He called you out for being a geek and I just want to also call you out on that point. There’s car payments. There are two shows with no keyboard player. And I just wanted to kind of take a moment thank you for that. ( Log Out /  I think it was just one of those moments those two weeks were just kind of… I don’t know if it’s destiny or whatever but it was kind of cathartic for everyone in a way. Q: (laughing) Yes! You’re living in Georgia now and you’ve got a band that you’ve put together and you’re playing some shows. They did four nights at the Fillmore in Denver and the last night… I think the night before that last night I can’t remember who… I think JB asked me if I wanted to play the next night. E: From The Cradle*, The Take Out* > Porch Song*, Entire show with Sam Holt on guitar/vocals The band had had a meeting. There are people’s kids going to school depending on it. Michael Houser (January 6, 1962 – August 10, 2002) was a founding member and lead guitarist of the band Widespread Panic.He appeared on seven studio albums during his 16-year tenure with the band from 1986 till 2002. So, many heartfelt condolences to his family. I came across one of these guitars. 2: Pigeons***, Machine* > Barstools and Dreamers*, Sleeping Man****, Time Zones**, It Ain’t No Use** > Drums > Jam** > Red Hot Mama** > Papa’s Home**, Love Tractor** My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1969 at the age of 40. Between the weight and the constant volume peddle action, there was not much option. Michael Houser 8/2002 August 10, 2002 – Michael Houser (Widespread Panic) was born on January 6, 1962 in Boone, North Carolina. It just made me think of them as young guys just trying to play music. Loved to tape. A: I don’t know. Michael Houser was the “Panic” in Widespread Panic for most of their career, from beginning until he passed away in 2002 due to pancreatic cancer.  I have always been fascinated by his guitar style – he played lead, but in a way that never took over the song.  And his tone was incredible.  Smooth and round, but bold. Toured their asses off doing all kinds of appearances, publicity and stuff. We played a double show once and it tore my shoulder and upper back up terrible. Then I did one tour with Jimmy. As you'll see, they're pretty simple, scrap my comments about them being bassy. SOLDANO CUSTOM AMPLIFICATIONBuilt to RockInnovative design, clean, timeless styling and Mike Soldano’s relentless and uncompromising quest for the ultimate tone have earned our amplifiers a reputation as the best sounding, best built, and most versatile all-tube amplifiers that money can buy. Taping can be a very particular thing to a band’s culture. ( Log Out /  Sam Holt is best known in the Panic community as Michael Houser's guitar tech and for taking over on lead guitar for a two week period at the end of the 2006 summer tour. First and Second sets with Sam Holt on guitar [John Keane on pedal steel for ‘Christmas Katie’, ‘Time Zones’, and ‘Dirty Business’; Soundcheck: ‘Travelin’ Man’, ‘She Caught The Katy’], 1: Old Neighborhood* > Greta* > Knocking ‘Round The Zoo*, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, You Got Yours* > Diner* > Proving Ground*, Radio Child*, Ain’t Life Grand* It actually stayed intact for a little while after he left but when George got there, they had to be more careful about what he knew, what he didn’t know, what he was comfortable with, what they could and couldn’t play. I was taken aback. 7K likes. Q: Yeah, he co-wrote that one with Todd right? Q: There’s another show from the TEP house in Athens that I asked you about the other day and it sounds almost like someone’s beating on a drum the whole show. Q: I know JoJo supported ‘Tennessee Before Daylight’ but what kind of support did the band give you as things develop those next couple of years? Houser appeared on 7 studio albums during his 16-year tenure with the band from 1986 till 2002. Seems like the holy grail. I had that same sense. Q: Yeah, it’s weird. Edit Artist ; Share. *** with John Keane on guitar A: The Hoodwinks. By: McLain Causey on September 28, 2016 at 2:08 pm. I think at first I said, “Wow!” I even tried to talk him into… I think I even said, “man, I wish you would stay ’til the end of the tour. Q: Were you guys doing any rehearsals during this time? [‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’], 1: Pusherman > Hatfield > Rock, Weight Of The World > Nobody’s Loss > This Part Of Town > One Kind Favor, From The Cradle > Fishwater Then on August 10th in Cleveland, which was the anniversary of Mike’s passing, JB and I made the list. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. This may be a difficult subject, but George is on his way out and you and John Keane are getting on stage with him and playing. I have seen the light.” It really led me down the path of music and wanting to be involved in music. There were times when both you and John Keane would trade off and come on stage and play with him. No one knew anything other than we should keep playing. But part of what I loved about the interaction was that Chris Rabold, the former sound engineer for Widespread Panic, he gets involved in that conversation. Q: Earlier today you posted a photo of Michael Houser from 1991 and Dave Schools responded and asked you to describe a detail of Allen Woody’s outfit (the bassist for Gov’t Mule who was also at that show). And you’re one of the people who taped during a period that there wasn’t a lot of other recordings happening. Even if the kid brings the drum in you’re not going to hear it on the recording. ** with John Keane on guitar/vocals, Sam Holt on guitar They worked harder in ’03 then I think they’d worked in many years. A: Yeah, that’s Sam Holt Band. It was pretty cool. I’m glad they’re making it out there. By: JFW on September 29, 2015 at 11:47 pm. There were some really good moments where I felt like, he would just let loose and let the music kind of carry him where ever he goes. It’s a business and many times I thought to myself ‘man, I wish they would just take some time off.’ They did have that year off in ’04. We had a night off the night before the first Palace show. The first time I saw them I didn’t get it. Now I know why he played sitting. A: My favorite band ever, no doubt. Michael Houser is an actor, known for Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub (2008), Widespread Panic: Live from the Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA (1991) and Widespread Panic: Wonderin' (1993). I think it was three… they would have three people make a setlist. But beyond that, mostly moral support. There’s one that sticks out to me… I don’t remember which night it was… I think was the first night in Portsmouth. And I think that gets lost in today’s hyperproduction of Widespread Panic. When Mike was still there they had a rule. Michael Houser. he was one of the greatest guitar players of our time, grossly underrated, imo. I think I said “Yeah. And I felt like there was a great amount of big collective “okay, cool.” And I do not want to knock George because he did a thankless job and really, the way he got treated by a lot of people… But I felt it… I literally felt it. They released Nine High a Pallet on Capricorn Records in 1995 and followed with 2002's Co-Balt on Widespread Records. Mike most always was one of the three. Michael Houser. E: City of Dreams**, Solid Rock*, First and Second sets with Sam Holt on guitar Eliteprospects.com hockey player profile of Michael Houser, 1992-09-13 Youngstown, OH, USA USA. Profession: Guitarist. Michael Houser: An Interview Todd A. Prusin on August 10, 2016 Widespread Panic’s founding guitarist Michael Houser passed away on this day in 2002. By: Mark Kunshek on May 28, 2017 at 11:19 am. It was raw and intense and scary. JoJo and Sam Lanier came up to me at set break… there were two shows at Fiddler’s Green and they came up to me at setbreak the first night and said, “you want to play tomorrow night?” And I had no idea that was coming. He was also tapped to choose the next multi-track archive release from Widespread Panic, “Knoxville 1995” (out July 20th – preorder here). @widespreadpanichq @rememberingmikey #lingeringlead #larryaquaviva, A post shared by @ samholtband on Mar 15, 2018 at 8:48am PDT. Question, Ted Rockwell: It was pretty intense and a pretty heavy weekend for everyone considering that Mike literally passed away like five days before. I knew Mikey and picked his brain regularly about his gear and setup. It’s not my place. Which was pretty fucking amazing that they did what they did, so…. So those will be a lot of Michael Houser songs and then some original stuff that I’ve written that’s kind of inspired by him and some original tunes of mine as well. Q: Do you have any particular favorite moments that you remember? Was that a part of the equation? No one knew what the right thing to do was. That’s a fun one. And then some of the stuff like ‘Burned Faceless’ and ‘Sandbox.’ ‘It Was You,’ that tune. Michael Houser, Soundtrack: Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub. I’ve noticed you like to throw out a few that I think Widespread Panic never actually played that were just recorded for Sandbox or for Doorharp. Jimmy is an amazing technician and I love him, but Panic ain’t Panic without your lingering lead. That’s not gonna happen. That’s a really good night. Why not?” JoJo also told me that it was Mike’s wish for that to happen. I felt everyone kind of settle back in and be like “this is good.”. You know songs that we don’t really play anymore.” So that’s how that started and I was coming out probably every other night for the first month on that tour. I feel really lucky to have discovered them when I did. Before summer tour of ’06 started, JoJo called me and said, “Hey, we want you to come out and start playing. I think it’s 11/8/2000, the Hult Center in Eugene. Trying to hone in on his tone. What kinds of things were going through your head as you warmed your rig up and got yourself ready? I think I did sit in on the very last show the fall tour in Austin. oh how i sorely miss mikey, to this very day. E: Heaven**, All Time Low*, First and Second sets with Sam Holt on guitar It didn’t matter, any three guys in the band. Soldano’s Super Lead Overdrive 100 (SLO-100) set the standard for modern high-gain amplification. In 2005 JoJo had produced ‘Tennessee Before Daylight,’ that first record, and we were starting to tour more and play more. Jan 30, 2015 - It's good to be back and I'm thrilled to fire this channel up again after such a big hiatus. George gets short shrift. Even today on PanicStream there’s a lot of George shows missing. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about michael houser? Then for those two nights in Louisville the whole band and myself made the setlist, which was awesome. And the recordings that exist of it aren’t very good. It wasn’t always like everyone’s happy and high-fiving. I think that was part of the reason George left as well. Q: Then you continue with the band for a while as the guitar tech. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Same thing as but it has no tremelo peice. 