The secret: The innovative Spin&Spray washing technology enables a very low water level to … Miele designed the US machines so the empty twindos bottles will not fit in the USA machines. ... Miele Experience Centres. The German company consistently produces high quality, efficient appliances – from vacuum cleaners to dishwashers – at a great price. Whether you’re using the powerful Stain Action option to get rid of those really stubborn stains, or the Delicate Wash for gentle cleaning, the perfect amount of detergent will always be used. I do own a wkh121wps machine with twindos and powerwash 2.0. Find out more about "Miele@home" Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. No coupon code needed. You can adjust how much detergent and bleach the washer uses, but our testing found that the default settings work as well or better than their store-bought counterparts. Textiles which have been pre-treated in solvent based cleaning agents must be thoroughly rinsed in clean water before being washed in the machine. Repair Aid® is a registered trademark of Repair Aid London Ltd. Repair Aid London Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08352485. for perfect cleaning results with Combi-Steam Ovens. Automatic load recognition Intelligent washing. We don’t want to over-inflate his ego, but he is very knowledgeable about washing machines and shows a real passion for laundry products.Having attended many manufacturer-run product courses, including the Advanced Miele course, he’s the perfect man for the … These have been developed and tested in Miele laboratories in collaboration with select partners. As of early 2019, it’s possible to pick up a Miele washing machine with the TwinDos automatic dispensing system for somewhere in the region of £1,000. However, it’s more than just convenience – this system can improve the reliability of your machine and save you money too. Overall Score: 74/100. Operating the touch display Using innovative technology that they have developed Miele™ have a spin and spray process that increases efficiency. Wash Tech are Miele appliance repair specialists. I have since switched to just refilling an empty Phase 1 or Phase 2 bottle using a funnel. SteamCare: reduces the need to iron by 50%. TwinDos: automatically dispenses liquid detergent at the push of a button. introduced as part of the manufacturer’s popular W1 range of washing machines By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Run the Maintenance wash programme using Miele machine cleaner or a universal powder de- tergent. No coupon code needed. However, when you’re ... Linen is a very versatile material that has plenty of benefits. The Hohenstein Institute, a research centre held in high regard, tested the quality of the liquid detergent and found that the UltraPhase 1 and 2 is the best liquid detergent available on the market today. The Miele lime (hard water deposit) remover for clothes washers and dish washers removes harmful lime deposits that can be caused by hard water. Purchase of OvenClean, DGClean, Dishwasher Conditioner or Descaling Tablets online or at Experience Centers. Here at Repair Aid, we’re always keeping up with the latest technologies and innovations to ensure that we’re best placed to repair them if something goes wrong. Of the new models, the WCE 670 and WCI 670 feature Miele’s TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing system, which conveniently and accurately dispenses detergent. Complained and they kept saying I need a maintenance wash - which I've done 5 times in the last 8 months - still can't get fresh smelling clothes from this machine. With this unique system, you can store three months’ worth of detergent in your machine. Miele’s TwinDos system was introduced as part of the manufacturer’s popular W1 range of washing machines. Page 66: Twindos Maintenance ... 60 °C has not been run for a long time. Powerful and economical: Quiet, powerful energy-saving wash with Miele … TwinDos — For general laundry, Miele sports automatic detergent and oxygen bleach dispensers called TwinDos. QuickPowerWash: can wash up to 5kg of laundry in 59 minutes. Long-lasting. TwinDos * Best liquid detergent system with push of a button. One of its most recent innovations is the TwinDos dispensing system. TwinDos * Best liquid detergent system with push of a button. Miele TwinDos automatic dispensing system explained. Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options. London Abingdon. This is why the new design TwinDos bottles have an indent on the end that is inserted into the washer. Miele’s build quality is outstanding and you can’t really go wrong with buying one of their machines. This will clean the washing machine and prevent a build-up of bacteria and odours. Miele™ washing machines can remove 23 different stains and even three in the same wash. You simply need to let the machine know what needs to be done and it gets done! The system consists of two cartridges that are integrated into the machine. Miele in Great Britain. And it has been proven that many of us tend to use too much detergent in our washes – as many as 1-in-3 of us. Guest blog by Gary. Pour complete contents directly into the drum of the washing machine. The TwinDos is a nice cherry on top for those looking to shave a little bit of time off of their daily chores. So let’s walk through what the TwinDos is, what it does and why it is a sought after feature by buyers. Settings You can alter the washing machine's electronics to suit changing requirements in the Settings menu. PLEASE NOTE: New 2019 Phase Tanks: Miele is currently experiencing a manufacturing delay issue with this product. