When I weigh someone else 20lb lighter, it decides that person is me, and associates it with me. When I get to that and below it simply records 7%. Hi Ray How can they create a wireless scale and not have a mac address readily available for people with a mac address filter? The idea of a wifi scale integration is fantastic and something I desire. MFP will have updated your weight next time you log in.”. I removed them from GC App, All of this data looks basically the same on the mobile app. Have Garmin given any kind of indication that they’re planning to implement this in the future? nothing announced, but you can probably speculate based on this: Very cool how this scale tracks your data in Garmin Connect to show trends. It is my understanding that you would need to have a new Garmin connect profile if you actually wanted to track the second weigh ins, which I could see as being a hassle to log into and out of accounts. When trying to set up a user for my 1 year old (which runs over the scale from time to time) I think the only alternatives were to include him as 10+ years old and above 1 meter. Garmin Index Smart Scale. I can only tell everybody not to buy this scale. It’s actually a little tougher to add another person. Garmin offers a variety of wearables to fit your activity level and your preferred sport. Scales: need I say more. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Select Calories In/Out Garmin Index S2 smart scale review: Price and competition The Garmin Index S2 is available from Garmin , Amazon , and other retailers for $149.99 in black and white colorways. But the proof is in the pudding, and between the durable tempered glass top and the 400 lb weight limit, Garmin Index Smart Scale holds up. I keep telling him time and Mother Nature will definitely fix that issue. reconnected them to the App (including to the original wifi connection), MyFitnessPal is owned by Under Armour, who now produces a line of competing devices including a scale. It sounds like I would be able to get the weight data from the Withings to Connect, but not the other metrics that are the reason I want from the scale. You can connect the two right here: link to myfitnesspal.com, And folks on the Garmin forums show that it’s sorta working as of 4 days ago: link to forums.garmin.com. The scale even flashed my initials on the screen. Yesterday i swapped out the dead batteries and the display said 3.10 so it is getting the updates. its been on market quite some time and it has few flaws. Mine just started doing this. Generally speaking, Garmin support is pretty good on the phone. The article also raises another question. The $149.99 Garmin Index Smart Scale automatically measures and calculates everything you can hope a scale would, including weight, body water, body fat, bone mass, and body mass index (BMI). I don’t know how useful this API is…, This smart scale sure looks very promising! Not once has either pair completed set up, given me a BMI etc. To be accurate, they don’t work for you. Utter sh1te product. And these things are very, extremely important, I was going to by this today but luckily you wrote the review last night I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! To simply send the weight .FIT file to 3rd parties along with the activity .FIT files is trivial. The withings scale gives more reliable readings but love the look of the garmin better. But having no variation at all is very surprizing. Automatically detects up to 16 users You can program the Index Smart Scale to automatically recognise up to 16 people. It is a server side problem, acknowledged by Garmin on their support forum. Try some different DNS server settings on your router like or etc. I have the same problem of getting exactly 7% BF for the last week. But we know that’s incorrect (their statement), since there are numerous users here in the comments section having semi-functional weight sync (both in this post, and the preview post). According to Garmin, “The Garmin Index™ smart scale uses bioelectrical impedance to calculate your body composition. I’m using it for a couple of weeks now. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. As usual the Garmin people were very polite. I’ve just found out that Garmin Index Scale doesn’t measure visceral fat and metabolic age, which are important measures for me. Why would you spend more to go through this hassle vs just getting a Withings? So people are allowed to fester until they can make time to call Garmin during a work day. I purchased the Index today, and have spent 3 hours trying to get it to find my WiFi APs – I’ve tried everything and from reading the Garmin Forums, the WiFi connection is extremely flakey, which is bizarre as this is the only way that the Index can upload the data to Garmin Connect! It’s also got a paper manual sitting atop it: Below that you’ll find four little black pods. This has to do with “No Athlete mode: While not a huge issue to most, there lacks an athlete mode”. Does this seem like it is something that could work around the multiple weigh-ins until Garmin actually allows you to have multiple data points on the same day? Hardly saying the Index is perfect (or even near perfect), but, I’m just not sure I understand the complaints here. Very laggy on the foot tap. I could have cleaned up in Rio this summer. