It is the World's most expensive spice and its price is high due to the fact it takes some 150,000 crocus flowers to produce 1 Kg of dried saffron filaments of grade 1. - How much is 1kg in bulk directly from the producer? Saffron packaging 7. As the bulk saffron sale price is changing daily, the terms of delivery and the price per kilo of saffron will be updated according to the same time frame. The quality of saffron 3. - How much is 1kg worth? The quality of saffron3. According to your order, we will deliver your order in the destination country. bouillabaisse from France, paella from Spain, tajines from Morocco, and biryanis from south Asia. Sale of saffron. - How much is it worth producing 1kg of saffron? If we export saffron to you, it is possible to pay via Swift. Online shopping for Saffron - Whole Spices, ... Price. Apparently all 3 states have managed to produce no more than 12 Kilo per year. Saffron prices at wholesale and retail rates range from US$500 to US$5,000 per pound, or US$1,100–11,000/kg. Cost $160.00 per oz divided into 230 UC cost per unit of color is = 0.69 cents per unit of color. How many times have we heard from friends who have traveled to countries in the Middle East that have brought saffron very cheaply? I hope this has helped. Provider company services 5. Purity: 100 %. Posted by Almas Saffron Jahan 5 جون 2020 26 جون 2020 Posted in Saffron، Saffron price، Selling Saffron، قیمت زعفران، قیمت زعفران فله، خرید زعفران، خرید زعفران فله، زعفران فله، صادرات زعفران، صادرات زعفران فله برچسب‌ها: Price per kilo … The life span of saffron flower is short and if it is not picked up soon, warm weather and sunlight will cause loss of saffron quality. Under ₹1,000 ₹1,000 - ₹5,000 ₹5,000 - ₹10,000 ₹10,000 - ₹20,000; Over ₹20,000 Harvesting saffron involves picking flowers and separating the stigmas from other components of the flower. The best saffron can reach outrageous prices between 20 and 35 € /gr . In the large distribution is also saffron, is usually imported and of low quality (there are good and bad crocuses of import, but the one that is in the large distribution is usually the cheapest and with a rather low quality), although the price is usually be the first quality. In fiscal year 2020, the average price of saffron in Delhi, India stood at about 109 thousand rupees per kilogram. saffron price per kg: Harvest of saffron flowers in Iran in South Khorasan province is Aban month. Customize your experience based on your browsing. The variety of factors such as amount of order, product packing, type of saffron and the way of delivering order have major impacts on the saffron price in international markets The price of saffron in Europe per kg varies from 1600$ to 1900$. Factors such as: Û±Ù« Type of saffron 2. Requiring more than 150,000 flowers to produce a kilo, the price of saffron can range from $500 to as much as $4,500 per pound. The investment to have an azafranal must be amortized over the long term since only machinery and equipment (for have a large extension) can amount to € 50000 without counting the investment during the first 4 years in the bulb which is also one of the strongest and most important investments to establish a crop, apart from the cost of fertilizers, personnel for the tasks of collection, debris and toasting, of the mentioned investments there are some fixed with the same cost each year and other variables depending on whether the harvest is higher or lower each year. 1.In this group of companies, 4 types of saffron are offered with 2 grades of quality, which you can easily choose the option you want. Required fields are marked *. Wholesale saffron in Europe and the price per kilo of saffron in 2021 - the price of saffron. For example, the price of a kilo of mancha saffron in France is 890 euros. India is one of the importers of saffron, In areas such as Kashmir, saffron is also widely produced in India, and Kashmiri saffron is very popular. Anyway, saffron price depends on the saffron quality and for 1 Kilogram it costs 3500 to 160000 USD!!! ... says you need 70,000 flowers for each pound of saffron, which works out at one acre per 10lb. - How much is 1kg worth of saffron in a souk? We sell Iranian sargol saffron (called red gold in Iran) grade 1 with ISO certification plus Halal and HACCP certification and offer both retail and wholesale saffron filaments price offers. Our webstore uses cookies to offer a better user experience and we recommend you to accept their use to fully enjoy your navigation. What is the purchase price of saffron per kilo in the wholesale market?The price of saffron in the field of bulk sales depends on various factors. Taking into account the data provided by several producers with many years of experience in the sector, we can assess that the. In the last 10 years the highest price that has come to be paid was € 3500 /kg , this price is considered very high and was because at that time Iran suffered a commercial veto from Europe and the United States causing a greater demand for Spanish saffron. All material and intellectual property rights belong to Saffron King Business company and +31-622-956-223, Price of Iranian saffron in the Netherlands, Saffron