So really, they belong to two entirely different segments. Share. 166PS. The Carnival is more flexible and it will be offered in seven-, eight- and nine-seat configurations. Just so you know, the current segment-champion is the Toyota Innova Crysta. 16.26 Lakh. Toyota Innova Crysta vs Kia Carnival: Comparison. 32 lakh (ex-showroom) right falling in the territories of both the Innova Crysta and Fortuner. Ever since the Kia Carnival became known to people, there have been comparisons with the Toyota Innova Crysta. Follow us on 11 th Oct 2020 8:00 am. The Kia Carnival will be the second model to enter the Indian market for the Korean brand and the MPV will take on the popular Toyota Innova Crysta, albeit with a premium offering. Compare car size before taking decision which one to buy Toyota Innova or Kia Carnival. Boot Space is almost 3 times as that found in Crysta. 8AT. It is huge in size and the front grille gives it an aggressive look. Kia Carnival Vs Toyota Fortuner Price. The claimed mileage . Kia Carnival v\s Toyota Innova Crysta – Compare Dimensions & Features! So, understandably, this vehicle is loaded to the gills with features. The Toyota Innova Crysta Facelift is expected to launch later this month while the deliveries of the new MPV should begin in December 2020. Compare Kia Carnival Limousine 7 VIP and Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 G 7 STR All the comparison parameters for the two vehicles are listed below! With Carnival, Kia wants to create a new luxury MPV segment in India. How does it line up against the Toyota Innova Crysta in terms of size, power and features? Share. Detailed cars comparison on Kia Carnival Vs MG Hector Vs Toyota Innova Crysta compare price, specs, mileage, performance, reviews and other features on CarandBike car comparison site. Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival | Features & Safety. Such has been the impact of the car in terms of performance, comfort and everything when it comes to this segment. Kia Carnival car price starts at Rs. The Kia Carnival is set to go on sale early next month. Additionally, it is expected to be priced between Rs. In fact, where the Crysta’s price range ends is where the Carnival’s begins; and the top-spec versions you see here are over Rs 10 lakh apart. NA. 11.25/10.75kmpl. Transmission. 2.7-litre, 4-cyl. With just ₹1.3 lakh separating the two cars, this battle is definitely a lot closer than we may have expected. For me, it is the Carnival that garners my attention and I am assuming with its huge size, it will grab more eyeballs than the Crysta. The Carnival has a bigger engine with two additional cylinders and produces an extra 104PS of power and 73Nm of torque. As you can notice, the only dimension that the Carnival goes back on is its height. Compare Kia Carnival Vs Toyota Innova Crysta to know which is better. It is a 7 seaters SUV segment car. 24.95 Lakh in India. 5MT/6AT. 3.3-litre, V6. By Disha Dholakia. Carnival was launched earlier in 2020 and was presented by Kia as a luxury MPV. On the flipside, the stiff competition could well prove to be too hot to handle. Interior of this car has great looks. Comments. Exteriors Marks - Kia Carnival - 90; Toyota Innova Crysta - 80. KIA Carnival Premium 7 STR price starts from 24.95 Lakh while Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 7 STR price starts from 16.05 Lakh in India. In this article, we compare the Kia Carnival vs Innova Crysta. Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Specifications comparison If there’s one thing the success of the Toyota Innova Crysta has established, it’s that there’s a sizeable market in the country for a premium MPV. This Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 7 STR and KIA Carnival Premium 7 STR comparison is done on the basis of ex-showroom price, on road price, Features, interiors, exterior and specifications, etc. By the way, both the cars are MPV but from the different segments and we are doing the comparison because there is no rival of Carnival other than Innova in India. New Toyota Innova Crysta Facelift vs Kia Carnival - Interior. 2020 Kia Carnival interior. In comparison, the Innova is 4,735 mm long, 1,830 mm wide and 1,795 mm, and has a wheelbase of 2750mm. Because while the Toyota Innova is a very premium MPV, the Kia Carnival has taken things a step further. Putting up a Toyota Innova Crysta against the Kia Carnival would be making the Carnival look good without a doubt. Kia Carnival: Toyota Innova Crysta: Length: 5,155 mm: 4,735 mm: Width: 1,985 mm: 1,830 mm: Height: 1,740 mm: 1,795 mm: Wheelbase: 3,060 mm: 2,750 mm: The Carnival is 420 mm longer, 150 mm wider and has a 310 mm longer wheelbase as compared to the Innova Crysta, but the latter is 55 mm taller than the Carnival. When launched, the seven-seater Kia Carnival MPV will strive to carve its niche in the premium MPVs market in India. Although in height is 55 mm shorter which can rather give Carnival a better aero-dynamics. Compare Kia Carnival Vs MG Hector Vs Toyota Innova Crysta to know which is better. Carnival vs Innova Crysta Dimensions – know which car is bigger in comparison of