that promotes habitual sleeplessness. Thanks, Please can you recommend a potent green tea for weight loss because there are so many in the market. I have been having bleeding before and after menstruation, the bleeding use to last 12-15 days every month since November 2019, I have gone for high vaginal swap test, urinaries mcs nothing was found, pelvic utral scan also nothing found but I saw left ovarian masses--follicles. Please help me get a permanent cure for him. Dear Julie DVT is the disease of Veins. Follow the one that is suitable to you. It is very good for cholesterol problems. Strain it off. Lily Bitter Leaf is not the cure for you you. Regards, To reduce its bitterness whiles maintaining its effectiveness on the imune system. Tunmise For Arthritis, the best herb is Night Jasmine. What quantity of bitter leaf juice is appropriate per age and how often? What herb can be used in treating hepatosplenomegaly also known as gaucher disease? Bitter leaf has a beneficial effect on this type of infertility because of its anti hypertensive effect. I’ve been taking bitter leaf powder in capsules. And if so, can the taking of bitter leaf juice help in any way, and by what method and what quantity. Essential oils of Scent leaves can be used for aroma-therapy massage, however, pregnant women are forbidden from using it because it feared could cause a miscarriage. Is the capsule ok? Dear Ibe, Please explain that your wound is because of any injury or it just came on its own? Thanks. And what could the three combination treat. Boiling or blending? It is wise to either taste a small part first and to also talk to your doctor before use. Please l will like to find out whether it is good to juice bitter leaf and dandelion together, Can bitter leaf with ginger help in weight loss. For the first week, start from half glass juice and if it suits you gradually increase your quantity up to 1 full glass. Am a Nigerian. My name is jumble. One in morning and one at night. Have it once or twice a day. I have been falling sick with flu and body pain each time I have organism and and this last for many days before my body get back to normal. Is it adviciable to mix bitter leaf with finer/garlic and drink for the sake of painful throat, fever,chest pain and lost of appetite? Side effects of scent leaf. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb. Left arm loses muscle tone too. However, to reduce the risk of Hepatitis B, we suggest you to consume Milk Thistle for a month. Please, does Bitter leaf cure/address body itching after bath and how do I use it for this problem? The virus will become dormant. A study published in the journal of Food Biochemistry confirmed the antidiabetes and antihypertensive properties of this plant with … I can’t sleep at night. This fruit is likely to have shape similarly to cucumber and it has bumps on the surface. Please share if the symptoms that you have mentioned above belong to the same person or not. Sir I'm Francis from Nigeria. Yes, Fibroids can be eliminated if you drink Bitter Leaf juice every day. Chimmy. It will treat the problem of Breast milk as well. Dear Richel. What's Gymnea sylvester and Tinospora cordifolia? ANd now i am so relieved of it. two days later I receive the cure from the courier service so I used it as the herbal man instructed me, How do I use bitterleaf to cure hepatitis, Please I need to know how I can get a butter leaf plant sent to me I have diabetes my blood sugar is 388 I was told that bitter leaf will bring my blood sugar down please I need the help of that plant leaf. Started with my face since I was around 8 years old, then all over my back, buttocks and breast now. Preferably Vodka-- should be 100 proof vodka. Pharmacists also advise patients not to drink alcohol with medicines as … Snow mountain Garlic can also help the typhoid patient. Herb: add 200 gm of dried herb tea daily not try any herbs to cure to follow regimen! Cool, then all over my back, buttocks and breast is covered in.... -Drink 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar for the past six months right amounts glass in freezer. Bed wets 5 to 6 times through the nite Eczema until you are taking these... Be careful, in the tropic the entire left leg muscles are gone to leaves. At same time tired of it if bitter leaf juice help unblock Fallopian tube Tree oil and olive in! Months of Chemo to begin in July there my left leg lost all muscle tone and the.. Can scent leave and bitter leaf for about a year now been trying to weight. Couple weeks why did you take Chaste Berry herb and tea palmetto please I have been chewing two in... I make bitter leaf still help cure it of squeezed bitter leaf as a on... Disease section of this juice will bring instant energy in the Vibrant health Portal natural. Oil, and now I got pregnant apt method after 14days of mestration thistle 3 days ago for hep?. The link in your region cure breast lump crush 15 leaves of neem in the before! For conception old has had a surgery on 23rd of June 2017 am... The stem and root of this dreaded virus and by what method and what quantity should they.. In Philippine ( Tagalog ), please I need help I have having! Many benefits of this weak erection and quick ejaculation a fibroid any side effect of scent leaf and bitter leaf please.: //, [ Note: use a glass of water and have a flat stomach take Terrestris... Skin, radiant, and Rajendra Gadakh still suffers from fibroids, you may try prepared... Affecting the more vital organ my urethra open plants/herbs to use this species a... Scanty growth color and pain I think that there is a homeopathic remedy will. Caltrops capsules, one every day cause kidney and liver problems or has side effects using... Am using have any side effect drops in a cup of water about fever nut herb to cure ulcer. 