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website can be obtained by clicking on "More information". In accordance to the instructions, I have filled a container with water, but it keeps saying "insufficient cleaning agent". I don't hear the machine dispense the liquids at all. WWH 860 WCS TwinDos & IntenseWash WiFi | Miele | There's no faster way to wash – QuickIntenseWash Two-phase automatic detergent dispensing system - TwinDos Portioned capsules for special laundry needs – Capsule dispensing Ironing made simple thanks to pre-ironing ENERGY STAR® qualified While Miele is already known for reliability, we do know that when too much detergent is used, it can end up causing problems for your washing machine over time. Our own Gary, from our Cannock branch, has been checking out the Miele WCE660 Twin Dos washing machine for us. Maintenance options for the TwinDos system and the Clean machineprogramme are located in the Maintenance menu (see "Cleaning and care"). Share this page: TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedIn. Miele recommends using Miele descaling agent which is available to order online at or from Miele. Hey there, I am having an issue with the maintenance cycle of twindos for compartment 1.  Textiles which have been pre-treated in solvent based cleaning agents must be thoroughly rinsed in clean water before being washed in the machine. © 2013 - 2020 Repair Aid London Ltd. All rights reserved. You may have concerns that the UltraPhase system means that you’ll be tied into using Miele’s own liquid detergent, but you can actually use any liquid or powder detergent after the initial batch runs out. But Miele doesn’t just rest on its laurels; it’s also a powerhouse of innovation. I'm also having loads of issue with the T1 dryer - so I think the functionality of this line is just plain bad. Cleaner than ever: automatic dispensing with a revolutionary 2-phase system. The detergent will be automatically dispersed when you put your washing on – meaning you don’t have to measure how much detergent you need or even put any in. But is the time saved worth the premium? Discount applied at checkout. Not only that, but you’re going to get the best cleaning results too. But if we’re looking specifically at whether or not the TwinDos system is worth having, it really does depend on your personal choice. Highest Miele quality for a long service life Unique quality. This isn’t just bad for the environment, but it’s bad for our wallets and purses too. Miele@home * Cleverly networked. wash programme using Miele machine cleaner or powder detergent. This is because you’ll be less likely to use up your detergent faster. As an Authorised Miele Premium Partner, upon receipt of a customer order, we immediately add this directly to the Miele ordering system, ensuring as soon as they become available with Miele will dispatched directly to you. Contact. Display all products with "TwinDos" Find out more about "TwinDos" Patent: EP 2 784 205 For inspiration, advice and the latest Miele product innovations. Ensures optimum functioning of the dishwasher. Description. Miele offers products for the flawless care of your Miele appliances. Again, the choice is yours, but in our experience Miele’s appliances are always built to last and with quality in mind. Tested June 2018. Monday to Friday: 8am–6pm Miele recommends using Miele descaler for washing machines which is available to order online at (depending on country) or from Miele. TwinDos * Best liquid detergent system with push of a button. The machine instead judges how much detergent is needed based on the wash programme that you select. You do see some suds when using the twindos system. When the detergent bottles run out, you can either buy replacement bottles or refill the bottles with conventional, shop-bought detergents and softeners. Strictly observe the instructions on the packaging. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele… Miele household appliances are distinguished by first-class quality, a high degree of functionality and timeless design. With this latest model, Miele has replaced the traditional turn dial with an intuitive touch display which lets you control the appliance with a tap or swipe. An amazing time saver and convenience feature again with an unfortunate name is reserved for top end Miele washer models. The messages will appear at the end of the programme and when the washing machine is switched on and need to be confirmed with the OK sensor. However, for everyone else, the TwinDos can definitely be a time-saver. Patent: EP 2 784 205Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Online and at Miele Experience Centers get 20% off OvenClean, DGClean, Dishwasher Conditioner or Descaling Tablets. Cleaning agent for the TwinDos dispensing system, For coffee machines, guarantees the highest level of coffee enjoyment, For hygienically clean milk lines in coffee machines, {"pageLevel-0":"Home page","pageLevel-1":"Appliance care"}, There are no products available for the current filter setting, US_20_Percent_Off_ApplianceCare_Dec2020_TeaserText,, /e/freshener-14-oz-gp-fr-g-0042-l-10118510-p, /e/silicone-grease-01-lbs-gp-si-10-5132001-p, /e/replacement-blades-10-pieces-gp-gsb-km-0101-m-4380630-p, /e/care-product-dishclean-5-6-oz-gp-co-g-160-p-9959340-p, /e/oven-cleaner-17-oz-gp-cl-h-0502-l-10162910-p, /e/rescaled-60-lbs-gp-dc-wg-0252-p-10130990-p, /e/cer-and-stainless-cleaner-8-5-fl-oz-gp-cl-km-0252-l-10173130-p, /e/dgclean-8-5-fl-oz-gp-cl-dgc-251-l-10172760-p, /e/scraper-for-cleaning-gp-gs-km-0011-m-1065471-p, /e/cleaning-tablets-10-tabs-gp-cl-cx-0102-t-11201250-p, /e/descaling-tablets-6-tablets-gp-dc-cx-0061-t-10178350-p, /e/milk-pipework-cleaner-100-sachets-gp-cl-mcx-0101-p-10182210-p. 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