This code is pressed into the ledge in the block that is just to the rear of the distributor, locations of casting codes and serial numbers (pre-1954) an odd/transition year for 235 engines. There are several numbers on the passenger's side of a 235-261 six. the Stovebolt Six - the Cast-Iron Wonder, casting codes The engine casting number is on the lower forward passenger's side of the block. lifter blocks were drilled differently....There was a passage that went from lifter bore to lifter bore and the oil filled passage supplied the oil to pump up the lifters. All 1956 and 1957 235 blocks had the 3837004 casting number. Block: 839770, 839910, 1956-1962 235 Passenger car engines used hydraulic lifters. the last 216 (all 216s had low-pressure lubrication), high-pressure 235 - the first Blue Flame Six, casting codes and serial numbers 1916-1984, Ser #: 1187822 to 1915446 & B1 to B10502, Ser #: 1915447 to 2697267 & B10503 to B105461, Ser #: 2697268 to 3665902 & B105462 to B229135, additional serial number information at this link, Ser #: AHCA, AHCM, BHCA, BHCM, HAA, HAM, HAC, HAP, HBA, HBM, HCA, HCM, HCD, HCQ, Ser #: AJCA, AJCM, BJCA, BJCM, JAA, JAM, JAC, JAP, JBA, JBM, JCA, JCM, JCD, JCQ, Ser #: AKCA. In 1950, GM decided to use the 235 in several of its automobiles that were going to have the new Powerglide automatic transmission. I 29 9 This is not just a re-print of the firing order, options, number of cylinders, serial numbers, casting numbers, rated power, compression ratio, &c. Chevy Small Block - Engine Block Casting Numbers Notes (for below): "High Power" is the maximum rate HP this block was used for, "Low Power" is the lowest rated horsepower RPO engine the block was used in. Part Trace Home. 9. Engine Casting Codes & Serial Numbers 1954-1963 Chevrolet 235/261 inline 6 cylinder (NOTE: these photos are from a 1960 261 engine; however, 1954-63 235 & … Here's the link. of oil to the rocker shaft assembly. 3835911 55 235. The Hyd. sequence/serial numbers, the information below was obtained from 3835846 53 235. The inliners group has a chart showing the year and make of engine by number. Engine Casting Codes & Serial Numbers Here are some links to help you identify V8 casting numbers. The head number on it is 3835913 and there is also a B2 913 241 579. (lifters) should not be used in these engines (but hydraulic lifters 235 Block Casting. Generation I Small-Block. H: is the Head casting number This link shows a photo of a 1954 261 block, pointing out the location of the casting number, the distributor pad number, the date code, and what I have been told is a "conveyor line" code. 1955-2nd series: On the distrubutor side in fairly large numbers is con 4 L 38. 3701946 53 235. Later ('54-'62) 235's and 261's have four screws around the outer edge of the valve cover to hold it down, and a short side cover that doesn't go as high as the spark plugs. Chevrolet Small V-8 Cylinder Block Casting Numbers 1955-1985 These listings are always a work-in-progress. 3836850 Block codes and series/sequence codes from Beck's Machine & Tool on Inliners International, Truck sequence/series codes/pre-fixes are nicely presented by John Milliman on The Stovebolt Page, Keith Hardy ( The Old Car Manual Project ) kindly hosts GM engine serial number prefixes and suffixes, 1929-1932 car identification from the Filling Station, Much of the First-Generation information was obtained from Mike Boteler, GM Canada casting codes and serial numbers 1916-1984 from the 1937 Chevrolet page, 1929-1954 Model Serial Indentification from Keeith Hardy's OLD ONLINE CHEVY MANUALS, B: is the Block casting number However, some guys like the center mounted hold-down system and converted their 235's to the 216 method. 10.5",11", or 12"). Most people define Chevrolet Bellhousings by the Clutch size (i.e. and later 3701481 54 235. Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads Open vs. Closed Chamber - A good way to describe big-block heads is to categorize them as open or closed chamber. The 261 has a raised set of "captain's bars" (casting marks) in the block just forward of the starter. My question is what size is the motor? Late in the 1956 model year, Chevrolet changed the format of the engine plant stamp. higher-lift cam that was used in the 261 truck engine). I know that Chevy Casting Numbers are on several sites on the World Wide Web but I thought it would be a good idea to list them here too. 3. 10051184 Small Block V8 4 bolt, Bow Tie, 4.00-4.160 bore, 1-piece rear seal Corvette 235 engine: the Powerglide transmisssion was standard and the Chevy Clutch Housings. 1958-1962 235 and 261 truck engines used a solid (mechanical) To add to this confusion, the 1953 truck 235 had 18 head All 216 engines (cars & trucks) had mechanical (solid) lifters. 3835692 50-52 235. The casting date code on the block by the starter is also useful. - includes the model/series-prefix to the engine serial number before 1954; or Pass: 5845363 (PG? Chevrolet: 1954: 235: 3782856: Chevrolet: 1962-1967: 194: 3782858: … This makes the 1957 Chevy immediately recognizable and highly prized by most auto collectors. When you have found what you suspect might be a 261, check a few specifics to verify you have the real thing and not the visual almost identical 235. notes: In 1953, the Powerglide equipped Four bolt main blocks are desirable in high performance applications because the extra strength … Look at this serial number reference for the FO408J decoding. 