Tokyo Marui are the Best Airsoft Manufactures. Shop our range of Airsoft Electric Rifles, these include all your well known brands but also include the legendary Tokyo Marui NGRS Electric Airsoft Rifles Länge: 190 mm. EUR 126,70. This is high quality No 62 Colt M4A1 R.I. S. Ver. SOLD OUT. EHI geprüfter Onlineshop Rechnungskauf möglich. 1 talking about this. About Tokyo Marui: 318g (je 159g - 2er Pack) ... ※ Nur geeignet für Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Serie Airsoft GBB ※ Passend für erweiterte Akkus und erweiterte Batterien etc. Elektrische Pistole Jungen Tokyo Marui no.1 Colt m4a1 Carbine 10 Jahren oder älter. It is an Assault type rifle adopted by American military in the front line of the battlefield. Tanio Koba M4A1 (Jap. Geeignet für 6mm Plastic Bullet BB. Details. Uses Marui's proprietary electric recoil gearbox, Marui's "Shoot&Recoil" electric blowback and recoil add enhanced realism ; When utilizing the SOPMOD magazine mock bolt will lock back after the last round; Adjustable 5 position stock; Metal 7" 20mm quad rail allows for mounting of accessories; Removable rear sight; Adjustable front and rear sight; FPS Range: 260-280. 2 Produktbewertungen 2 Produktbewertungen - Electric gun Boys Tokyo Marui No.1 Colt M4A1 Carbine 10 years of age or older. Tokyo Marui has taken its time before when considering product Development and with their MWS M4s its no different. This ultra-realistic gas blowback rifle from Tokyo Marui has a full metal body with cerakote coating to provide the best durability against knocks and scratches and is the most popular coating used on real firearms – it looks and feels truly stunning. Gewicht - ca. Tokyo Marui G18C AEP Product Information - In the small space of the handgun, it houses completely the mechanical box which can be said as the heart part of the electric gun. Tokyo Marui … Clocks in around 300-330 FPS with .20g bbs and green gas. Tokyo Marui. It’s been two years since Marui unveiled their M4 GBBR and now it’s finally here, available for the rest of the world to grasp. It is Lightweight but very strong model and new "Enhanced Stock" is mounted. Aus Japan. Airsoft Electric rifle gun from Tokyo Marui which was exclusively developed as a model for the US Army Special Forces. Price is map protected. This classic M4A1, like the MWS is powered by their Z system which offers optimal performance. This resembles all the moving parts of a real M4A1 and as always, an adjustable hop up is equipped and located inside the ejector port cover. $409.95 Qty . Passend für M4 / M16 Serie Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle. Kein Wackeln, kein Knarzen, alles sitzt fest. mehr. Custom and parts MWS Gbbr Tokyo Marui Version) Seite 2 Seite 3. Their products are principally sold in Japan, but are also exported worldwide. Siehe vollständige Produktbeschreibung. Das Gewehr besitzt das gängige 6mm BB Kaliber und schießt halbautomatisch mit einer Schussleistung von bis zu einem Joule. Spring Sniper Rifles...Gas and spring shotguns. The guns are gas efficient and the felt recoil is not overt where it becomes a distraction. Das Produkt Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 elektr. Unsere Tokyo Marui "Made in Japan" Nachbildung kommt mit der neuen "Next Generation Version 2" Metallgearbox, die neben dem elektrischem Blowback mit Rückstoß auch über einen funktionsfähigen Bolt-Catch verfügt. Airsoft G&P Pufferrohr für Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB MWS004 Leichte Aluminiumkonstruktion ; Geeignet für verlängerte Geräte und verlängerte Batteriestände etc. This is high quality No82 Colt M4A1 Carbine standard Airsoft electric rifle gun from Tokyo Marui which is equipped with variable hop-up system and Full-auto (repeated) / Semi-auto (single-shot) switching type. Kostenloser Versand. From the perfect SOCOM project, the M4A1 is supported by tons of aftermarket upgrade parts & accessories. 4,5 von 5 Sternen. Original Tokyo Marui M4A1 RIS AEG MADE IN JAPAN Consistent chrono over 400 fps Upgraded springs Upgraded Hi-Torque motor (will include original motor) New Li-Polymer battery in PEQ box (will include new balance charger) Red dot scope included 300 round Mag + Original 40 round Mag (including BB loa Colt M4A1 carbine; H&K G36c Electric blowback pistols Edit. Electic Airsoft Guns, Electric Recoil Guns. The Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine is one of the most popular AEGs of all time. 60 Beobachter. Tokyo Marui's electric blowback pistols (commonly referred to as EBBs) are powered by four AAA batteries and typically fire at 160 FPS with a .12 gram BB. Tokyo Marui Samarium-Kobalt Motor Next Generation Electric Gun dedizierte Japan. Aus Japan. Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB Rifle 1/1 Scale Gas Powered Airsoft GBB Rifle Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting Mode Metal Lower & Upper Receiver (Cerakote Coatings) 180mm Metal Picatinny Rail System Handguard 355mm Metal Outer Barrel With 45mm Flash Hider (14mm CCW) Fixed Metal Front Sight and Flip-up Rear Sight Polym View Details. They make a wide range of airsoft guns from Gas blow back pistols. Color: Black. Die M4A1 MWS kommt in der Tokyo Marui bekannten, hervorragenden Verarbeitung. Tokyo Marui 1911 Government Tokyo Marui Beretta M92 Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Tokyo Marui Glock 26 Tokyo Marui Hardballer 2 Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Tokyo Marui M870 "Breacher" Seite 2 Tokyo Marui MEU Tokyo Marui Mk23 Tokyo Marui Night Warrior Innenmaße: 25,5 mm. Das neue Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GasBlowBack Airsoftgewehr wird nicht nur Sammler, sondern vor allem Spieler glücklich machen. Built Material : Metal Receiver & R.A.SMagazine Capacity : 35+1 Rds ( 6 mm )Inner Barrel Length : 250 mmOverall Length : 777 mm / 854 mmWeight without Packing : 3740 gMuzzle Velocity : - FPS with 0.2g BBPower Source : HFC134aFire Mode : Semi / Full Auto / SafetyHop-up: AdjustablePackage Includes : Gun, Magazine, Ma Tokyo Marui M4A1 Socom AEG Electric Blowback EBB Airsoft Rifle - BLACK SKU: TM-M4A1. Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of airsoft guns and toy cars located in Adachi, Tokyo, and are famous for pioneering the design of battery-powered airsoft guns. BlowBack EBB 6mm BB schwarz bestellen Sie günstig und sicher bei Kotte & Zeller. PHP 24,000. ORIGINAL Tokyo Marui M4A1 RIS. Tokyo Marui KSG is a gas-powered, pump-action shotgun that can shoot either 3 round or 6 round bursts with each shot. Tokyo Marui (TM) is a high-quality Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer and created the blueprint on which all modern AEGs (Airsoft Electric Guns) are based. It is an Assault type rifle with Vertical fore grip and rail cover which is equipped with variable hop-up system and Full-auto (repeated) / Semi-auto (single-shot) switching type. The boys and girls at Tokyo Marui have done it again with an electric-powered and Alloy bodied replica of the venerable M4A1 platform in its' glorious and original form, which features a strong Mechanical Recoil and functional Bolt Stop that stops the gun from firing when out of BBs, prompting you to install a fresh magazine and press the Bolt Release. EUR 92,83. Here in USA is a proud distributor of many Tokyo Marui products exclusively! Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB With ZET System.

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