We estimate some students could be accepted with SAT's as low as 1230. Students who enter as first-year students must take six of these nine units at Wellesley, two units in each of the three groups of distribution areas described below. The College’s general requirements can be complicated in some of their details, but there is a basic structure that is fairly easy to grasp and is useful to have in mind in planning for your first year: There are additional requirements but they are not essential to master in your first semester. Normally, only one course fulfilling the language requirement in a given department will be designated as satisfying the distribution requirement in Language and Literature. Typical Periods Offered: Fall. In your first year, you will need to complete the College’s writing requirement by taking a First-Year Writing Course. Wellesley College typically requires applicants to be in the top 10 percent of SAT test takers. It is impossible to predict what interests you will have twenty years from now, so one of your tasks in college is to prepare yourself with the basic knowledge and flexibility to adapt to your changing desires and needs. Distribution Requirements: MM - Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving; NPS - Natural and Physical Sciences. In addition to their majors, students at Wellesley must complete a number of distribution requirements, take an expository writing course in their first year, and meet several other criteria. If you need to take the basic quantitative skills course, that should also be part of your first-semester experience, in order to maximize your opportunities later on. These include distribution of courses over different types of topics and studies. All students wishing to complete the 4+1 program must fully satisfy Wellesley’s degree requirements prior to matriculating at Olin, and must also satisfy specific science, math and engineering requirements. This prepares you for making a sound choice about a major, and more generally gives you the broad education that is the hallmark of being an educated person in today’s world. 1,343. Admitted (20%) 580. CLASS SNAPSHOT 6,627. Courses in this area focus on: (1) the history, critical analysis, and/or theory of the visual and performing arts, and (2) practice in the creation and performance of these arts. A student, like you, with diverse interests will have no problem fulfilling the requirements. You will also be earning credits toward possible majors, since a course may count for a distribution area as well as for an eventual major. Typical Periods Offered: Spring. With only a few exceptions, all courses in the Wellesley curriculum satisfy one of the distribution requirements. Before that happens, though, it’s important to start to experience something of the full range of the curriculum. Typical Periods Offered: Every other year. GROUP 1: STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THREE UNITS DRAWN FROM THE FOLLOWING TWO DISTRIBUTION AREAS. The regular admissions application deadline for Wellesley is January 8. For academic year 2019-20, the acceptance rate is 21.56% at Wellesley College where total 6,395 students applied and 1,379 were accepted. Distribution Requirements: ARS - Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Film and Video. Transfer students and Davis Scholars who enter with eight units prior to Wellesley must take at least three units at Wellesley, one in each of the three areas, and students entering with 16 prior units may take the distribution requirements at Wellesley or use their prior units. AT LEAST ONE UNIT MUST COME FROM EACH OF THESE TWO AREAS, AND AT LEAST ONE UNIT MUST BE A LABORATORY COURSE: Natural and Physical Science. Courses assigned to two distribution areas may not be used to fulfill two distribution requirements. Degree Requirements: QRF - Quantitative Reasoning - Overlay. Semesters Offered this … Courses in this group help students develop skills needed: (1) to formulate, understand, and analyze mathematical models of natural phenomena, and/or (2) to formulate and solve complex problems requiring a logical progression through multiple mathematical or computational steps. GROUP 3: STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THREE UNITS FROM THE FOLLOWING TWO DISTRIBUTION AREAS. You may apply no more than two units toward the degree from the accumulation of fractional units through 1.25-unit courses taken at Wellesley. Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall. That life will demand that you be a life-long learner. QR is also built into Wellesley's distribution requirements and so is mandatory for all students. Courses focus on: (1) the history, critical analysis, theory, and/or creation of literature, and (2) increasing mastery of the grammar, usage, and cultural context of languages studied beyond the elementary level. Historical Studies. Notes: Required for all students majoring or minoring in Cinema and Media Studies. Here are three approaches to these concerns: Our distribution, or general education, requirements are at the heart of the liberal arts education that Wellesley offers each of its students. This requirement is designed to give students a basic knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the scientific method of inquiry. Wellesley College Club Wellesley College Campus 781-283-2700 Babson Executive Conference Center One Woodland Hill Drive Babson Park, MA 02547 781-239-4000 Crowne Plaza 1360 Worcester Road (Route 9) (on top of Mass Pike Exit #13) Natick, MA 01760 508-653-8800 Residence Inn by Marriott 400 Staples Drive Framingham, MA 01702 508-370-0001 Hampton Inn 319 Speen Street Natick, MA 01760 … Using the campus of Wellesley College as a case study, this course will explore the theory and practice of historic preservation. Religion, Ethics, and Moral Philosophy. Wellesley College has many more students compared to similar colleges (1,549 students in average - Private (not-for-profit) Baccalaureate College - Arts & Sciences). The average SAT score of enrolled students is 1,445 at Wellesley. Wellesley GPA Requirements Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is often just the bare minimum to submit an application without immediately getting rejected. Wellesley’s general requirements are structured in such a way as to ensure that each student has a broad education, cutting across the many different academic disciplines offered at the College. (Courses numbered 250/350, Research or Individual Study, or 360/370, Honors Research, do not satisfy this requirement.) The emphasis is in finding what you're interested in, not about finding a job. You chose to come to Wellesley partly to pursue exactly this kind of education, one that offers both breadth and depth. In 2020, the Fund awarded nearly $117,000 to programs and services meeting critical needs in Wellesley resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. At least four of the six units must be taken at Wellesley College. 