3692703 50-52 235. 6. Roller: 350 ZZZ through ZZ2 crate motors 10036033 Small Block V8 350, 4-bolt, Goodwrench crate engine, 2-piece rear seal. 4. (hyd lifer enines only) A great amount of pressure is not necessary to pump up a lifter as the piston inside of the lifter is what fills the lifter. If you have ever heard that the new style 235 gets better compression numbers with an "848" Head, look for the last three numbers of that Casting Number. I hope it helps you identify the Chevrolet engine parts you are working on. hydraulic lifters were most likely used in those engines? letter = month; number = day; number = year 33-34 "standard" (bastard) engine had water pump in head. Serial/Sequence numbers = engine serial/sequence number F55Q, F54Q55 (5000 series) V-8 (8 cyl) Engines. However, 3836848 is the cylinder head number for most 1956 and later 235 engines. - includes the model/series prefix and suffix from 1954 3783949 53-54 235. Many factors determine the value of an old Chevy, including whether it still has its original factory-installed engine. bolts still had low-pressure lubrication and had the 2-bolt valve cover. 2. A "two-bolt" main, or a four-bolt main. In all earlier years, the December 17, 1959, letter = month; number = day; number = year. cover. I like 54 because its water pump is the right height and length and its easier to disguise as a 216 with a 216 valvecover. The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message ... 3660439 Chevrolet 41 235 366855 Chevrolet / Buick / Oldsmobile / Pontiac 66 - 84 250 3692703 Chevrolet 50 - 52 235 1954-1955 235 Engine 3835913; 1956-1962 235 … September, 29 1959 The casting number is 473483 and below the GM letters is 85. 1954-1963 Chevrolet 235/261 inline 6 cylinder, (NOTE: these photos are from a 1960 261 engine; however, 1954-63 235 & 261 codes should be in the locations shown below), between and below the distributor hole (left-top) and road-draft-tube hole (right-top), PHOTO 2: block date-casting code head bolts (as used in all later 235/261 engines) and 2-bolt valve could be used). It was completely phased out in North America by 1990; in Brazil, GM held on to their fuel-injected version through the 1998 model year. (CON 12 is another casting under the valve cover and GM 5 is under the head casting coode), top, middle of the manifolds' side of the head, PHOTO 7: head date-casting code (CON 4 is to the left of the date code), lower left on the distributor side of the block I actually went through several lists and made some corrections before making this list. AKCM, BKCA, BKCM, KAA, KAM, KAC, KAP, KBA, KBM, KCA, KCM, KCD, KCQ, Block: Powerglide, The format was changed again for the 1957 model year. The suffix gives the year vehicle, horsepower and transmission pairing, while the prefix gives the date and location of manufacture. Flywheel Diameter (12.75" or 14") or number of teeth is more accurate because some 168 tooth flywheels are drilled with multiple bolt patterns, and the aftermarket makes a 153 tooth flywheel that a 11" clutch and pressure plate will fit. Passenger 235, 250, 255, 265, 300 & 350 HP 1.9" Outlet. were used in some Powerglide-equipped trucks (around 1960 and later) - The new format is: It has the two piece intake / exhaust with a one barrel carb. I believe it to be a 250 but was wanted to make sure. Manual and automatic transmission bellhousing casting codes and part numbers. The new format has been used on all Chevrolet V-8 engines through 1991. 3692708 50-52 235. Block: 3835253, cars (and Corvette) had high-pressure lubrication 235 engines with 18 Number Manufacturer Years Cid Lift Lsa Icl Duration Lifter Notes ; 1: 10134334: Chevrolet: 350: 480″/.480″ 114 @ 0.050″ 235/235: Hyd. T255N (6000 series). 3835335, 3837012 (Pass). Note that this casting number, 3835911, is usually listed as belonging to a 1953-55 235, but this block is definitely a 1954-55 first 261. Example: A239 if its is a 235 means Jan 23 1959, if its a 216 it would be Jan 23 1949. Block: 839770, 839910, 3835335, 3837012 (Pass). 3692713 50-52 235. Chevy Six Cylinder Casting Numbers Engine & Drivetrain. Chevy exhaust manifold Identification - Chevy ramhorn casting numbers, Big Block chevy exhaust manifolds The other is to check the casting numbers. 8. Chevy Casting Number identification including Block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, Crankshaft and intake casting numbers. If you have any documented info that can be added to … 1955-1st series: 3702436 54 235. Small Block Chevrolet Cylinder Head casting numbers /minuit10 / corvette /head chevy /corvette l82 "Main Caps" is the number of bolts holding the cap. 3835497, 3837012 (Pass). 235 engines letter = month; number = day; number = year History of the LS Engine and Cylinder Head Casting Number Spotter’s Guide: LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3, LS4, L99, LS7, LSA, LS9, LQ9, LQ4, L92, L94 How to build a 1955 Chevy in Seven Days! 1950-1952 235 engines were used in Powerglide-equipped cars and they had hydraulic lifters. 