The Technology Plan aligns to and is support of the district’s 2019-2024 strategic plan released in March 2019 . • * School Improvement Planning Chart (template for figure 5, page 39) • Sample School Improvement Plan (appendix B, pages 61 to 73) • Understanding the Expectations and Achievement Levels in the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Documents (appendix D, pages 79 to 83) • * Sample Parent Survey (appendix E, pages 85 to 90) óçøÜ"©ôõo.ÑXdCª¦’j¡y–j’û§ïÔ0Ú«aqŸîÅ}ªêsqïï™Ëß»…²+³ä);(ArOx[S1Sùü ¯o& In addition, this narrative report captures critical issues and trends that impact Denver Preschool Program’s future, shares details about the extensive planning process in which DPP stakeholders engaged, and provides useful tracking and implementation tools to support putting the plan into action. Using the Richmond Public Schools’ strategic plan as its context, each of the school’s strategic planning teams met for a one- or two-day session to develop a draft strategic plan. endobj This enables all stakeholders to … I want to thank the school board for their input over the last three years in shaping the direction. <> EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT STRATEGIC PLANNING RETREAT August 28, 2012 * Teacher Center Marilyn Snider, Facilitator—Snider and Associates (510) 531-2904 Michelle Snider Luna, Recorder—Snider Education and … A quality strategic plan that engages the whole school community ensures that the school is united by a common purpose. the school website. Fellview Primary School Logo. Home; About Us. This helps the school to identify what is working well, what needs to continue and which areas of the Within each element of the Plan, the Ministry has endeavored to integrate the objectives of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development (2016-2025), Jordan Vision 2025 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. endstream endobj 1378 0 obj <>stream The public outcry about the deterioration in quality of public School self-evaluation is an opportunity for the school to reflect on how it is tracking against the goals and targets in its four-year School Strategic Plan (SSP) and Annual Implementation Plan (AIP). 1373 Whorouly Primary School Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Delegate of the ndorsement Principal: Frances Waterman – 2/1/2017 ... Whorouly Primary School has 2.8 classroom teachers with an emphasis on offering very small class sizes. Ranui Primary School Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021 Our vision “Our learners are thriving, growing into confident community and world citizens by challenging thinking and exploring learning that draws from our diverse community”. ��8��6��c����;I%C]8�����mpH ���bdV��j�oܑ This plan details Denver Preschool Program’s strategic direction for 2017-2021, including strategic orientation, implementation principles, priority goals, and primary methods for meeting those goals. xœ]MjÄ0…÷>…–ÓÅàd¦ÐM”)…,úCÓÀ±•Œ¡‘â,rûÊn˜B6Èï}âYúÒ=uäèw¶Ç£'Ǹ„•-€“'UWà¼M{Wn;›¨´Àý¶$œ;ƒjÐ".‰78½˜øjf]°cçD÷i; The strategic plan is complemented by the annual school improvement plan (SIP) developed by the school staff team, which describes how the strategy is to be implemented in the short-term. OUR VISION At Braeside Primary School we aim to create a learning environment where all students feel safe, happy and included. Fellview Primary School Learn, respect, enjoy, achieve, together. commit to the active sharing of its vision and goals to ensure school community engagement in the school’s strategic plan. For these districts, strategic planning is a continuation and updating of their traditional systems. \>��bn�ĥ36�o�epY���h. Creating the Future: Strategic Planning for Schools 5:. Tuakau Primary School: Strategic Plan, 2017-2019 BOARD RESPONSIBILITY 4 LEARNING PROGRAMMES National Education Goals: - promote the provision of a broad-based education through a balanced curriculum - ensure development and implementation of teaching and learning programmes and strategies to address the needs of all students in the learning areas identified in 3 Year Strategic Plan and School Development Plan 2019. This latest ESDP covers the five-year period from 2016-17 to 2020-21, which is aligned with the current National Five-Year Development Plan 2016/17-2020/21. Strategic Plan for Children in Crossfire Tanzania for the period 2018-2021. Tanzania has been our flagship country programme since it was established in 2008. endobj Thank you to all who helped put this plan together. endobj The plan reflects Children in Crossfire’s overall organisational strategy (2015-2019) which aims to create “A compassionate world where every child can reach his or her potential”. and strategic objectives for the education sector in a series of five-year or ten-year Education Sector Development Plans (ESDP) since 1997. x��Z_o�67���G��i����+:�@�d�C��q��9�|��Q�Eٖ����)��ww���7���lCNNƧ��tv7�&�W�/��WO_����b9�,V�Ʉ��>'gW���Nrru3p���+(���P)���p��Қ`˱���o���v8������u8x�q����2�tȷ�V3Ey3)y���� ��6��CfCsS�-rE'J;�Ś� J�Q��MP��4D:�?ӑJ��J��H&ש ��&y$+hov�"�W �M���@+����ᣛ�'5�����������k�j�D�]�>�b�>a$�][l�ԥO��>q��,��"O�Ra����=~�� �`��f���u��m*l�H�,������d���� 6�-�&�HP��!���[d��vS����q���5q/U&� B enefits of Strategic Planning There are many reasons school districts turn to strategic planning. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The new Strategic Plan is the final product of our Strategic Planning process and that feedback. Creating a school strategic plan can be tedious and challenging especially considering the number of stakeholders that must take part in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation processes of the document. %PDF-1.5 ncèCèƒq×ÐÄ­+(ý÷•ìZk[Ž„AàÝYÍ7ÇΌÆW›bõ8›pq1¾*ŠÙüûâîÇ×ë¢X? These are developed after reviewing data collected in different learning areas across the course of … 63 million Number of primary & secondary teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; 66.2% Proportion of female primary school teachers; 69 million Number of new teachers needed globally to meet the target of universal primary & secondary education by 2030 It indicates that the preparation of the school plan Beliefs – An expression of fundamental values, ethical code, overriding convictions, inviolable principles. }Oÿþ\Œ'³åêyV¬Öϗ—p}{×Óá`üNBÀ`aú8Hü“. The following School Improvement Plan describes the current status of Sample Christan School and provides a five year plan to ensure the school’s viability in the future. endstream endobj 1379 0 obj <>stream The School Strategic Plan sets out the school’s goals and targets for the next four years and the strategies for achieving those goals and targets. Lakes Entrance Primary School will: foster close links with parents and the broader school community through its commitment to open and regular communication. School Improvement Plan 2015 – 2017 School Strategic Improvement Plan Go out to the world; proclaim the Gospel to all creation. %���� Strategic planning is a process in which a school or an organization gathers to discuss the school’s current situation, its problems, and downfalls and after discussing these things, would plan out a strategy on how to improve not only in the quality of education but also its facilities. 568+ Plan Templates in Word; Plan Templates in Apple Pages; A school sample strategic plan is such a plan that is made by the people who run the school for all the strategic plans that they want to work on for the school to improvise and keep doing well. However, this has a direct impact on areas for improvement and plan for the future. Standards of education in remote rural primary schools will be brought on par with schools in urban areas. Therefore this Strategic Plan foresees that the education system will play a role in redressing the imbalances of the past and ensure access of the estimated 10% of primary school age children who are currently out of school. stream A strategic plan articulates a shared vision, mission and values.

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