prices in Amsterdam and wholesale saffron. Avenida Madrid 85, Monreal del Campo (Teruel). Factors such as: 1. As an account it is very good although it does not make much sense because nobody would buy 1kg of saffron in a shop at a stroke. The price of saffron per gram in India is 2$. Factors such as: 1. Normally it is safflower which is a product that also gives some color but has nothing to do with saffron, there are references that sell "Saffron" from € 20 /kg . As we mentioned before, Saffron King Business Company is active in the field of sale and export of saffron.We are wholesaler of saffron, when you buy saffron from this collection, you can receive your order in the destination country and the easiest and simplest way to export saffron is to buy saffron from a center that can export saffron to you, so in this regard, we have provided an. Sample 2. Provider company services5. Buy saffron. Third-party cookies for analytical purposes. Saffron packaging 7. Saffron packaging7. We are the wholesaler of saffron that we are active in the field of saffron production, saffron sales and saffron exports.In the following, we will consider some of the advantages of buying saffron from this export saffron sales center. Saffron delivery place 6. In Western countries, the average retail price in 1974 was $1,000 per pound, or US$2,200 per kilogram. Saffron delivery place6. That means that 100g would require 15,400 flowers. Postal code : 3037LN, * *, Global: +31 613 96 31 90 Net weight: 1,000 grams (1 kg) All red saffron threads 100% pure Grade-1 quality Saffron has been used as a flavour, aroma and dye, in many cultures for thousands of years. 773 price saffron per kg products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which single spices & herbs accounts for 1%, herbal extract accounts for 1%, and paper boxes accounts for 1%. At whole and grocery store levels, saffron can cost about $15 to … Taking into account the data provided by several producers with many years of experience in the sector, we can assess that the estimated cost to produce 1kg of saffron is 1700 - 1800 € /Kg . Sales : +49 176 879 138 76 The price of Negin saffron is higher than that of other types of saffron, Sargol saffron is also all red saffron. So, In this page we will discuss all issues related to saffron price. Our Saffron farm in Iran is only a small farm but it produces 300Kg per year and the cost of an average worker is $120 per month. Saffron standards 4. It is one of the most precious spices not only of India but globally as well for which you have to spend a lot of amounts. In other countries like France, Argentina, USA , etc. Export :  +31 622 956 223 Provisional certificates will only be issued for the export of the same goods having the expiry date of export. In partial shopping you face challenges such as: Pay different packaging costs You’ll get a profit later (unless you sell at least 10,000) We are a wholesaler of saffronContact us to buy saffron+64224560844+31613963190+4917687913876. Find here online price details of companies selling Kashmiri Saffron. saffron price per kg in iran depends on the type of saffron and its quality,Negin Saffron is the best type of Saffron Negin Saffron is all red And it has the highest color power.. Provider company services 5. * Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Partial shopping of saffron. excellent opportunity for economic actors:All people who buy the saffron they need from this company can receive their order in the destination country.Our representatives in different countries, including Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Afghanistan, etc, are ready to serve you dear ones.Saffron per kilo in the saffron market. the price of different types of saffron varies according to its quality and type.For example:There are 4 types of saffron ( Negin type, Sargol type, Pushal type, Super type), and the sum of these 4 types is 2 grades of quality but the price of per gram / ounce and per kilo of saffron in the saffron market is very different.Here you will see the average price of saffron in the market. Show personalized recommendations based on your browsing on other sites. In this type of countries the legislation regarding the trade of saffron is a chimera and the control is null, for this reason they take advantage of the value of the true saffron to give cat hares in the spice markets that have more fame in the world, the souks. Undoubtedly, this price depends on the origin, purity, and type of offered saffron. Saffron is a feature of European, North African and Asian cuisines, with each culture having dishes with saffron as a signature ingredient, e.g. Identify you as a user and store your preferences such as language and currency. As an account it is very good although it does not make much sense because nobody would buy 1kg of saffron in a shop at a stroke. - How much is 1kg of saffron directly from the producer? This is a very recurring question and somewhat complicated to answer as it depends on what purpose and who asks, I explain: - How much is 1kg worth if I go to buy it at the store ? After having the saffron already properly toasted the commercial ones have to assume or other expenses before being able to pack the product as it is the cleaning and conditioning of the spice to meet the quality standard, this is a manual process and with a high cost that increases by 30% the purchase price, to this we should add the process of packaging, labeling and packaging, amortization of passive and current assets of the company itself so 1gr can have a cost of 3800 - 4000 € /kg. How much is per Kg of saffron . Online shopping for Saffron - Whole Spices, Seeds & Herbs from a great selection at Grocery & Gourmet Foods Store. Your email address will not be published. On the market, premium quality best saffron costs around 3000$ for 2 pounds (about 1 kilogram) so at that price, a pound could cost up to 1830$. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, ... 50 g-1 Kg Kg(As per Customer Requirement) Shelf Life: 24 Month. Address: Postal code : 3037LN, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Delfgaauwstraat 34B To buy saffron from this saffron sales center, contact our experts.We are the wholesaler of saffron and in this center you can get exporting saffron and pure saffron at a reasonable price. Price of saffron in India in per Kg and per Gram. If you are planning to buy saffron in India.It should be noted that, in different stores, the price of saffron varies. What is the price of each kilo of Iranian saffron? Saffron – the spice beyond price. The price of saffron in the field of bulk sales depends on various factors. specially, Persian saffron price. The drop in prices in the wholesale sector was not reflected in the final price of the commercial lines because the intermediaries and the hypermarkets themselves maintained a high price providing brutal profit margins. cost of saffron per gram in india. Depending on the type of the Saffron and where it was cultivated, 1 kilogram can cost anywhere from $1300 – $7500. In the following is the price list of bulk saffron available to you. How much is 1kg worth of saffron in traditional third-country sauces? Saffron King Business +31613963190. Saffron delivery place 6. price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron +4917687913876 +31613963190. Here we will consider the purchase price of saffron per kilo to buy the best saffron.There are different prices in the saffron market, and in this section, the prices of different types of saffron in dollars are available to you. In the following, you can see the price of exporting saffron per kilo in dollars and select the option you want. Purchase price of saffron per kilo. On the market, premium quality best saffron costs around 3000$ for 2 pounds (about 1 kilogram) so at that price, a pound could cost up to 1830$. By the time we get it into Australia each kilo sells for $2800 which is a fair price if you are buying wholesale. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as “red gold“ How much is it worth producing 1kg of saffron? Sample 1. Cost $130.00 per oz divided into 290 UC cost per unit of color is = 0.44 cents per unit of color (The 2 nd sample claims 290 .of color but even if this is true still the price is TWICE as much as ours). Saffron standards4. The retail or retail price that can be find in Spain of a good Spanish saffron can be between 8 and 10 € per gram, so the kilo would be between 8000 and 10000 € per kilo. There is also Spanish saffron at a lower price, there are several categories and you can find saffron select between 4 and 5 € gram, this would be the saffron that is not new of the year and has lower quality than the last harvest. , but really what is it that has been brought on the trip back? The price of the dollar (this factor affects the side costs of exports). Saffron standards 4. The price of saffron in Iran in 2019 has fluctuated significantly, The price of one kilogram of Negin saffron varies between 11 and 15 million tomans and the price of one kilogram of Sargol saffron varies from 9 to 12 million tomans. Necessary to navigate this site and use its functions. What do you think is the price of saffron in the day  market? The lowest price for which there is evidence has been € 1500 /kg , caused by the new opening of the market to Iran that flooded the commercial sector with saffron for several years (those of the commercial veto) at prices that broke the market reaching to be able to acquire them for 400 - 500 € /kg, this is a price that does not cover the production of the product itself but that served to give rise to the accumulated saffron and at the same time To recover the lost market share or even more to the Spanish production, a very serious commercial blow, not definitive since there is a commercial sector that continues betting on the superior quality. Such pricing … This is the most difficult question to answer as it is very difficult to calculate how much it costs to get 1kg of saffron. The price of saffron in the field of bulk sales depends on various factors. In the market of superior quality, the best saffron (The price of saffron in 2020)costs about € 3,000 for 2 kg (about 1 kg), so the pound can cost up to € 1,830 Such pricing makes saffron spices more expensive today than gold.

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