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My problem is that it often does not sync to wifi after weighing. So I want to use this to track weight and fat loss, BMI decrease, and hopefully also see muscle mass increase and bone mass staying same or increasing. Setup: Some folks have had issues with WiFi setup and connectivity. This is what I wondered. For me, with a brand new scale with, when I weigh myself and log it to my Garmin Connect account it works perfectly. You can only set up the Index scale on a computer if you get their ANT+ adapter which is sold separately. I made a short video, showing the error. I did – I have deleted that link and it seems to be working now, thanks. Reasons: At $150, it costs the same as the top two scales in our ranking, the QardioBase and the Withings WS-50. Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to Garmin Connect. Hey, no. However I’m waiting for it to send the measurement to TrainingPeaks per the sync tool linked from here: link to peaksware.uservoice.com. I’d assume total weight is different every day mostly because of changing water level, but scale tracks water level, muscle mass and bone mass pretty consistently. I for one am very dissapointed and if this problem is not fixed soon, I will return the scale and start my Aria back up…. In GC on android i go into user settings, tap weight. My advice is buyer beware. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. In this case, the smart scale market has basically been the preserve of Withings and Fitbit for the last few years. Do you know if they have a plan for INDEX 2? A small icon along the button indicates which metric it’s showing you. But don’t worry, I’ll sneak it in. I’ve been using the scale now for a few months, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of how well it works. Just before I buy …. By looking at my weight before/after a long run on a hot day (which is every day between April and October), I could judge how well I hit hydration. Either way – there’s really no excuse for Garmin not offering 3rd parties the weight data (nor any ability for you to export it out yourself). But I agree that, other than weight, the body composition data seems to be junk. Any ideas? I found a way to sync index weight to My FitnessPal. Day8 68,9 9,7 43,2 30,1, As you can see, difference between min and max weight is 2,1kg in 4 days, mostly (2kg) in FAT! – every time I mulled over getting a non-Garmin device it just didn’t happen out of personal preference on the device site (and I do not see the websites of other big players being better either really). You would weigh in as normal to create your base line data point (for that day or week) and then when you need your second weigh in (after a run or workout) in the same day, tell the scale you are the secondary user instead of the primary. This has been a long time issue which Garmin are aware of, but have yet to resolve. Not Funny at all. Trying to decide if my wife will use this as our scale just broke:-( Maybe the FitBit is a better bet. I am not a tech person and was just looking for a wifi scale to cut out the middle man with logging data. A flaky and unreliable wifi implementation is not an excuse to blame the router when I have many other devices that work fine with it. Sometimes a single con is a huge one, but not valued as such. It's not the fastest fitness app by far, often loading slowly or stalling while a device syncs. The 2nd one worked OK (with some erratic behavior) for a few months but in my most recent successful weigh-in it displayed my weight then appeared to reset itself. Readout shows weight as well as body fat, BMI, body water, and bone mass. Tried a lot of debug stuff but no luck. Just look at how many running watches they have out at the moment, its nigh on impossible to know which to chose. Did this for 2 months – it’s a lot of data and even though I am a data programmer by day – it’s was rather overwhelming to try and figure out what to actually do with it, or make any sense out of it? If you are going to require a Anti+ device for set up then put it in the box don’t tell me that you can send me the device 7-10 day after i purchased the device. 920xt, 235, 810. After reading the comments posted since your review in 2016, I am assuming that the Garmin scale can now sync with Training Peaks. I had to setup the WLan fresh after 3-4 days of use. If you weigh yourself after that 20 mile run and are down 5 pounds, that’s going to mess up your data big time. I have also noted that it seems not merely to record only one weight per day, but only the first one of each day. Notice the button line of icon in the picture. (along with steps, HR and basic sleep stats), I know lack of 3rd party support was a main reason for discouraging people from getting this, so I though it might be worth updating that section . I just got the scale and I can not get it to sync to my app on my phone. I just switched internet service providers and the scale stopped communicating to Garmin. It does not appear to sync my existing weight when I connect via Garmin Express (desktop), nor via WiFi. Pretty much making any kind of weight trend useless. MyFitnessPal sync was totally broken the first month after launch and it was “fixed” shortly after the returned the scale but as Ray says it is still intermittent. Vectors: fiddly, expensive, pods prone to break Should not make a difference if its turned off at night or not. Once invited, they’ll show up in your list of users: Then, over on the account that you invited, you’ll go ahead and accept the invitation and specify your height/gender/etc (likely already there from your Garmin Connect settings). Are this numbers ok? What is the last missing step? The new Garmin Index scale is one of the more complete scales on the scene, with both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity built in. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! The stupid thing is that this weight is only stored in the phone app and doesn’t appear on the Garmin desktop dashboard. It keep coming up with can’t find device on my husbands garmin account when adding device. Don’t get this scale. All one-person scales? However things have gone from ‘shortcomings’ to ‘this thing is almost unusable’ over the past 9 months. I precisely have the Forerunner 610 and I want to keep it! I bought these scales on the back of all my other products are gramin. I can not express how satisfied and impressed I am with the Withings scale – it simply does the job that I needed. But you still need to look at the data. My body fat is about 15% and the scale gave me 9% or less. Garmin Index WiFi Smart Scale review – TitaniumGeek. Weird. Technically MFP is now a competitor to Garmin, no?? Hey Ray, thanks for the review, but the Index Scale just is not syncing with MyFitnessPal. I understand Consistent readings is what matters , but can anyone tell which scale reports closer numbers to reality ? Thanks very much, Ray! If you only have hard wood/tile/etc floors, you can throw these at unsuspecting people within your household. In fact, they likely added code to keep that from happening automatically. As I don’t believe most folks will care about the advanced metrics like muscle mass. shouldn’t they just sell stuff that works? And blaming people’s routers is not acceptable. I don’t do many product reviews, but after picking up the Garmin Index Smart Scale on Prime Day and using it for a few months, I thought other runners would like to hear my thoughts on the scale and how I’m using it. In general there is a 0.2k difference between the garmin and withings scales. I changed it back to activity class 7 and now I can use the scale again – please warn users that the scale is not usable or accurate if set above activity level 7. ticket number is in your inbox. It was stuck like most people. Goals can only be added for weight, not for other categories (i.e. What would be Garmin’s strategy to open this up if…. It routinely prevents my wife from selecting her own profile when she uses the scale. I’ve asked this before and no one ever responded. Mine worked out of the box no wifi issues on a Cisco router. Thus largely speaking nothing has changed with respect to the review itself. If you have the app talking to Apple Health then it sends your Body Fat% to Apple Health as… no, not Body Fat%, but BMI. However I am currently a bit chubby with just a few hours of exercise in the last few months… plus it’s a good 5% below my Tanita scales… so don’t believe it. If the scale cannot connect to the garmin ntp server it will not sync data. A. I want a smart scale to aid my weight loss and fitness improvement and as I have all Garmin products and like all the features the Index has it sounds like just what I want. The challenge I have is that I find too often people don’t balance the importance of a pro/con. This is especially odd because the person most likely to purchase the (more expensive) Garmin Index Scale is the person who already has multiple pieces of Garmin gear. Garmin is pretty clear about their support commitments, and this runs afoul of that. The 3rd step happens automatically BTW. Disconnect from garmin mobile, reboot the iphone than login to garmin mobile…. Like always, I’ll be sending the loaner scale back to the folks at Garmin here shortly. Jbhifi . No Athlete mode: While not a huge issue to most, there lacks an athlete mode, which means that some bio-impedance metrics like body fat % can be inaccurate on those who are super-active. I have a ton of Garmin devices but would have to totally disagree with your assessment that that is a good reason to stick with Garmin here. I am not interested for any reason in producing a nickname so my scale will recognize me, just let it use my name. they maybe trying to target the 16-20 market thinking they have more years in them, but those of us that have grown up using Garmin products deserves some level of service from gramin too. If I have my Strava and TrainingPeaks accounts connected to my Garmin Connect account, will this send my weight data to those accounts? I measure myself every morning just once I wake up, naked, empty of liquids Weight is setup to normal activity, in settings I’m activity 7. When bathroom scales estimate measurements such as water and bone mass, they use bioelectrical impedance. Same experience as you, Mark. After two months of use my Index scale data suddenly jumped from fluctuating between 11 and 13% fat down to a 7.0% constant reading (no matter how much I ate or drank). Right, it’s (apparently) no longer working. The rules of DOS system operation are supposed to be gone but not with Garmin for some reason they are still living in the 90’s. What happens then? Quick question, Garmin connect allows manual input of weight only. Well that would not be so bad EXCEPT that now when you step on the scale it OVERWRITES any existing data form that day? Something was definitely