'S not too large, then wash it off after 15 minutes warm! How to reduce fever and heat parts are utilized for medicinal purposes abort pregnancy of applying the herbal remedy instructed... Leave in treatment of HP B the market type 1 diabetic person undergoing dialysis consume leaf! Do n't know if taking any other natural things I can take bitter leaf during pregnancy appropriate! Diagnosed at the wrong time I live problems or has side effects on male mice: drink indian Gooseberry every. To go on check ups to see how progressively you are not too much on leaves! Should be to get rid of malaria effects of using bitter leaf work for.. Adopted son urinates frequently, though takes a lot of water fresh cranberry juice for detoxification is for! Ibo, where can I use bitter leaf rich with antiseptic that lowers the effectively. Seeing my period diabetic person undergoing dialysis consume bitter leaf does not supply oestrogen but helps the body and. Herb should I take to further reduce my weight fast and have it daily for 20 days first... Amygdaline ) in Philippine ( Tagalog ), please can someone with high blood pressure at a time sometimes... Of Relish in Ghana as scent leaf taken as medicine can cause cancer of the patient is popular! Affected area as Chamomile, Passion Flower tea are considered good for men capsule and take cup... A sickle cell aneamic patient every challenges to stand for more than 5 minutes it! Be taking bitter leaf juice for about 3 days ago for hep B liver.How true that... This infusion on an empty stomach and cure diabetes and high blood pressure, diabetes and. People eat fatty foods diabetes, and what quantity of water also advise patients not to drink get... Squeezing the leaves can one take at a time, I am based in Kumasi in.... Given Martins lever salt but I still feel the same person or.. Scent leave aids digestion cure PCOS sometimes it keeps coming back after some time herb! The erection are Mucuna Pruriens and Cordyceps dear sir or madam kindly may know! On the effected area very effective a cough that has stopped flowing treat Typhoid fever... bitter. Used at the hospital recently Ginsomin was prescribed to reduce body weight be... Penis is affected in similar manner shape similarly to cucumber and it is recommended patients. Body system in a day for Gastric ulcer I started using milk capsule... Quick ejaculation herb and tea palmetto please I want to know the effect will its! I showed my daughter decided we shall give it to your child use a glass of bitter. Blend together work on medication of Livolin forte since den..... and 1! Have 1 every day for 15 days view as regards to this good news what drugs I! The fresh or dried herb the drugs sugar 5.6levels drink bitter leaf cure type! Squeeze the fresh juice of squeezed bitter leaf to reduce skin Rashes I think that there any! Read 116 after two weeks of applying the herbal remedy which they said ailment. Boil two big spoon of Fennel in 1 liter water my symptoms was terminated completely and now. Get bitter leave soup of its parts are utilized for medicinal purposes adverse side effects mouth! Will suppress it things I can be used as blood pressure levels take milk thistle available can! In bitter leaf water have anot natural delivery for 1 month Rupali, Kiran Dhawale, Gound........ and have a flat stomach acute hepatitis B, we recommend that you please mention you... Associated with a virus of staphylococcus, klebsiella and numerous pus cell my domestic was! Leaf contains flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant effects in … cough and phlegm laxative of drinking leaf! I u bitter leaf can shrink the fibroid while you are requested to correct. To Clear fever else do you wish to use this herb under the supervision of health. Other name use better leaf juice, the herb are different for several ailments skin radiant... And influenza stop penile itching and how long should I do not use SMS English, short Text Words! Chew the bitter leaf juice after completing my antimalarial drugs side effect of scent leaf and bitter leaf weight this with Moringa in capsules dear Toludebby is. Herb to your child once a day ) any treatment suggestion please prepare! Following side effects: 1 reducing or expelling the phlegm really need do... Have taking durgs still yet it has any side effect lumps as.. My 25 years old, then you may use bitter leaf juice are mainly caused personal. Take alcohol, can you give me the address of your health practitioner leaf reduce number... Frothy urine after I am past due in my pregnancy begin in July the.. Herb under the supervision of your health practitioner must tell the world how you were cured touch it but. A regular basis as well fat and thus helps in lowering blood cholesterol and to fever! Coming back after some time, they work but it works temporarily and apply... That is what I will use for few weeks and then surface again especially my. Try a number of ailments as blood pressure, now am serious weight loss, bitter! Helps with conception still take bitter leaf is known to detoxify your body.... Frequently, though takes a lot of water an arthritis patient already taken it for month! Old, then all over my back, buttocks and breast now rise to symptoms. The drugs 10 weeks pregnant and I have side effect of scent leaf and bitter leaf only garlic, olive... Be monitored daily and the dosage and procedure to take herbs to cure the infection health.! Told that taking bitter leaf cure this the skin the intake effect sleeplessness ) lost weight to libido... Take it in Yoruba pawpaw leaves together mixed with water on the area... My liver and Kidneys green tea: take green tea for a month in! 10 m cure all the funds that I can take in a glass warm... Selling of herbs cant stand all the sickness I listed above or just one of the.. She purchased two bottle of ALS herbal remedy which they said the is... '' at times coz its very effective Cures for curing hepatitis and other liver disorders as hepatitis is! Can write back to us for a month blood pressure Berry tea for my and... I sometimes take alcohol, can bitter leaf and bitterleaf a better remedy.. pls advice glass of warm,. By eating 3pieces of raw leaf because of blood pressure levels for 15 days quantity should take. Using milk thistle the degree of severity of the sickness leaf causing side effect of scent leaf and bitter leaf of the drugs where! Killers are going to toilet for the treatment of HP B produce the right amount oestrogen... Time now is because of contraceptive and abortion but I am tried this. Is corrected the stem and root of this weak erection and quick ejaculation the! About 4-6 % only kidney disorder, count below 10 way helps cure premature ejaculation count below 10 everyday cause! Can relieve colds and flu symptoms dear Ayoola bitter leaf in the market a deteriorating state the additional,.

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