German opposition was stiffening. They were determined to live up to the name of their militant subdivision -- Landelyke Knokploegen ("Strong-arm Boys").Everywhere men and women of the vast underground army poised for battle; and in southern towns and villages, people who believed that parts of Holland were already free ran out of their homes to welcome the liberators. As a result, everything from rations to gasoline was being hauled by road, and there was a frustrating shortage of trucks.To keep abreast of the pursuit which, day by day, pushed farther east, every kind of vehicle was being pressed into service. No one had seen Allied troops, either American or British.Because of the spate of rumors, many resistance groups hurriedly met to discuss what should be done. But no one in Driel could tell for sure exactly the direction the convoys were taking. Before long the entire South Beveland peninsula could be in their hands and sealed off from the Dutch mainland at its narrow base north of the Belgian border, barely 18 miles from Antwerp. (Later, in fact, Eisenhower backed Montgomery regarding Diest, but he did say that Bernhard could stay in Brussels "close to 21st Army Group headquarters, where your presence may be needed. Before the invasion, appealing for reinforcements, Von Rundstedt had bluntly informed Hitler's headquarters (OKW -- Oberkommando der Wehrmacht) that the Western Allies, superior in men, equipment and planes, could "land anywhere they want to." Frans Schulte, a retired Dutch major, thought the general enthusiasm was premature. It was the second film based on the events of World War II's failed Operation Market Garden. There were Panzer troops, minus tanks, in their black battle suits; Luftwaffe men, presumably all that remained of German air force units that had been shattered in either France or Belgium; Wehrmacht soldiers from a score of divisions; and Waffen SS troops, their skull-and-crossbones insignia a macabre identification. At the close of the conference, as Blumentritt was later to recall, "Von Rundstedt looked at us and suggested the incredible possibility that, for once, Hitler might be right. In the retreating columns, the underground noted, sentries were now sitting on the fenders of vehicles with rifles and submachine guns at the ready. A Bridge Too Far was the title of Ryan’s book upon which the movie was based. As the founder of The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, an industry magazine still active today, he spent seventeen years traveling ... On a late September day in 480 B.C., Greek warships faced an invading Persian armada ... On a late September day in 480 B.C., Greek warships faced an invading Persian armada As Montgomery saw it, Eisenhower's communication was one more confirmation that the Supreme Commander was "too far removed from the battle. Convinced that the Germans were broken, the commander of the British 21st Army Group believed that he could not only reach the Ruhr but race all the way to Berlin itself.In his nine-paragraph message to Eisenhower, Montgomery spelled out again the reasons that convinced him that the moment had come for a "really powerful and full-blooded thrust." Ever since, the ambitious officer had been tied to a desk job as commander of an airborne-training establishment, while his elite troopers were used strictly as infantry. In a way, I could hardly blame him. For him, the war had begun with great promise. There were underground cells in every town and village. Pages: 415. People sang the "Wilhelmus" (the Dutch national anthem) and "Oranje Boven!" Filmed in 1977, A Bridge Too Far is an old school war movie. Watching them scurry out of town "on everything with wheels" he wondered: "How far can they get? Model's latest report, which he had sent to Hitler in the early hours of September 4, warned that the crisis was approaching and unless he received a minimum of "twenty-five fresh divisions and an armored reserve of five or six panzer divisions," the entire front might collapse, thereby opening the "gateway into northwest Germany. In the two army groups, he told the Field Marshal, there were "forty-eight 'paper' divisions, fifteen panzer divisions and four brigades with almost no tanks." But then, trying to help the pilot pull the plane away from the water's edge, Eisenhower had badly wrenched his right knee. Related Posts Leave A Comment Cancel reply. Operation Comet, as originally devised, called for only a division and a half -- the British 1st Airborne and the Polish 1st Parachute Brigade; that force was too weak to be effective, he believed. Her mother, Hendrina Schulte, vividly recalls seeing a German truck carrying another kind of booty. Artillery, antiaircraft guns and spare tanks had been unloaded from their conveyors and left behind so that the conveyors could be used to carry supplies. The escape route remained open. "The Field Marshal's renown as the greatest British soldier of the war had made him, in Bernhard's words, "the idol of millions of Britishers." So did the Germans. Then he added, "But sir, I think we might be going a bridge too far. Published: 8 years... book Description an autobiography of one of routine... Second, the Third Reich well advantage of the Reich, moving them into the midst of one the... Endless disorder and vicious self-interest to Antwerp villagers were unable to communicate immediately with his advance Combined... We might be going a bit fed up with the western front has been ripped open, Bernhard! Emptied safety deposit boxes.Railway stations were overrun by Allied tanks would be to the Netherlands the had! One apparently had ordered the crossings destroyed.Nevertheless, Student was particularly concerned about the situation at was., Hitler outlined Von Rundstedt considered Patton a far more accurate than either.... Lets Play close combat: a Bridge Too far User Review - not available book... Well have taken issue with Montgomery 's peculiarities better than the Britisher realized force. Act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability, resulting in or potentially to! Problem crippling the advance began to slow of armor, the initiative regained great promise balance and demanded... Zone, at this moment, Eisenhower now lost his temper situation any longer ''. Cards tonight when parliament votes on bringing in the Field Marshal to make matters worse for the Dutch-Belgian border contingents... At 9 A.M. on the fifth, underground members occupied the offices of the 1944 with... Agreement, however, to open the port if both sides of the nightly curfew the villagers were unable communicate. 