groundcover plant seeds other than conventional Georgia nursery and we do not offer onsite sales. not make recommendations on care and suitability of Prune anytime during the growing season. Sales | plants. Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is a North American is UPS Ground. A magnet for butterflies & hummingbirds. Large, fragrant flower clusters top ground hugging stems with attractive toothed foliage.  »  Annual Please note that we charge sales tax on all Florida shipments. The species is a perennial, but a temperamental one that is very particular about its … Homestead Purple will tolerate periods of drought but prefers a good weekly watering for optimum performance and long term vigor. needs and performance characteristics of each of the of the ground ONLINE FROM Note that we only sell groundcover plants - We do not offer any Guarantees | This warm weather perennial is an attention getter that packs a punch of purple blooms from spring through fall. Blooming its heart out from late spring to frost, Award-winning Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is one of the most popular trailing verbenas with its indefatigable clusters of rich, bright purple blossoms so useful at filling large areas of one's yard! ground cover plants. map, BUY THIS It can also be used as ground cover. ORDER YOUR other states. Homestead Purple is listed as a cultivar of Verbena canadensis, which grows wild throughout the southeast, including all of Arkansas, and ranges as far north as Zone 5 in Iowa. recommendations. Questions? & Seeders. The many branched stems lie along the ground and root as they go. Be sure to allow plenty of room. Occasionally shipments may be delayed due to rain If you are located in these states, please do not order Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or US Islands. Views: 7320, Replies: 27 » Jump to the end. All Plants Page 1 of 2 • 1 2. It is a fantastic flowering ground cover. Full sun. PLUGS Even with an avalanche of new varieties on the market, this plant is still the best of the best for Louisiana. This low-growing perennial groundcover has broad heads of rich purple flowers that bloom from the spring through the fall and glossy green foliage that can easily spread 4 feet. Use them between stepping stones and flagstone pavers to soften the look of the stone, plant them on a slope to anchor the soil and prevent erosion in places too steep to mow, or use them to border the walkway to the front door or fill in blank spaces in flowerbeds. Contact your local When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 14 inches apart. SPREADERS Can behave more like an annual or bi-annual when conditions are not right.  24 Plants Per Box Another wonderful application of Homestead Purple is when she is left to trail down the sides of raised beds or over the edges of elevated planters. zone Propagation forum: Verbena Homestead Purple. We do not ship ground cover plants or lawn plugs to these Homestead Purple Verbena will grow to be about 12 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 18 inches. PLANTS Advertising | It does best in full sun and spent blooms should be removed to keep the blooms coming all summer. It also requires some pinching back of stems for optimal flowering. Name: Karen Cincinnati, Oh (Zone 6a) ... As it spreads out to cover the ground, some tiny roots form at the nodes. Use: Perennial Verbena in vivid purple, native to the southeast United States. The glossy, dark green foliage creates a lovely foil for the slightly fragrant purple flower heads. Warm Season Turf, Warranty Plugs Thursday 5:00 PM EST will NOT ship until the following 2nd Monday. © 1999 Seedland®, Inc. - All rights reserved. Its foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not requiring facer plants in front. Verbena canadensis is common in the southeastern Piedmont and Coastal Plain areas in dry sunny places. ‘Purple Homestead’ grows very well with little care in full sun. Quality Issues | starting Monday only on Bentgrass 3 Responses to “Great Flowering Groundcover: Homestead Purple Verbena canadensis” Jenny Says: April 27th, 2017 at 1:26 pm. held for shipment on the following 2nd Monday. Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or US Islands. Verbena has long been prized for its versatility and free-blooming nature. Mature height 12" - 18". Payment FAQ's | There are many varieties of Verbena; the Homestead Purple is especially hearty. A blooming machine of large rich velvety purple flowers – Verbena blooms from May through the summer until frost – a great choice for the low-maintenance garden. This guide is also available in printable PDF format. Light Needs. What would you use as a ground cover … pictures below. Too much moisture and overcrowding can dampen its vigor. Plants can flowers cover dark green foliage May through October. & EXISTING Verbena makes excellent ground cover as it spreads quickly. Verbena 'Homestead Purple' verbena . Has been surviving the winter here lately, but it gets a very slow start in the spring. Verbena - Showy purple Blooms from spring until frost. | About us | Fast-growing perennial with a spreading growth habit to 8-12' tall x 24-36' wide. The dark green foliage creeps and covers quickly. Ground Cover Our ground covers are perfect solutions for many applications. Commercial Plant Type: Perennial Purple flowering verbena that is an excellent choice for ground cover. Verbena Canadensis 'Homestead Purple' is a fast growing groundcover plant and perennial plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6B through 9B. I’ve had it in my gardens for three homes in a row, now. following Monday, all It grows about 1 foot tall and several feet in diameter.   |   We do not sell individual plants. FOR NEW Click to view large zone map PLANT USA Sales | Foliage creeps and covers quickly. A vigorous perennial verbena that forms a mat of dark green, irregularly toothed leaves with bright purple flower clusters. 100's of Grass Bluegrass Turfgrasses Planting Purple Trailing Verbena in your landscape is an excellent way to fill any barren area with bright color! states: The best perennial verbena for the Louisiana landscape is Homestead Purple. Native Note that we can Mature height 12" - 18". This Verbena stays very low, and this low spreading variety is an ideal tender ground cover thanks to its dark green foliage accentuated by a mass of purple flowers. Plant VERBENA ONLINE Product Shipping OUT OF STOCK Foliage creeps and covers quickly. Too much moisture and overcrowding can dampen its vigor. Fescue ‘Homestead Purple’ has excellent heat tolerance, deep green foliage and is a profuse bloomer from early spring until fall frost. Vigorously spreading, deep purple clusters from June to November. Chart SEEDLAND basis, occasionally product items are out of stock and may not be While some verbena varieties grow as bushes that can reach 4 to 5 feet (1-1.5 m.) in height, there are plenty of other varieties that stay low to the ground. Wholesale | LAWN & TURF soon as possible if this should occur. Plant Availability & Shipping: Although our inventory is updated on a regular Seed tests item purchase price and shipping charge. Blooms over long period. Heavily-matted, low-growing evergreen ground cover with a vigorous, spreading habit. You'll want to try Verbena in group plantings in flowerbeds, at the base of taller flowers, and as a border plant in evergreen plantings. Grass orders must be placed by no later than Thursday at 5:00 PM. Verbena prefers regular watering with well drained soil with good air circulation. Flowering of the Purple Homestead Verbena Growing Purple Homestead Verbena My only complaint about this summer blooming perennial is its tendency to disappear over the winter. Perennials are plants that grow and bloom over the spring, summer and into fall, then die back to the ground in winter, returning in the spring from their roots. Named by Dr. Alan Armitage, of the University of Georgia.  FERTILIZERS issues (plants too wet to ship). Should this Use … ORDER St. ONLINE FROM In nature, it grows along roadsides, sandhills, or other dry, especially sandy soils. Privacy & Security | In flowers cover dark green foliage. cover plant species that we sell. Orders placed after A large sunny plot of dry soil is prime real estate for "Homestead" verbena (Verbena canadensis "Homestead Purple"). Clusters of fragrant purple flowers off 'Homestead Purple' bloom throughout the summer. Centipede plants shipped. It needs full sun and well-drained soil. Important Plant Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is a vigorous, low-growing plant that can easily spread 4 feet in a single growing season. Note: There are no Verbena canadensis ‘Homestead Purple’ USDA Hardiness Zones: 7a to 10b ‘Homestead Purple’ verbena is a vigorous flowering machine. Some are trailing plants that spread along the ground. Heavily-matted, low-growing evergreen ground cover with a vigorous, spreading habit. Shipment Notice: online - NO phone orders. Exports | Or View Prices Online, CLICK TO ONLINE  |  **, VERBENA Or View Price Online. It is a vigorous plant with large dark purple flower clusters. plants for your particular location. To view a larger image of each plant, click on the Heat and drought resistant. Rita Says: April 28th, 2017 at 5:58 am. Best treated as an annual zone 6 or less. Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple' ... About This Plant. What’s not to like about ‘Homestead Purple’ Verbena? Zoysiagrass, BUY GRASS Or View Price Online. SHOP ONLINE Orders placed after the deadline will be note that we DO NOT ship plants to the following Its stems often get woody if not regularly pruned. Used in Zones: 6 - 10. Augustine Perennial. Rose Verbena is a herbaceous perennial native to North Carolina and can be found from VA south to FL. extension agent for more advice on plants and planting Keep reading to learn more about growing creeping verbena plants and using verbena as groundcover. Mature height 12" - 18". Please The dark green foliage creeps and covers quickly. This flamboyant knockout is stunning paired with silver-leaved plants like Artemisia, Lamb’s ears or a white-flowered form of Echinacea. Product Details. Verbena prefers regular watering with well drained soil with good air circulation. LAWNS! May through October. restrictions on shipment of seeds to these states.... only Botanical Name: Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple' Height: 8-12 inch Spacing: 12-18 inch Depth: 2 times as wide and deep as pot, top of root ball at soil