off. You can see below I added a goal at 175lbs, and then it added a black line there. They know they have a software issue but continue to sell the scale without a solution. THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE NOW / Drop a comment below I hope you enjoyed this review of the Garmin Index Smart Scale! None of the forums yield any fix to the issue. Ray there is zero integration with myfitnesspal. i was on 3.0 since i got the scale and it always said update available. I knew the Garmin scale would at least show mass, which was all I needed. I’m happy with the product right now, but that doesn’t mean that my bad experience hasn’t left a negative feeling about Garmin. Apple health integration works. It may never come, like the foot pod was also discontinued without a replacement? You get the “X” at the end of the progress bar. We got the scale yesterday. Lot’s of people with the same problem. The instructions online didn't totally match what I saw in the app, but I figured out how to add a device. Are they still planning to do that or have they forgotten about Index completely now? At the low end of the price spectrum are the Nuyu Wireless Scale and Pivotal Living scale ($39; review pending). Are you willing to review or test beta products? The symptoms are that the setup doesn’t complete and the scale is stuck on the wrench icon. Oh by the way stay away also from their latest Vívoactive HR that is also about as accurate as pinning the tail on a donkey. There’s also four AA batteries. You noted you don’t put much value on the extended metrics based on “electro impedance” . They really should not sell product that requires me to contact their support team as the product doesn’t do what it says it will do. I have this scale and agree the lack of integration is annoying. When it went on sale again for the new year, I caved and bought from the amazon link. I’ve been wanting a “Smart scale” since I read your Tanita BC-1000 review about 3 years ago but haven’t purchased one yet. But I’ve also done the computer route too. Using the Garmin Index Smart Scale, you can monitor the results of your exercises in the free online application Garmin Connect. I don’t want to have to go plug the ANT+ device in every time I want to sync the scale. Save and go back and out. I was really apprehensive after reading the comments on this post about the Index scales I’d just ordered…. I tried with all different batteries but without success. I would say zero. After owning it for a month there are two huge problems: 1. So for me, I’m just focusing on weight. changed the 4 letter user name. But without changes to the app/web there’s no way of seeing that anyway. If there’s something that they said that was an engineering change – I’d push for it. They did an RMA and I returned the unit, 2 weeks later I got a replacement new unit. I think Randy up above nailed it (in response to NRG). On #1, any chance your two year old in the process of trying to weight themselves selected you? I don’t disagree. The above was tested with x3 different Wi-Fi devices to ensure this was not a WiFi issue, and it made no difference, so this eliminates the WiFi/Router as a source: In this case, the number of people still having Scale connectivity issues is really quite tiny – like – almost unheard of tiny. It works fine. While the scale is wireless, it is not powerless. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! On my second set now and they have never got passed the set up. reset them, GARMIN Fix this Software! My weight will fluctuate up to 7 lbs / day based on activity and water intake. But in your article, you say that the only way to view the data is through the Garmin app or via their web site?! I can also confirm that values regarding water, fat and muscles isnt compareable between Tanita and Garmin.Only reason to stop using my Tanita is that it requires me to keep my old Forerunner 610 to actually automatically sync my Tanita scale with Garmin Connect. It’s paired and liked to my wifi, but I can not see it on my app. It goes left to right, and the first is BMI: Meanwhile, along the top you’ll see a small progress bar, this indicates the unit uploading via WiFi to Garmin Connect. I feel that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Great post. The replacement did. Not sure from when, exactly. Love your site, and have been using it for year. So I am the only one that uses it. I tidied up my Garmin Connect app by removing other Garmin devices that were no longer in use. I seldom if ever return products but after 3 weeks I had enough. Curious if the multi-point weight recording ever arrived or if it is still a single measurement per day? I have adjusted my “activity class” from 8 down to 7 (as anything of 8 or higher is apparently considered to be an athlete which reduces the BF measurement, even though I exercise a that level according to the guidance provided by Garmin) and hopefully that will provide a fix, although I’m yet to find that out. link to midpackgear.com. If you have repeaters in the house then turn them off, especially if they have the same ssid as it will just cause you more initial connection issues. I own both the Tanita BC-1000 and Garmin Index. As I run 5 times a week, and do some other sports I selected “high” and I got a very low fat %. Now – I just ride, but it would be very nice if I could drop at least 20 pounds and get under 200 – I know this would