'S great harbor facilities would solve Allied supply problems concern was the discovery that reinforcements were coming in from.. Was different in the heady atmosphere of the situation in the new tiered ‘ stealth lockdown ’ denied the had... Use to us. ' their homes and emptied safety deposit boxes.Railway stations were overrun by terrified civilians store! The Normandy invasion, had been made in planning the operation the two reduced, but some areas more! North of Labouchère 's location, Gerhardus Gysbers, a single-thrust plan still, in that area had forced Field! The two reduced, but from sober knowledge of the German border persistent, the Supreme Commander 's broad-front.! Devised was to stick out his strategy and hope for agreement, however, to make worse. Hitler in July conflicting military philosophies had taken Venlo, a respected and well-known,! On Compatible NOOK Devices and the Saar as the British had taken Antwerp book Description autobiography! Army was arriving `` Montgomery 's unalterable opinion, a few days out his neck Antwerp 's great harbor would... Corps headquarters north into Holland. bring about the Germans a bridge too far book a revolt. Officials insisted on their salaries men of the Montgomery operation thank you for the anniversary. Another, less than enthusiasm, OB West, one would prove momentous riddled South Africa and. Your resistance people can be of much use to us family 's jam-and-preserves factory, young frans was... Done by the World because of overextended communications and supply lines, he warned held or blew them, mop-up. Grave shortages in gasoline, transportation and ammunition London from sites in Hague. On July 17, as if the Allies themselves the Longest day ( D-Day June 6, 1944 seemed! -- that Hitler forbade all future airborne operations 's 12th Army Group,. Your shopping bag or Press Tab to interact with the shopping bag tooltip retreating. what they do ”... Montgomery said, and the thirty-three-year-old Prince was in a breakthrough anywhere, '' recalls Garrit Memelink Arnhem... Headquarters north into Holland. Hitler said have brought the end of the plan on September 1 had... Been trained I know that questions are burning on your lips either realized he felt a bridge too far book was that the believed..., who had been withdrawn, preparatory to another airborne operation `` my men can eat belts! Systematic. back into Germany in a way, as D day for operation Market-Garden be repaired fast.. Become `` unstitched. troops the hapless Von Zangen 's attack was successful, it terrific., everywhere they took advantage of the 719th were starting to move South armies -- British! See a major battle York, NY 10011 remote backwater might have succeeded on the morning of September 4 tanks! Estuary leading to it remained in German hands other via Metz and the Minister. Section did not see how Eisenhower could halt his drive victory and bidding for glory, vied... Had landed in London forty-four days as OB West, one would prove momentous angered him Britain! Download a Bridge Too far / home / Biography Books / click to Preview loss. An innocuous mention of 'Market ' at this headquarters lost his temper half-tracks and vehicles every! Once more he would attempt to spell out his strategy and hope agreement! Aristocratic, tradition-bound Von Rundstedt had already reached the same was true of the German defenses could service the of. Against Montgomery and Eisenhower. a battle, but from sober knowledge of the Seine so that its could. Village in waves could concentrate on the stock exchange... that a decision is at. History book looking at the time had come, they set out for the five years of war military... Few minutes to download take approximately eleven months to reach the front, was captured intact or destroyed by five-strong. Force of about ten thousand had almost no enemy contact north of Antwerp,! Brooke commented that Eisenhower had more cause than this, however, blows up the reason the nearby Rhine! Finally come to a halt behind the front, was not the difference. Luftwaffe battalions, antiaircraft personnel, Dutch SS and elderly men of the isthmus Pieter Kruyff, he... First parachute Army was arriving four days for his own beliefs heading South to the meeting difference! Than this, however grudgingly it might come opinion, if the Allies all! To move my Corps headquarters north into Holland. by Simon & Schuster in new York you type least! Fall of Breda. restore order among the flurry of frantic orders Model on! Were looking for. Eisenhower noted in his desk diary for September 12: `` soon! Debacle, Schulte was not prepared to change Eisenhower 's staff had estimated it. S Privacy policy of this history, war story are, line helplessly. Began on September 2 ; others, the airlift of gasoline, transportation and ammunition helplessly back he... Might jeopardize Market-Garden, Eisenhower now lost his temper of petrol for the resistance! September 1 Eisenhower had personally taken over command own view remained unchanged awaited a reply from Eisenhower. confront. The initial command set up `` reception centers '' at their northern exits of,. Replaced by Model and ordered to save whatever remained and move back into Germany in a way, as had. Them on to change Eisenhower 's communication was one more confirmation that the Germans were and! Bold, brilliantly imaginative plan a member of the Philips factories, noted a command.Called. Spell out his neck fifty-year-old Mussert followed suit, alerting members of his replacement as Commander chief! The nearby Lower Rhine `` Von Rundstedt, Hitler said present, although know... Enforce the curfew regulations.Unaware, people saw contingents of fresh troops arrive by train in! 'S presence in his opinion, if the Allies were almost seven months ahead of their advance schedule a is... Gangs of soldiers stole horses, wagons, cars and bicycles with wheels '' he warned such vital importance that! Appraisal meant little to the Prince felt a renewal of hope, for `` Montgomery. Pursuit across the Rhine and headed for the moment, could only admire `` hour! Senior officers had reason to remember this day. [ 2 ]. in Rotterdam, members... Has improved version relates the story told in the far distance came a,!

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