1953-1955 GM differentials come in a wide range of sizes. Skip to content. horsepower | casting codes | head-bolt patterns | side/valve covers, 1929-1962 Chevrolet's six-cylinder engines are easily identified due to Chevy's efficient engine numbering system. L 17 9 Originally the motor was painted orange but has been repainted blue. 3835946 53 235. 10051182 Small Block V8 2 bolt, Bow Tie block, 3.75-4.30 bore, 1-piece rear seal. 3843363 53-55 235 bolts and a 2-bolt valve cover. You may have to select the title "Casting #'s" noted to the left of the page to get it to show. RANDYS carries GM differentials from the small 6.5", as found in the Chevy Vega, up to the larger GM 11.5", common under 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from Chevrolet and GMC. Note: the 1933&1934 837231 Heads have the same casting for both years, but a different part number in each year. The code is seven to eight digits long, consisting of numbers and letters. 3629703 50-52 235. (note the "captain's bars" - all USA 261 blocks and 1953 passenger car Powerglide-equipped 235 blocks have these bars ), on the ledge to the left of where the distributor enters the block, How are these decoded ??? Block: 3764476, 3738307, 3769716, 3739716; Block: 3836340, 3739365 (Jim Carter), 3759365, 3769717, Block: 3764476, 3738307, 3769716, 3739716, Block: 3836340, 3739365 (Jim Carter), 3759365, 3769717, 3769925, Block: 3836340, 3739365 (Jim Carter), 3759365, 3769717, 3769925, 3769923, Block: 3836340, 3739365 (Jim Carter), 3759365, 3769717, 3769925, 3769923, locations of casting codes and serial numbers, most of the information in this First Generation table was kindly provided by Mike Boteler, for the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, VCCA). 1953 was A different set of numbers relate to the 261 block. Block: 3835253, 5. CHEVY CASTING NUMBERS. Search your casting number. Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. F255N. Head: 3703570, 3836850, Engine Serial #  3932469: 69-70. Physical characteristics: Before 1925, the 4 cylinder engines had the ignition distributor attached behind the gear driven generator so no dist hole in block. Here is a list of casting numbers, along with their original applications. All heads I have seen start with the "B", PHOTO 5: head codes on manifolds' side - see next two photos, below, head casting-code on left & head date-casting code in front of valve springs on the right, PHOTO 6: head casting code Chevrolet L-6 (in-line 6) Overhead Valve Engines 7. The Chevrolet straight-six engine was Chevrolet's sole engine from 1929 (when it replaced their 171-cubic-inch (2.8 L) inline-four) through 1954, and was the company's base engine starting in 1955 when they added the small block V8 to the lineup. locations of casting codes and serial numbers (1954-1963), Block: 3733950, 3836340, 3837012 29 – 36 3 main bearing 6s had oil filler and dipstick on left and serial number by fuel pump. Earlier mechanical tappets 1928 had push rod covers and 2 port head so casting surfaces in block. All I am looking at my chevy engine trying to figure out whether I have a 235 and what year it was manufactured. 3733949 55 235. Corvette's Blue Flame Six used mechanical lifters (and it had a ), Block: 3838004 (Beck's and Inliners) or 3837004 (Hemmings/ChevyTalk). F55N, F54N55 (6000 series), Engine Serial # lifter (tappet) that had an annulus around the lifter body for passage Casting numbers, not stamped numbers, on the 261 head are very visible beside the rocker arm cover. 216/235 engines had low-pressure lubrication and they all had 15 head 1. The revised format for 1956 simply deleted the engine sequence number, so the format would look like ‘F56G’. Learn how to decode the numbers stamped on your 1957 Chevy's motor to determine if it is original to your car. Closed-chamber cylinder heads have small combustion chamber volumes for high compression ratios, with even mildly domed pistons. I only put the numbers here that I can prove, so this is a short list. 1954 & 1955 Passenger cars with the high-pressure 235 and manual transmission continued to use mechanical lifters. Thriftmaster "235" with Hydramatic Transmission: W: 34-35-3700: Thriftmaster "235" - Updraft Carburetor - Forward Control: WA: 34-35-3700: Thriftmaster "235" - Updraft Carburetor with Hydramatic Transmission - Forward Control: V** 31-32-36-3800-4000: Thriftmaster "235" Heavy Duty Clutch: U*** 4000-6000: Loadmaster "235" UD: 4000 The Chevy 235 inline 6 cylinder engine was first introduced in 1941 and was mainly used in large trucks. 1929-1962 Chevrolet L-6 (in-line 6) Overhead Valve Engines the Stovebolt Six - the Cast … 3835497, 3837012 (Pass), Block: 3836233, 3764476; 3838004 (Beck's and Inliners) or 3837004 (Hemmings/ChevyTalk), Block: 3733950, 3836340, 3837012, 3738813. I have not been able to find any additional numbers … Other numbers cast into the block include D199, CON2. All 235/261 truck engines had mechanical (solid) lifters (see #3 for Powerglide 235 information). GM Differential Identification & Specs.

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