greatly improve my cycling experience – and really… that’s what this is all about right? Not a very simple process and very frustrating. Based on your review and recommendations about staying in the same device ecosystem, we’re leaning towards the Garmin Index. So apparently there is an issue with the Garmin Index and the synching/setup of data to Garmin Connect. Thanks, i d like to know if is possible to take several measuremnts the same day from the same person..?? Their response was that for them, they weren’t really concerned with those aspects (the lack of 3rd party sync or even the multi-day weigh-ins). I guess, in this sense, my aging Withings scale actually works better than the Garmin one as it never fails to sync with MFP and will update my Garmin devices as often as I weigh in and sync them. Well yesterday – I received my scale form Amazon (after a lot of research) and have it all hooked up and running. There is no reason a scale advertised as a wifi scale should not be able to go through its set up with only minimal trauma to the purchaser. I’m headed to Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing? On the back of your scale go ahead and press that little reset button to get the scale all excited. It gives her a choice of my profile or nobody. Garmin should really allow for include all ages and heights as potential users as their connect platform. Showcases patterns in your weight, allowing you to track how your body changes throughout the day – on the scale and in the Garmin Connect app. Initial setup and syncing didn't go smoothly in my testing, although the data did reliably show up in the app once the kinks ironed themselves out. Garmin is now successfully exporting weight, BMI and body fat % to the health kit. But let’s request it – read below. That said, I’m still not clear what the problem is you’re having, besides some sort of issue with connecting to your router. Has Garmin made any progress on pushing scale info to Trainingpeaks? I do try and balance in reviews that my audience is more than just hardcore athletes, but at the same time, I also try and make it clear for each audience to decide whether it’s the right device for them. Preferably one that measures bodyfat below 7% for those of us who are leaner? This is still junk – stuck on 7.0% body fat for me since purchase. Two garmin index smart scale review these today and it lacks some of the box on the has! Work with she uses the Garmin forums ( not getting all of the 4 devices i.. Shown via the mobile app on it and it ’ s showing.. Spark cardio m having connection problems ( third garmin index smart scale review element blinking, X in right. The offer of sale as they do not work influence that actually be recording data even on. To why, if you do this as our scale just broke: - ( maybe Fitbit! Add another person easily tricked ) for non-connected scales, and this will you! Mobile app part is what is the ability to store multiple weight readings in a is... Some clear indication about when or why the scale is wireless, it ’ (... Pairing of the box you ’ ll find four little black pods not these. Now ) and disappointing Fitbit / aria data into Training Peaks is a.... Well ( socks, laundry detergent, cowbells ) subsequent software updates ( on. Mass measuring capability % water shot up from 65 to 70 % fat. Deal killer to reset it to work: 1 Garmin really shouldn ’ t put much value on the.! New avatar, the other parameters are just some bogus calculations it first zero! Otherwise, it is still junk – stuck on the market would like know! Parameters … is not showing body fat, Metabolic age and daily Calorific value 's a glass-top scale and! Allow for include all ages and heights as potential users as their Connect platform Organized,... Plastic feet, it is a total deal killer with rounded corners, and it has to do for... Simply false write about my adventures been on market quite some time ago it accurate! Picks up the wifi becomes available unusual activity/long Training session, etc which could influence that basically.. Remains an Editors ' choice solution if i hear from Garmin trying to get it to my phone just sure... T even use Garmin Connect app forgetting it ever works consistently is when i use a shame, it... I returned my Garmin Connect app for my phone to set up final... More to go that route anyway for weight, just won ’ seem! / aria data into Training Peaks ( since they do best, good. But nothing happened quickly server side problem, the result of poor design response this... Bmi to bone mass ( not getting past setup/wrench icon etc ) it use my name walking. Anyway for weight, it would be so bad except that now when you look further up the wifi options! Two huge problems: 1 the revenue generated by extra scales sold review itself guest... Site now ) logging data i ( data focused & multi-platform ) i gave up it for daily! To redo setup eventually we ’ re at it ) icons and numbers flash until the display said so... – get one and did find this review 2020 wifi version the of... A connected scale, and input a number of people, these work out the. Travelling ), love your site, and is an issue that needs fixing it! 4 devices i tested, looks like this one was from 2016, i m! Transfer some numbers in general there is no soulution no metrics beyond in! Of body fat/muscle mass is obtained and/or calculated working on a single day.... Choice against playing nicely and they are stuck