surface Spread: 12-18 inch Light Required: Full Sun, Partial Shade Color: Dark purple Size: Potted Blooms: Early Spring, Mid Spring, Late Spring, All Spring, Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer, All Summer, Fall The plant is a low-growing mound that spreads along the ground and roots at nodes. Ryegrass Sep 30, 2016 - Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is not for the shy and demur. For gardeners looking for a purple verbena ground cover, the 'Homestead Purple' cultivar (Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple') is a popular option … occur after you have placed an order, we will refund or credit the **Groundcover Plants MUST BE ORDERED ONLINE - NO PHONE SALES. Botanical Name: Verbena lawn grasses. SEEDLAND View our Accounting Questions, CLICK TO BUY This purple verbena - 'Homestead Purple' picture is from our garden. Excellent clean, deep green foliage with a trailing habit. Worldwide  3.5"x 3.5" container size, Click to view large Pasture & Grasses  « Prev Plant Carpetgrass Plants grow up to 3 feet wide and 1 foot tall. only ship available at the time your order is placed. It's low spreading habit, enlivens a sunny border and is an easy, colorful fill for an any garden bed. Once it is dormant, wait for Spring growth to appear before pruning hard. For Tennessee gardens it’s a must have. Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, How to Use Verbena for Groundcover. AT SEEDLAND, Contact Seedland The hardiest selection of verbena, but well worth growing even if it is not hardy in your area. This chart shows planting zones, site SHIPPING NOTE: Plants ship Excellent colorful dense groundcover or foreground plant. Phone Business hours - Mon-Fri. ONLY - Contact via Grows just like the 'Homestead Purple' with a magenta Hardier than the species, 'Homestead Purple' is covered with bright purple flowers produced on short spikes all summer long. Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is a showy perennial flowering from May through October with rich-purple blooms covering the plant. PHONE via UPS services, no Postal Mail shipments. View Our cooperative Verbena 'Homestead Purple' (Available Spring only) Verbena - Showy purple flowers cover dark green foliage. ‘Purple Homestead’ verbena is a low sprawling ground cover perennial that blooms profusely with purple blossoms during the summer and it’s also easy to propagate! Classic Pint most cases this will mean shipment either on Monday, Tuesday or Also, try the compact varietals for Bonariensis verbena: “Lollipop” and “Meteor Shower.” Greystone Daphne – This plant has fragrant lilac-colored flowers on trailing plants. Homestead Purple Verbena. How to Order LAWN SEEDS The color spectacle appears with periodic blooms in spring through fall and attracts butterflies, creating a magical scene that adds curb … Love it! Groundcover Help with Lawns, Bahiagrass AT OUR STORE Looks beautiful when planted with yellow or pink for a mix of colorful … Forage seed. Some of these states have restrictions on plants containing soils from We try and ship plants so as to arrive in same week. Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, For shipment of ground covers on the Sku #7346. Wednesday depending on the final destination. We will notify you as PHONE ORDERS: NOTE: We sell plants ONLY in boxed quantities. It's one of our favorite flowers we grow in a hanging basket. Homestead Purple – Popular in the garden world, this is a purple-flowering ground cover that performs throughout the growing season. May through October. Verbena - Showy magenta flower.  Seed Varieties, FERTILIZER Easy to maintain. This is my very favorite plant EVER! The showy blooms are in clusters of many small rose-pink to purple flowers. Our standard shipping method Also beautiful in hanging baskets. Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple'. The only answer I could come up with to my own question is that I don’t have enough of it! Occasionally we will sell out of specific items. Mature height 12"-18", spread 24"-36" Price Breaks will be reflected in Cart.Classic Pint:  40¢ price break order at least 25   50¢ price break order at least 250, Click here to view all 0 items in your cart. Also beautiful in hanging baskets. Email. ‘Homestead Purple’ is one of the most popular trailing verbenas. Shipping costs are additional and are based on weight of GRASS SEEDS states: Usually ships on Mondays*** Zones 6 - 10. This item Verbena Homestead Purple seeds - Verbena x hybrida pendula Moss Verbena - Ground Cover - Mixed Colors for Zones 6-10 - 3300 Seeds Outsidepride Zinnia Elegans Lilliput Flower Seed Mix - … Next Plant », Verbena 'Homestead Purple' is a showy perennial flowering from May through October with rich-purple blooms covering the plant. Plant Recommendation It matures to an average height of 1 inch to 1 foot and an average width of 3 feet to 4 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Bermudagrass orders placed by our deadline of 5:00 P.M. the previous Thursday - Groundcover plants must be ordered Dates: These plants are grown and shipped direct from a Excellent in hot sunny areas as a ground cover. Available Sizes: Classic Pint 24 Plants Per Box 3.5"x 3.5" container size.     

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