length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance & boot space. The Kia grand Carnival is much bigger than the Innova Crysta in size, and is quite evident from the pictures. In terms of proportions, the Kia Carnival is 5,115mm in length, 1,985mm in width and 1,740mm in height. Toyota Innova Crysta Facelift will continue to compete with the likes of Kia Carnival and the Mahindra … Innova Crysta has amazing looks and design. So, the Carnival definitely has its work cut out for itself. The MPV is around 380mm longer and 150mm wider than the Innova, however, the later is 55mm taller than the Carnival. Kia Carnival Interiors . Latest details about Kia Carnival's mileage, configurations, images, colors & reviews available at CarandBike. Both of which looks more premium and attractive than Toyota’s Innova Crysta. Kia's next offering for India after the Seltos could be the Carnival MPV, expected to arrive here by early 2020. Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta Specifications . Kia Carnival Price starts at Rs. These are premium MPVs hence should be practical and also have enough luxury features. Toyota Innova Crysta was in a dire need of getting a facelift because manufacturers like Kia and MG Motors launched their MPVs or 6-seaters and it’s been 4 years since the Innova Crysta was first launched. In the Carnival, you have seven, eight and nine-seater variants on offer with the top-end being available with the seven-seater variant only. This is why you buy an MPV and that is the interior. Knowing this, Toyota was already … Posted on 24 Jan 2020. Power. 245Nm. MG launched the MG Hector Plus while the Kia launched the Carnival. Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 7 STR price starts from 16.05 Lakh while KIA Carnival Premium 7 STR price starts from 24.95 Lakh in India. The arrival of the Kia Carnival has undoubtedly changed the rules of the Indian people-mover game. That’s to say, that’s a bit more than what you’ve always wanted. Spotting an opportunity, Kia is readying its own premium MPV, the Carnival, for launch in India. 318Nm. Detailed cars comparison on Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta compare price, specs, mileage, performance, reviews and other features on CarandBike. Engine Capacity. Kia Carnival. Kia will launch the Carnival with a BSVI compliant diesel … Tweet. Email. Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which one has more features? Kia Carnival and Toyota Innova Crysta: The Vanguard. As the Kia Carnival will be priced higher than the Innova Crysta, the Carnival will get more features both inside and outside. This car has fabulous exterior looks. And while the Innova doesn’t have the fresh and modern interior design of the Carnival, its interior is still very comfortable and spacious. By Abhishek Chaliha | on July 10, 2020 . For everyone fascinated by MPV’s on the road, pretty sure that the car spotted is an Innova. Again, as I said above, it is what meets the eye first. Kia Carnival Edge over Toyota Innova Crysta. 2. The Kia Carnival will comes equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system enabled with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 26 lakh and Rs. 270PS. There’s plenty of legroom and shoulder room, as the Innova Crysta is now longer, wider and taller than the previous model. The Innova has proven for years that there's a market for a premium MPV. There’s no manual transmission on the table. Share. Now, this may not be the best comparison, but it is the best we can do. View Gallery. It is 5,115mm long, 1,985mm wide and 1,755mm high with a wheelbase of 3,060mm. The Toyota Innova Crysta isn’t exactly the Carnival’s rival, but it is still the king of MPVs Kia Motors India is all set to launch the Carnival premium MPV on February 5 at Auto Expo 2020. This KIA Carnival Premium 7 STR and Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 7 STR comparison is done on the basis of ex-showroom price, on road price, Features, interiors, exterior and specifications, etc. 1. Coming to what propels the India-spec Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta, the upcoming MPV by Kia employs a single BSVI-compliant 2.2-litre diesel engine that churns out 200 HP of power at 3,800 rpm and 440 Nm of torque at 1.500 – 2,750 rpm. Kia Carnival vs Toyota Innova Crysta Dimensions. Fuel Efficiency. Toyota has also improved the seats, which are now more comfortable and provide much better side support. Find the On-Road Price of Carnival for your nearest cities. Space: Kia Carnival is good 380 mm longer, 155 mm Wider giving better shoulder room and has much longer wheelbase of 310 mm. This car has very good performance and it has powerful engine in it. Torque. Toyota Innova Crysta. While Innova Crysta could continue to dominate the field of play and Carnival seeks a niche profile, Hector Plus may have the potential to rev up the segment. 24.95 Lakh which is Rs. If you are considering the mileage parameter, then we suggest that Toyota Innova Crysta is better as its mileage is 12 (Mileage City). 8.69 Lakh costlier than base model of Toyota Innova Crysta priced at Rs.

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