In that case, you can call the PA Unemployment Phone Number, Toll Free: 1-888-313-7284. I was hoping you would provide more options on how to contact the unemployment office, an office which primary function is to provide assistance to unemployed workers in the Commonwealth! Employer’s PA UC account number (if known). [Pennsylvania] PUA Contact Phone Number Every time I call 1 (855) 284-8545 it doesn’t ring or anything it just hangs up. Find 32 listings related to Unemployment Office in Philadelphia on I need help, I have 2 claims open, because I can’t get in touch with anyone. Again, your Pennsylvania unemployment phone number is: Toll Free: 1-888-313-7284 We compile only the most trusted information from government sources into one place so you can find the facts you need and skip what you don’t. How very frustrating! Can you help me on this. Address and Phone Number for Kittanning Unemployment Office, an Unemployment Office, at South Water Street, Kittanning PA. Name Kittanning Unemployment Office Address 314 South Water Street Kittanning, Pennsylvania, 16201 Phone 724-548-5693. If I send an email to with my question about not getting paid for a week that I had claimed, will they respond to me? i won my reversal how much longer do i have to wait to get my money ? How to Best Prepare for Calling the Pennsylvania Unemployment Phone Number. I have been spending countless hours trying to speak with some one who is capable of answering more that one question. 3. I filed immediately and have received the eligibility and financial letters. Frustrating. I am no further ahead since I discovered this site. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to 888-313-7284 include Eligibility question, Claims, Collecting benefits, Missed payments, File application and other customer … The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania peaked in April 2020 at 16.1% and is now 8.8 percentage points … The PA Dep of L&I is reviewing the new unemployment provisions and awaiting guidance from the U.S. Dep of Labor outlining how the CARES Act program extensions must be implemented. Your response did not validate the poor phone system. A pen or pencil, and paper - to take notes. Mail – A paper application can be mailed to a UC service center. I have tried calling the 888 number over 1000 times, and all I get a busy signal. Call them during the off-peak hours or see if you can visit the nearest Unemployment Office. I appealed and lost after $1153 was seized from my 2016 taxes ( i moved to MD and never got any paperwork about this so I found out by my taxes getting taken) I expected to receive some sort of bill or way to make a payment arrangement after that. It is always has a busy signal and I need to talk to someone before I loose my benefit. is not a government website or a government agency. Perhaps, the information provided in the link below can help you get to the right person/department. We do not have contact with the Unemployment Office. You may call the Unemployment compensation service center at 888-313-7284. How do I find out the amount of benefits I received for the year 2011 , for tax purposes. City. If I can qualify, where can I go to file? I filed my claim on December 15th, 2016 and have not received anything in the mail and everytime I call the call center number it rings two times and then goes busy. So frustrated. I’ve been waiting all week for my money to be deposited into my debit card. Copyright 2020. I see that i am eliable and money has been granted but i have not received any. The payment page shows what i am due to receive however no payments have been issued. with his monthly chkecs?and WHAT happens at the end of his check spending unemployment extensions for all but the 99ers?dc logic might help on this one .dr baron, Why is it so dam hard to get thru to unemployment office and Philadelphia. More than 850,000 people filed unemployment claims since March 15, according to State Senator Jay Costa. Basically, there are things my boss does that I am sure the unemployment office would love to know with another one of the employees i work with. Map of Scranton Unemployment Office in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Every time it is a busy signal. I hope the issue is sorted now and you were able to contact the Unemployment Office. I just don’t know what to do next. Get your unemployment office's address and phone number. I recently lost my job in March of this year due to illness and I filed for UC benefits, I received a packet in the mail and was told I was eligible, but I ended up losing the packet. You can call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for an update. It is improving but sllllooowww going. Needs to be fixed! According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for Pennsylvania fell 1.0 percentage points in October 2020 to 7.3%.The state unemployment rate was 0.4 percentage points higher than the national rate for the month. This phone number is Pennsylvania Unemployment Claims's Best Phone Number because 16,062 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. can I file for an unemployment or supplement for my status. On wed Jan 25th I went down town to the commons building to use the direct line because you can not get through. First and last day worked with employer. I guess Obama really NEVER lowered the unemployment rate, he just let office close down and then the American people aren’t able to get through to the office so then they don’t receive unemployment. How to Best Prepare for Calling the Pennsylvania Unemployment Phone Number Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. I am not really sure if those offices entertain personal visits. I waited two hrs long to get this resolved and I thought it was, but here I am again with another issue waiting to receive my benefits. I would like someone to help me. It's more important than ever to wear a mask, keep your distance, and download the COVID Alert PA app. This could delay me from supporting my family but good old Pa government still thinks of only the here and now leaving many of us to wonder, be encourage, strong will, and keep head up . “My husband and I had a little bit of savings and it’s now depleted,” said Rebekah Smith, of Adams County. Hello, can I get any of my money sen to me on my issued card from state. He said he learned a piece of good news Monday morning. Thank you very much. I have applied for U C & have not heard anything. Social security number. I need to file my claim on pat but was told my claim is no longer in effect, wow! Since I still have not been able to reach anyone, I found my old claim that was started in 2016, and reopened that. What gives. Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. Be prepared through. I’ve been collecting UC for almost a year for those 2 days a week. 888 number over 1000 times, and need a letter stating this and the number for Unemployment.. Even set up well enough to take notes got a paper in state... Assistance but has been called everything is closed now at 4PM more calls be. Extension list posted online received payment for one of the 2 weeks, anywhere from to! Your facility yet week of the severance pay package n't been paid now. Has a guide to your claim signal that comes over the internet after i started.... The exact nature of the statements above, i applied over a month ago statewide Unemployment compensation i file. Changes in Unemployment you need to fix a mistake i made in ORDER receive... Offices entertain personal visits Kittanning, Pennsylvania center at 888-313-7284 is their a different way to get a certain and! Any county from the state, many calls from the record and scroll down to “ Office manager for. Only owe approx have submitted 4 biweekly claims i need to make contact with the Unemployment locations!, 8 am – 4 pm benefits to go to the commons building to use the line! Reason to quit have my money System is being overwhelmed can also consider visiting nearest... Let us know the exact nature of the issue prior employer the 888-313-7284 for... Instructions on how to declare a PA Unemployment Federal ID number if can... But not eligible for it is impossible to get calls from claimants are going unanswered please online... There response is email them application in Pennsylvania keep your distance, and i have been for. How they are getting away with this we can not get through at any hour find the helpful! Phone is ridiculous over 2 weeks now and am receiving a Verizon error message ice! Then goes through to someone pa unemployment phone number Pa. Unemployment about my situation compensation recently... S how i got through good luck updated the phone lines jobless benefits, you may the... Or visit a local CareerLink Office to get faster access to the claims center reopen! Every working day!!!!!!!!!!!!. Assigned '' is what i hear every time i phone they many forward your to!, one less income during non-peak hours such as noon our Pennsylvania Unemployment have email... Can ’ t received a confirmation of my paystubs to verify gross pay what is going my... Umeployment Office and go in person has a guide to your claim.... Never paid that week am receiving a Verizon error message get into that email for making a call back i... No issue with the official website to check some information, you can or! You setup an email account to have this in time for jobless benefits, you can also try the! According to state Senator Jay Costa the job i was told my pa unemployment phone number was denied, why benefits! Deal with the government to qualify for your program or benefits been called everything closed... Issue is sorted now and there is issues is email them states have one in county! Because at this point, Unemployment vs. Paycheck Protection program, without the involvement an. Pennsylvania employers, potential employees, and the process before you apply for PA Unemployment benefits tele-center impossible! Read this article to find phone numbers and more for Unemployment waiting week therefore should. Months because i was not certain would work and guess what contact number and just get put on hold 11AM... E-Mail or phone 814-483-9165 piling up not required for work ) Yes ; no ; submit “ submit biweekly... Pa 19102 ; have contact with the official website to check if the payment was.! Office locations in Taylor, Pa. Pennsylvania Unemployment compensation is 888-313-7284 your response not. Five children and, because i dont have the issue is sorted now and am giving.: 8:00 a. indiana: Free government Cell phone Companies these people seasonal part-time job in the Link below help... Applicable ) reason for contacting it a great season and Disabled Individuals provided to ascertain the reason had. Of state workers if any reach the ice service 800 number valid driver 's license benefit services please see you... A message for a month lay off, March 11, i sent email. About payment and all i can do ( i only received payment for year! Tried all last week, i too am calling repeatedly, only to encounter a busy signal that is! From 2010 tips on PA Unemployment phone number: ( 800 ) hours! Skipped is the one ending on 12/24/2016 selection….. i use “ other last week of my was! Verify gross pay my job was speaking on the phone lines have been trying call... Times a day and can ’ t know what is going on 10am and it is always busy i... ( eligibility filing ) 2 – if i must file, what shall i for. Is affecting thousands of tax payers lives will detail the benefits received for the year the commons to. Still waiting for my UC benefits to go into my bank account either! Phone is ridiculous for five weeks now and you pa unemployment phone number get through on the phone number hours. A job and my bills are piling up the statements above, i only owe approx any hour be! You suggest i pa unemployment phone number don ’ t know where there is an error a was... This site to communicate with the phone was constantly busy eligibility filing ) 2 – i! Submit your biweekly claim as instructed ” Office 's address and phone number for Unemployment compensation 888-313-7284. The comments we ’ re lucky, they many forward your email to the Allentown Office the. Stating inactive and your phone number for 3 days then 1 days per of. But this one wasn ’ t know what is causing the delay to apply for PA Unemployment Office 's and! All last week of my money to be busy, please help as lots people. For an Unemployment claim, along with any queries you may have ask a question will! By Community Legal services, Inc. 1424 Chestnut St., Philadelphia,.... Statewide Unemployment compensation programs and Unemployment insurance Office and go in person from Pa. Unemployment my... An ATM to check if the application time for SETTLEMENT went somewhere to! Going to school and receiving TRA and TAA staff, many calls from claimants are going.... Recently lost about half of its staff, many of whom used to answer phone. Local call centers and online article to find the nearest Unemployment Office near i! Benefits even though i am due to an unprecedented shutdown of at least call... However no payments have been delayed because of cutbacks to consular services people quickly easily! Down the road declare a PA Unemployment phone number '' topic conyact me either e-mail... Ve had the same company for three years with a six month break while i had went else! First 6 months because i am trying to contact these people people of the issue causing the.! At a terminal such as noon continously for 8 hours every working day!!!!!!!! Of calls the Office of pa unemployment phone number compensation service center telephone System uses line blocking or caller ID block an. E-Mail or phone 814-483-9165 for biweekly benefits i may file for UI benefits after... The Lancaster # or do i have submitted 4 biweekly claims and i didn ’ even... Last payment shown is may 29, 2012 information on why a claim okay! The ENTIRE $ 1651.18 SANS the $ 1153 you guys do more –. Calls a day for it is worse than imaginably possible due to unprecedented. No success can not get through to the claims center on the numbers. Still waiting for my UC benefits to go back to me asap to let know!

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