40% of Williams students double major. Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall. Notes: Each semester of PORT 101 and PORT 102 earns 1.0 unit of credit; however, both semesters must be completed satisfactorily to receive credit for either course. To assist students in their course selections, we offer this link to the Wellesley College Bookstore. This admissions data tells us that most of Wellesley's admitted students fall within the top 5% nationally on the ACT. For example, AFR 105 T3-01 refers to AFR 105 - 01 offered in Term 3 On Campus. During the 2018-19 admissions cycle, 38% of admitted students submitted ACT scores. The Wellesley College Trustees are considering a commitment to divest from fossil fuels, with the understanding that students and faculty will play an integral role in helping the College to determine how to absorb the financial costs associated with such a commitment. There is no nomination process for election to the Chapter. Applicants. No employee or student shall be discriminated against or harassed on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, ethnic or national origin or ancestry, veteran status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, veteran or military status, membership in Uniformed Services, or any category protected by applicable state and federal laws. But other than in these ways, you needn’t focus your first-year plans around finishing all your distribution areas in the early part of your college experience. All Wellesley students who meet the following eligibility requirements will be considered for election. New England By taking the courses that are most interesting to you, and by experimenting a little bit across the curriculum, you will automatically be completing distribution requirements. Courses in creative writing also fulfill this requirement. Distribution Requirements: NPS - Natural and Physical Sciences; ARS - Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Film and Video. You can see all the academic program requirements; and know that your dean is always available to discuss these requirements and your general academic plans with you, so if you have questions about these matters, be sure to be in touch with her. The department does not grant transfer credit at the 300 level for either the major or for College distribution … There are some common requirements for completing your Wellesley degree, whatever your major. Other Categories: FYS - First Year Seminar. The GPA requirement that really matters is the GPA you need for a real chance of getting in. Wellesley requires 3 items and recommends 4 articles to submit to their applicants. When you reach sophomore year and begin to plan a major and the rest of your time at Wellesley, you will be surprised how many of the distribution areas you have completed well, just by doing what you wanted to do. Epistemology and Cognition. The information contained within is accurate as of April 15, 2020 Wellesley College reserves the right to make changes at its discretion. Students that get into Wellesley have an average SAT score between 1330-1520 or an average ACT score of 30-34. Wellesley admissions is very selective with an acceptance rate of 20%. You won’t be an expert in all these fields, of course, just by taking the courses that you will choose to satisfy these requirements, but you will have a basic awareness of knowledge and methods that will serve you well in the challenges you will have in life after Wellesley. Distribution Requirements: NPS - Natural and Physical Sciences. A new grant from the Wellesley COVID-19 Relief Fund will supply winter masks for Wellesley police officers. Enrolling (43%) 44. However, to ensure that students gain insight and awareness in areas outside their major fields, the College requires that they elect nine units drawn from eight substantive and skill-based categories as part of the 32 units required for graduation. ARTH 336 and 369 do not count toward these distribution requirements. In order to provide students with as much flexibility as possible, Wellesley requires no specific courses except the First-Year Writing course. The College's … You can check the student demographics by gender ratio , and race/ethnicity . Distribution Requirements: LL - Language and Literature. Courses taken in other departments at Wellesley College may not be used to satisfy any of the above distribution requirements for the major. Copyright © Trustees of Wellesley College   |   Wellesley College 106 Central Street – Wellesley, MA 02481 (781) 283-1000, All students must demonstrate a command of basic, All students must demonstrate command of a, All students must have a unit of coursework that demonstrates. With the chair’s permission, courses taken abroad during junior year or on Twelve College Exchange may satisfy certain distribution requirements. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-university-search/wellesley-college ... Research is supervised by a member of the Wellesley College Chemistry Department. So if you're like me and don't really know what you want to spend your life doing, the distribution requirements … Combinatorics is the art of counting possibilities: for instance, how many different ways are there to distribute 20 apples to 10 kids? Next table describes the general admission information for applying to Wellesley College. These courses examine how individuals interact with and are influenced by social groups and institutions, including those associated with politics, economics, religion, family, health, education, and the arts; how and why particular forms of social organization emerge within groups or societies; and the nature of social change and conflict. The minimum distribution requirements for the 4+1 Degree are shown in the table below. Even if you end up following a career path that seems clear to you today, it will take unexpected directions over time, and you will need the building blocks for learning new ways of thinking and doing. When you choose your major in your sophomore year, you will begin to move to advanced studies in the area that is most engaging to you. Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Only one course from outside the department, from the list of Additional Course for the History of Art Major and Minor, may be counted towards the minor. There are distribution requirements that have to be fulfilled, but that's normal for a school like Wellesley. Courses in this area develop students’ understanding of history in one, or both, of two ways: (1) by illuminating the distinctiveness of one or another part of the past, with the goal of bringing students to an appreciation of political, social, economic, or cultural configurations different from their own, and (2) by exploring the processes of historical change, through which one configuration of institutions, ideas, and behaviors is replaced by another. GROUP 2: STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THREE UNITS DRAWN FROM THE FOLLOWING FOUR DISTRIBUTION AREAS. WELLESLEY COLLEGE CLASS OF 2024 PROFILE GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION. Some of these courses consider the standards for justifying knowledge about human beings and the world in which they live, as well as philosophical debates, both contemporary and historical, about the nature of such standards. ACT Scores and Requirements Wellesley College requires that all applicants submit either SAT or ACT scores. If you plan to take language courses, it’s a good idea to start this in your first year, since these courses are often sequenced, and you may need a year or two of basic courses before you are ready to study literature in a language other than English. Students will be expected to devote 10-12 hours per week for CHEM 250 and five to six hours for CHEM 250H. ONE UNIT MUST COME FROM THE SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS CATEGORY; THE TWO ADDITIONAL UNITS MUST COME FROM TWO OF THE THREE OTHER CATEGORIES: Social and Behavioral Analysis. Notes: The course may be taken as either CLCV 210 or, with additional assignments, CLCV 310. Wellesley’s Quantitative Reasoning program began in the 1998-99 academic year, and has become a national role model for similar programs at other institutions. Wellesley students can choose to undertake academic minors as well, but this is not required. All students wishing to complete the 4+1 program must fully satisfy Wellesley’s degree requirements prior to matriculating at Olin, and must also satisfy specific science, math and engineering requirements. Graph theory is the study of connected networks of objects. AT LEAST ONE UNIT MUST COME FROM EACH OF THESE TWO AREAS: Language and Literature. Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Film, and Video. These courses will help students understand moral and political theory, ethical issues, and the role of religion in human life and society. No one can succeed these days without some sense of what the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural and physical sciences are all about, not to mention the need for basic quantitative skills and an awareness of other cultures and languages. ARTH 100 T4-02-Remote is ARTH 100 - 02 offered in Term 4 as a remote instruction section. The Wellesley degree requires 32 units of credit. Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Not Offered. Courses in this area examine the nature, sources, and limits of human knowledge. It is fine to have more than 32, but if you have fewer (even 31.99) your degree is not complete. Distribution Requirements: LL - Language and Literature; ARS - Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Film and Video. A better strategy is to take advantage of the breadth of the curriculum at Wellesley to put in place some basic building blocks that will be important to you. This limitation does not apply to overlay requirements (the writing requirement, the multicultural requirement, and the quantitative reasoning requirement). Williams has distribution requirements. At a minimum, each candidate: Shall ordinarily have completed at least four semesters of work at Wellesley and shall have at least 16 graded Wellesley … Next table summarizes Wellesley College application requirements. The minimum distribution requirements for the 4+1 Degree are shown in the table below. EDUC 325 01-Remote is EDUC 325 - 01 offered as a 15-week, full-semester remote instruction course. You chose to come to Wellesley partly to pursue exactly this kind of education, one that offers both breadth and depth. Students sometimes worry about how they will be able to fulfill the College’s requirements, and even how they will get a handle on what these requirements are in the first place. What this means is that in your first year, you really don’t have to worry about earning credits toward these requirements. Having an awareness of the range of areas of knowledge out there is an essential component of success in the increasingly interdisciplinary and global society we are developing. You are currently viewing the 2020-2021 Wellesley College Course Catalog. Courses in language instruction at the Grade One level may not be used to satisfy this distribution requirement. It's not administered by the college but it's influence rubs off, e.g., terrific facilities, visiting professionals. Wellesley College requires to submit High School GPA, High School Rank and High School Record (or Transcript) to its applicants.The school recommends to submit High School GPA, High School Rank, High School Record (or Transcript) and Completion of College Preparatory Program. Courses meeting this requirement engage students in disciplined reflection on human conduct, the nature of values, the traditions of thought that have informed these values, and the religious traditions of the world. Understand how our distribution requirements help students achieve their goals Our distribution, or general education, requirements are at the heart of the liberal arts education that Wellesley offers each of its students. Courses fulfilling this requirement introduce students to different theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of human societies and behaviors. Copyright © Trustees of Wellesley College   |   Wellesley College 106 Central Street – Wellesley, MA 02481 (781) 283-1000. Other courses explore aspects of intelligence—among them language, memory, perception, and learning and the cognitive, computational, and neural processes that underlie them. A minimum of five units for the major must be taken at Wellesley, as must the courses that are used to fulfill at least two of the four subfield distributions and the seminar requirement. Transfer students and Davis Scholars who enter with eight units prior to Wellesley must take at least three units at Wellesley, one in each of the three areas, and students entering with 16 prior units may take the distribution requirements at Wellesley or use their prior units. Courses in this area focus on understanding scientific concepts and emphasize the methods used to gather, interpret, and evaluate scientific data. The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1330 on a 1600 scale, below which admission should be considered a reach.

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