The Max 130 & 130D both weigh around 200kg (440lbs), The Max 250 weighs approximately 350kg (770lbs) when filled with water, reef base and live rock. The dosing instructions assume that your aquarium is fully stocked with corals. This may be due to the addition of impurities in the water from products such as coral glue/epoxy, fish and coral food/nutrition, or aquarium medication. No, it is important to continue dosing NO₃:PO₄-X but at a reduced dosage. I have a dosing pump, can I mix all the Foundation products A, B & C into one pot for dosing? Upgrade or create your system and unlock great discounts! We recommend 1 x white 1 x blue and so on, however this preference is dependent on the type of animals kept and where they are placed. No. My Nitrate has reduced to 1 ppm in 10 days using NO3P04-X but my Phosphate has not gone down at all, why is that? Remember to return the plug. This is not a cause for concern. We strongly recommend NOT using tap water. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Can I freeze Reef Energy, divide it into daily portions, then feed it in the same way as my frozen foods? Get a customized recipe with recommended salt & supplements, Get our QC lab analysis of the specific batch of salt you purchased, Defines & maintains the correctly balanced levels of Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium, Provides the 31 minor and trace elements necessary for coral vitality and color, Complete control of nitrate & phosphates, and reduction of nuisance algae, Tests and Supplements for the maintenance of Marine Fish tanks, Biological Maturation Program for all Marine and Reef Systems, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids & Vitamins, Carbohydrate supplement of dissolved and suspended energy sources, Amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins supplement essential for coral metabolic activity, Provides all the carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins needed for coral growth and coloration, Guaranteed, reef-safe elimination of Aiptasia, Premium live and dry aragonite sands for marine and reef aquariums, Highly activated carbon for marine and reef aquariums, A range of high quality, reusable felt and thin-mesh aquarium filter bags, Fully-featured 75 liter/20 gallon Plug & Play® Reef System, Ultimate full-size, fully-featured reef systems. Why can’t I just use Foundation ABC+ without using the individual Foundation A, B & C supplements? A well stocked 300 liter SPS aquarium with water parameters set for accelerated growth will have a daily calcium uptake of approx 9g hence the rating we give. Invert the powerhead body inside the water of the chamber. To find the right skimmer for your Red Sea aquarium check out our compatibility chart. This is a detailed overview of the 2018 v3 Red Sea Reefer sump. The water level in the return pump chamber should be maintained at 8inches (20CM) this is very important, anything over 9” could cause flooding of the sump in the event of power loss. What is the correct way to fit the 10 lamps to the MAX S? Tip: Production of an excessive amount of weak, watery foam is also referred to as over-skimming. Try raising or lowering the water level by approximately 12mm (1/2”). For more information see the section on preparation of seawater for analysis. Over skimming with Reef Energy AB+ is normally a sign of over-dosing. Yes, this is the liquid’s normal color. Click here to download and read more in “MAX 250 temperature control” PDF guide. Shake the Reef Energy and allow it to settle. It should be dosed dry into a rapid water flow area. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website, CALCIUM+ | KH/ALKALINITY | MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT, Several studies have shown that corals – although passive and immobile – can capture marine micro-zooplankton. Preparation: Use of a refractometer not calibrated specifically for seawater will result in an error in the salinity measurement. Is this normal? Therefore, it is recommended to pass the permeate water through DI resin which is changed frequently. Is it normal to see a lot of solids when mixing Foundation B and C powders? Can I use NO3PO4-X in freshwater systems? Depending on the corals you have in your tank you may want to implement the Nutrition and Coloration programs fairly quickly thereafter. We recommended that you keep the ambient room temperature a comfortable and stable 22°C / 72°F. At the first sign of cloudiness reduce your NO3P04-X dosage by 50 % until the water returns to normal clarity. The coral contracts in order to reduce photosynthetic activity, maximizing its energy-use for the transportation of the food molecules throughout the entire colony. The REEFER Skimmer is manufactured from custom molded parts that use a range of quality plastic engineering materials such as Acrylic, ABS and others that have been selected according to the requirements of each part. Can I add all Foundation Elements at once? Carefully remove each powerhead from the glass partition to which it’s attached
