The good news is that a new database, VetCompass, has started to accumulate real, up to date information about health issues affecting pets in the UK. My cat had a puncture mark under her tail which sadly developed a abscess and she now has a big open wound that the vet has not been able to stitch . Fox bite as a subtype of Animal bite. Deepest sympathies for those that have lost their fur kids to foxes or other predators (including the human variety). If you did not witness the fight, you should let your veterinarian know the approximate timeframe for appearance of any wound as well as whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. I used to accept these views as it was always the common view but after witnessing my four month old kitten being carried off in the mouth of a fox I refuse to believe that foxes are not a threat to pet cats and small dogs. Searched around the hedges with a torch for some time but did not get any responses. im so glad i came across this site and read all these comments , i had 2 gawges boys big flufffy cuddly loveable cats sadly one went missing over a year ago now so so devastated as you can imagine his brother misses him im sure i hate to think it could have been foxes that got him but we do have alot of foxes here i head counted 8 one morning !!!! We have 6 foot fences with no gaps and concrete footings, surrounding the whole garden. When this happens, bite wounds can occur. £648 later my cat luckily survived. In wounds that bleed freely and easily, these bacteria have a better chance of escaping. He had already passed and was in a terrible state. I’m currently looking at building a bigger fence but how high will it have to be to stop Foxes jumping over..????? The perfect Fox Bite Cat Animated GIF for your conversation. A family of foxes hang around our East London garden every night. I know cats go off to die but to me, it would’ve been nigh on impossible for her to get out. My cat Fudge was killed horribly by a fox. Several years ago I witnessed a cat (not one of mine) being attacked by a Greyhound in a garden and the dog shook it around like a ragdoll until it was dead. And irresponsible…. I hate the things and even with over 6 foot high fences they still manage to climb over. Now this is not my first cat bite rodeo, or even my first infected cat bite rodeo. as much as i love wildlife these foxes are growing in numbers rapidly in local neighbor hoods !!! We have this discussion in our expanded neighbourhood(Camden, Upper& Lower Holloway, Highbury) about foxes killing or hurting cats.There are some fox fanatics in the area who do feed foxes, even we do ask them not to!Our neighbours cat was hurt badly, but was screaming, luckily the owner was just in the kitchen and heard the noise and was able to rescue her fully grown 9 year old cat, who was fit and healthy: All the comments in our neighbourhood are frightening as we got a huge fox population, also due to so many junkfood chaines which of course attracts them:In our garden lives a whole fox family on our shed. He isn't crying or seems to be in pain. Thanks for this…our cat was attacked last week – we think by a fox. It might seem to you that a cat bit you “out of the blue,” but this is rarely the case. I hope that the cat is okay. Habitat loss and lack of food are what drives foxes to raid garbage cans, chicken coops, and rabbit hutches in both urban and rural areas. Heard screeches and yowls from outside the home so rushed outside as it sounded like sounds the cat has made when fighting. All that I have found is a pool of blood and her collar which has been ripped in half. When we moved in, she never once attempted to climb them (being so old) and has never once left our garden. I have no evidence it was the foxes but it seems the most likely explanation. we rushed him to the vet then a veterinary hospital but were unsure what had happened to him. For many years our cats have used a purpose built ‘hut’ just outside for them to shelter in, or just take a nap. Well it has happened to us and I vowed never to get another cat for as long as we live here. We are wondering if our cat had somehow disturbed their Cubs? This will be another situation in which your vet may need to shave portions of your cat’s fur, in order to provide better access to the bite. Our cats are more indoor cats but they like to lay in the sun and go out for a few hours a day. She was a member of our family for 18 years, so some comfort that she did have a long and happy life. I am so heartbroken . Those people who feed foxes are encouraging them to be less afraid of people, more daring in their actions and artificially increasing the population to epidemic levels. To lose her like this, after so many years is really, really painful. and 3 cats, including my 15yr old are missing, all from one street in SW London. I opened my window an my cat went up the tree, the fox ran but he is back. Not 4 foot away at the top of the patio steps was a sizable fox who shot off when he saw me. The dog had its mouth clamped around the stomach of my cat. Now it looks like we have to re-instate cat toilet indoors. I so wish I had kept her in at night but her brother won’t be going out at night anymore. Luckily he dropped her. I live in the middle of the countryside, I’ve only seen 3 foxes in 16 years of living here. Such a product is certainly theoretically possible – our understanding of species-specific pheromones has allowed us to produce synthetic calming pheromones based on FFP for cats and DAP for dogs, without any biological cross-over between species, so the opposite is at least in principle possible.

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