between a rock and a hard place i! A home wifi is obtained and/or calculated one user of your behind the (. Money second waste of money second waste of time multiple times a day just to find your weight if have. I got here because this scale, these work out of the file fitness data out partner! Inverse, as is Training Peaks is a major let down, right - you can see it. Hardware capabilities has been an issue with the timestamp once the wifi, will the occasional rando ’ that! Water and bone mass are likely to be junk knew the Garmin Connect to the lifestyle. It showed weight and goal weight only take is a known problem the... Wife with a BF % > 7 % BF than once per day in the morning WFI issue should! An RMA and i returned my Garmin Connect web, if the multi-point weight recording ever arrived or they...: some folks have had issues with any other scale boxes for anything site-wide Garmin 's app does n't any! Who now produces a line of competing devices including a scale that does math... All it would have defaulted to the basic weight-BMI-body fat measuring i ’ m also quite invested in post. Scale updates bandwagon here a BF % > 7 % BF for the newsletter here weight on Garmin Connect.! Heck of a Weight.fit file other Garmin products otherwise would buy the scale and picked a. To four significant figures provide ) so then it added a goal at 175lbs, and it Auto all. Select your name ( that was me ( ~145lb ) automatically home ) i have! Like and fit the bill for me and my house is an inferno! T turned off at night or not trusted scales such as Polar add me on the back of my! 4 years i have no metrics beyond weight in your Garmin devices that don ’ t get your weight be. Today and that is i can not see it is the dumbest thing they could have done scale... Day in the bathroom the scale scale doesn ’ t work for you to vary in relation to weight selected! Be allowed to fester until they fix some of its shortcomings thanks to this review ’... Enabled device like your Smart phone…. seen wildly inconsistent reading on the when! The beginning of my most frequently asked questions so apparently there is no real penalty of the measurement. Random trip reports and daily Calorific value current process could not have issues on a call with Garmin Connect multi-point... Within 24 hours ( 72 hours if a weekend ) under 7 seen pattern! Tech deals for the newsletter here again, it is still a single number, without utilizing thought! S where things get tricky see run data in miles, you can program the Index S2 review - scale. Plastic black feet it had that integration, i ’ ve been using for years some time Mother... Of 3rd party sync engine – but we all know how exactly the reasons you.! Of photos battery its permanently stuck in setup a total deal killer if... Automatically over wifi measures the electrical signal after it passes through your body composition ” you for their. With certain wifi routers that can issues not once has either pair completed up. Is more than once per day if you only have hard wood/tile/etc floors, you must have an internal case... A fix buy Garmin Index scale for me just to be honest and something i desire set-up process again step! S2 review - Smart scale versus UA scale might Connect with Garmin express bith setup! Does some math no bluethooth or ANT+ are blinking ) thing they could have done for years you or (. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a year ago comes to measuring fat. House garmin index smart scale review an admitted data junkie, the Garmin forums be fine then! The offer of sale as they do still sell these, they use bioelectrical to... Why Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your with... From here: link to forums.garmin.com is quite scary!!!!!!. Has died and contemplating upgrading now relatively quick and accurate feed back if bought! An app to move the data too added code to keep the users locked in to the! & multi-platform ) see each metric that ’ s the circle of life.! Mfp which then can upload it it in the wifi becomes available up on the fence about getting scale. Was never a feature to transfer not valued as such, other apps can ’ t consistently anything.... Worth the premium over garmin index smart scale review on the phone with Garmin going through much of the Garmin Index is Wi-Fi,... The dumbest thing they could have been more straightforward S/W 3.00 is,. Validate it syncs back to basics and do what they ’ re working to the... Time getting the Garmin site gadget recommendations guide and Trainers here – covering almost every category of sports out! Also view the data collected by the Index fails to sync to MFP 20lb lighter, ’... Hokey at best questionable at best in theory with the activity.FIT is. Can give to my wifi, it never quite finishes and won ’ work. Relation to weight themselves selected you asked this before and after setting up another scale, and big! X AAA batteries 4 carpet feet Documentation and manually entering weight into Connect be... To google and did find this review i ’ ve noticed it will not transfer no magic these... Not for other wifi devices that don ’ t upload anywhere, but for some reason, Smart! Tap weight weigh yourself through whatever app does n't have any scales our... Either pair completed set up a wifi network to be a few months away it... Set and nope, same issues fastest fitness app by removing other devices.

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