Tank Analyzer - World of Tanks. * Armor Inspector does not belong to Wargaming, the producer of the World of Tanks series of games. Hit Zones were developed for the following tanks: Entirely new zone entry for the World Tanks. Weak spots are specific areas of a tank that can be penetrated more easily than other areas where the armor is thicker and/or sloped. It contains all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the iron tank monsters. Details 3d models armor models modules and crew. - internal modules and crew in 3D model for most tanks - no ads Notes: Version 2.0 is an entirely new app, and better in every bit! Download mod World of Tanks Vehicle Analyzer assesses key vehicle performance based on five critical areas :- Firepower Armor Mobility View Range Hitpoints. I didnt bookmark it and cannot find the page again. World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots … Also use a crosshair that changes color based on chance to pen, which includes the current armor angle. Here you can check the thickness of every armor plate. By installing this mod, you can easily break through the enemy in the most vulnerable places. This guide discusses “weak spots” in World of Tanks (WoT). This guide is for world of tanks type 4 heavy weak spots. WoT WeakSpots displays vehicles as a 3D models. Keep in mind that with RNG your shot may miss, or roll a high or low pen. Hi, If you are looking for best app showing tanks weak points this it is: WoT WeakSpots! All about tanks from World of Tanks: details, 3D models, armor models, modules and crew Each color corresponds to a module for tank or crew member. Source: www.pinterest.com. This guide is for World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy weak spots. Changes 9.17.1: added to the Swedes tanks; fun to use and interact with, easier to visualize models. Classic’s Object 705A Gun Sleeve Removal (Simple Remodel) [] November 25, 2019 - Leave a Comment. Best to learn common weak spots, like lower glacius, coppula, etc. To solve this problem, this mod "Colored skins hit zones for World of Tanks … One of the basics that any novice World of Tanks player should familiarize himself with is tank reservation schemes, weak and strong zones in the armor of each vehicle and the mechanics of armor penetration as such. Details 3d models armor models modules and crew. Simply touch needed part of tank and see how thick armour is in this place. All about tanks from world of tanks. Ive seen other weak spot guides but really liked this one (and assuming it had more than one tank) and it suits my learning style nicely. - posted in Player Tutorials: Some time ago while clicking through stuff I saw line sketches of a tank and weak areas and armour thickness details highlighted. The Type 4 has slightly thinner armor and a different rear hull layout compared to the Type 5 Heavy. The vehicle's stats are compared against other vehicles in its category and given a rating between 1 to 10 - with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. If it is green it can pen, red it can't, and orange is a maybe. Yes, 3D hit skins are banned. Weak spots of tanks - skins For World of tanks Section: Skins and Hitzones (Weak Spot) For World of Tanks 1.3 Updated: 13.02.2018 If during the fight you have problems due to ignorance of the weak points of tanks, recommend you to download these skins. Weak Spots Diagrams - Where are they? Skins support most popular tanks of different nations. Only this application gives you information about effective armor and all tanks parametrs! You will learn every weak spot that you need to take a Type 4 Heavy down and also its effective armor values. Here is a list of common weak spots across tanks: The cupola, which is the hatch on top of the turret; View (range) ports; Machine gun ports

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