2: Conrad**, Coconut**, Pickin’ Up The Pieces**, Thought Sausage**, Down** > Rock** > Drums > Do What You Like** > Arleen** > Postcard** A: There’s a few. I formed the first version of that band in Colorado with people you know. Generation: Baby Boomer Chinese Zodiac: Ox … More information about affiliate programs. I just want you to know everything that’s going on.” And I was pretty flabbergasted. And while Herring pays homage to Houser by performing many of the guitar parts he created, the band’s improvisational style allows Herring to put his own trademark on its sound. His amps were Soldano 100 watt SLO Super Lead heads into Mesa Boogie 2×12 cabinets.  Soldanos are all tube high gain units similar to Mesa Boogie, but with a very smooth overdrive.  They’re a bit more expensive than most similar amps, but have a great reputation for high quality and customer service.  For more about Soldano, check out their website: Mikey’s pedals included a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, a Boss GE-7 Equalizer, an Ernie Ball volume pedal, and a TC Electronics chorus/flanger.  His use of the volume pedal was impressive, many considered him a master of it.  In his rack he used a Kendrick tube reverb as well as a Soldano Surf Box spring reverb/tremelo/vibrato. And I was a taper as well. I remember they did ‘Wish You Were Here’ sometime late in the second set and the blend on JB and Dave’s vocals… I could close my eyes and just see them as like 23-year-old kids. The guitarist remained rooted at stage right until a few weeks before his death, delivering a spine-tingling, tear-jerking performance for the band’s headlining spot at the inaugural Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival. E: Solid Rock***, Ain’t Life Grand***, * with Sam Holt on guitar Q: And your career has continued. Also the guitar was purchased a few months before at Rhythm City which is now guitar center off north druid hills in ATL. *** with John Keane on pedal steel, [‘Maggot Brain’ with spoken word introduction; ‘Mind Left Body Jam’ jam before ‘Jack’; Last ‘Do What You Like’ – 06/29/02, 276 shows], 1: Disco* > Tall Boy** > When The Clowns Come Home***, Goin’ Out West**, You Got Yours**, Travelin’ Man** > Space Wrangler** > Walkin’ (For Your Love)** I was getting called into the rehearsal room a lot before shows to go over songs with George. Sam Holt, former guitar technician for Mikey dubbed the project “Remembering Mikey: Honoring the music, memory, and spirit of Michael Houser.” The 16-year WSP veteran moved on in 2002 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, but his fan-turned-friend Sam Holt has been honoring him on … I know that the very first time I did it was at Fiddler’s Green (August 18, 2002) and those were literally the first shows after Mike passed away. Q: Part of what I appreciate about what you bring to the community of Widespread Panic fans is back in those days it was just a bunch of kids going out to see a bunch of kids making music. Are there any that people have commented on that they like? So these guys down here I met through Adam Grace who is the keyboard player for Truth and Salvage Company and Jeremy Ward’s on drums and Ross Parker on bass and Adam Grace on keys. It just kind of started happening. I have a Tele Plus. It sounds like there’s some kid beating on a trash can even after the band stops. The new Soldano Super Lead Overdrive 100 delivers upon the “SLO’s” legendary reputation in both appearance and performance but with the addition of some wildly popular, player-requested features. A: I like a lot of the songs on ‘Ball.’ I really do. Q: My birthday is on July 22nd and I saw you guys when you played in Winter Park, Colorado (July 22 & July 3, 2006). There were two shows there. I often had wished they could have taken some time for themselves before that. So that was a lot of fun to make that list with him. I can’t explain it but it was just transcendent. But then it would subside pretty quickly. Smooth and round, but bold. There’s a show from Knoxville in fall of ’95. Michael Houser. since he passed, i’ve seen wsp a handfull of times and just can’t get over just how much mikey’s absense has changed the sound of the band. Dude theres tons! I was in Louisville. Do you remember that tune? They just came to see a show that night. I remember the second set… I don’t even think we hardly stopped playing. Musically it was great and the sound was great that night. Guitar Salon International 115,644 views 7:46 He wanted to make it with me because it was his hometown. While he has spoken generally about his time with Widespread Panic, he hasn’t gone into detail about his experiences from the fateful 2006 summer tour. ‘Ball’ is a really strong album. There are people’s mortgages depending on it. How long had you been doing that prior to Mikey leaving? Picked up a used SLO for a decent price as well. Movies. JoJo did play on a couple of tracks on our next, our third, record called ‘Travelers Rest.’ He actually co-wrote that song with us; Travelers Rest. he was one of the most down-to-earth and friendly folks i’ve ever met. Sam Holt, people know you as being the guitar tech for Michael Houser in his final years with Widespread Panic. go houser! Why don’t we talk a little bit about those? I hope you could tell. January 6, 1962 - August 10, 2002 JB was nice to us, I remember that. We bought some really nice mics in like ’91 and started recording, me and my friend, Ricky Supan. And, it was a lot of fun. I know he didn’t want any shows to be canceled because he wasn’t there. It felt really good. And if you come across a Fender Tele Deluxe Plus, let me know what they are like. Obviously touring was really important to what this band was doing. 2: Papa Legba* > Tall Boy* > Jam* > Goin’ Out West*, Ribs And Whiskey*, Let It Rock* > Pigeons**** > Drums > Thought Sausage* > Jack* > Climb To Safety* I don’t know what it was but it was something about that, their vocals together on ‘Wish You Were Here’ that night.

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