2. What is the maximum water level in the sump? There is no guesswork required as all supplementing is based on measured water parameters. Unfortunately, most commercial TDS meters are not capable of detecting the influence of NO3 on the conductivity reading, and they can therefore give false readings. I have tried my Iron Test Kit on a new batch of Red Sea saltwater and it comes back at zero. Clean the skimmer pump. Therefore, natural seawater is not recommended for use in reef aquaria. Can I dose NO₃:PO₄-X using a dosing pump? • Restart the skimmer aspiration pump. This is the normal color of the liquid. Why does my tank keep filling with thousands of tiny bubbles? This may last for several hours before it drops to zero (usually within 24 hrs). In an ambient temperature from 23–25°C / 73-77°F, the optional water cooling fan at the back of the aquarium will keep the aquarium water below 27°C / 81°F. I have replaced my previous skimmer with a Reefer Skimmer and it appears to be noisier, is mine faulty. Can I make changes/additions to the standard equipment? Why do you recommend different salinities and levels of Foundation Elements for different types of aquariums? The MAX hoods fans are designed to keep key electrical components cool, prolonging their life and helping to maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium. There are dark particles in my KH/Alkalinity supplement (Reef foundation B). These levels are good for the Zooxanthellae and other micro-fauna however they will not support the macro algae in a refugium. I have used liquid Foundation products in the past, and I am now using your powdered products. This is a transition period caused by nutrient changes within the system. As Aragonite dissolves slowly in water, it releases calcium ions and carbonates that help maintain proper pH and alkalinity for good coral growth. Due to the nature of the environment they are subject to wear and will periodically require replacing. We recommend the Carbon is changed every 2 months at least, with a large stocking level of fish the Carbon should be changed every month. However, care must be taken not to over-feed. Start by opening the inlet valve half-way and observe what happens. This can lead to the growth of undesirable algae, and is detrimental to the health and vitality of corals. Reef Energy contains a comprehensive coral diet that can be dosed in parallel with NO₃:PO₄-X without the need to wait for the recommended nitrate levels. All amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins that are prepared in a liquid form and open to the air will lose their efficacy if not properly refrigerated, unless the solution contains preservatives that will harm microbial fauna in the aquarium and increase PO₄ levels. For example, a calcium titration kit may have a scale indicating a measurement to a resolution of 5 ppm but have a built in accuracy due to the chemistry of 10 ppm. In general, the other RCP supplements should not be mixed together before use as this will cause undesirable reactions between the chemicals. For more advanced product support please send us your question through the Technical support form. The MAX 250 has been designed specifically to be capable of supporting even the most delicate SPS corals, and offers no limitations other than the physical size of the aquarium. If the test kit is used to determine levels above 4 ppm, a dilution of the sample with distilled water is necessary, and therefore the quality of the water is crucial for the accuracy of the test. Red Sea recommends that fluorescent tubes are replaced every 6-9 months to ensure optimum results. The Red Sea MAX has been designed to cater for different reef aquarium filtration methodologies. NO₃:PO₄-X reduces PO₄ levels by enhancing the proliferation and activity of PHA’s bacteria. The bubbles in the skimmer are too large. Zero levels of NO₃ are not recommended as this can be detrimental to some animals. The MAX, like all glass aquariums, may crack if subjected to sudden movement as a result of uneven water pressure on the glass walls. My Reef Energy has gone mouldy as it has not been refrigerated, has it gone off ? Read the NO3PO4-X instructions carefully and stop using alternative methods of Nitrate and Phosphate control. Regular power compact lighting has a tube diameter of 6/8”, which is known as T6. If your skimmer is new, clean it with fresh water and rinse thoroughly with hot water. NO3PO4-X will provide a controlled reduction of Nitrate and Phosphate in all marine aquariums and can be combined safely with all other methods of reef keeping. This is because activated carbon acts as a fine mechanical sponge that traps large organic molecules and then starts to adsorb negatively charged organic molecules (such a phenols) that are an end product of the decomposition of organic matter. • Restart the flow pumps and restart the chiller. After a few minutes from the time you add the iron (Coral Colors C) to the aquarium you will probably measure levels around 0.05 ppm. Red Sea MAX ® True REEF-SPEC ® for a successful reef. Unfortunately, some batch code labels have become detached during transportation and therefore you will not be able to get a MyBatch™ analysis for this specific product. Due to possible stratification of the salt during transportation, the complete package of salt should be mixed together before the sample is taken for dissolving in water. 0 Members and 3 Guests are viewing this topic. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Many water conditioners/impurities found in natural seawater increase the surface tension of the water and cause serious over-skimming. Red Sea MAX® E-Series Fully Featured REEF-SPEC Open Top Reef Aquariums. Can I use the Nitrate Pro and Phosphate Pro tests kits on R/O water? so you can’t see the waterline from the outside), then the surface of the water will actually be above the level of the filter inlet grill, meaning that it does not get drawn into the filtration system. The powerheads are held in place through the smoked glass partition by custom designed adjustable outlets nozzles and the power cord length has been customized to reach the allocated outlets in the power center. Iron levels in seawater are in the region of 0.0005ppm. Turn the power off. T5 tubes haves a smaller diameter (5/8”) and produce a higher intensity output. Beginners Questions, Started by leedsrhinojohn The NO3P04-X works from the first time it is added to the aquarium however it can take a few weeks for the NO3P04-X induced natural phosphate reducing process to produce a measurable reduction in the phosphate. I have tested my salt and the results are outside of the guaranteed parameters printed on the package? Can/should I use a refugium/DSB/BP reactor with NO₃:PO₄-X? Obviously, this is a solidly built tank, and one you’ll appreciate for years (trust me, I have two Red Sea tanks and love them dearly). Foundation B mixes to one third of the strength of the liquid Foundation B. I have been dosing NO₃:PO₄-X for some time now but I cannot get my PO₄ level down? Is this normal? water with TDS meter and it reads 0 ppm, but I still detect NO3 in the water. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Clean Red Sea Reefer sump setupI like having a clean compact and yet simple setup. Do I have to wait to get to the recommended nitrate concentration before dosing Reef Energy? is this normal? For example the body and collection cup that need a high level of transparency are injected from Acrylic. Every single component of Reef Energy AB+ is utilized by the corals for their metabolic processes (e.g., protein production and soft tissue regeneration), thereby leaving no unnecessary organic material that can raise the NO₃ & PO₄ levels. These vitamins and compounds are obtained from dissolved organic matter (DOM) that is in the surrounding water and are absorbed via the. If your tank is clean, your skimmer cannot produce foam no matter how much you open the air inlet. The Red Sea REEFER XL™ is Now Available in Two New Sizes! Since the idea of this product is to make dosing easier we do not recommend using it in aquariums that would require more than the maximum single dosage. There are 4 manuals to read, 1 for each of the Foundation, Algae Management, Nutrition and Coloration programs. Check the salinity of the mixed seawater with a refractometer specifically designed for measuring sea water salinity (such as. unit is pure, but the truth is that its quality depends on the rejection capabilities of the membrane and the quality of the tap water. The contraction of LPS corals after feeding is a common event, especially if they have already absorbed enough food. I appear to have lots of small bubbles coming back in the return flow, what is causing this? Beginners Questions. Red Sea REEFER 170 Complete System 21 Gallon Going from the top of the Reefer system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is the crystal clear glass and elegant beveled edges. Yes. from detritus and play a major role in the delicate ecosystem’s food chain. When the bacterial population proliferates, bacterial flocks released to the water column are then taken out by the skimmer and therefore phosphates are stripped out of the system. • Leave for a few moments for the level in the sump to stabilise After 6 months of normal use (8-10hrs per day), the output of any fluorescent lighting starts to decline. Due to the natural variance in the homogeneity of the salt mix throughout the batch, the results of your mix will vary from the MyBatch™ analysis results however they should all be in the acceptable range for each parameter. Is there anything wrong? I do not have a Coral Colors test kit. The substrate also provides a natural habitat for small worms and crustaceans that help clean the tank The dark particles you see are simply small quantities of raw material (insoluble CaCO3 and MgCO3). To enable automated dosing, Energy AB+ contains a small quantity of carefully selected preservatives that will maintain the efficacy of the active ingredients unrefrigerated for a limited time period of 1 week, without having a negative effect on the reef aquarium’s eco-system. The substrate also provides a natural habitat for small worms and crustaceans that help clean the tank from detritus and play a major role in the delicate ecosystem’s food chain. Reef Energy A&B can and should be mixed together immediately before use but cannot be kept mixed for more than a very short time. If the support you choose is not designed specifically as an aquarium stand, ensure that it can both withstand the weight and that it remains balanced and level; it should also be constructed from a material that is splash proof. Skimmer cup is suddenly overflowing with microbubbles. Care must be taken if the nozzle is extended, it is possible to add a 90 degree elbow so flow can be pushed down the length of the aquarium, the length of the return nozzle helps prevent any siphon back to the sump in the event of a power outage. While other makes of this type of lamp can be used, he results achievable with the MAX 250, especially with delicate corals, have been achieved using Red Sea lamps, designed specifically for the MAX. Do I increase my dosing of NO₃:PO₄-X now? Does dosing with Reef Energy AB+ affect HLLE in fish? In any case were the results shows a deviation of more than 5 % from the acceptable range please contact us at MyBatchSupport for further investigation. I did this when we first bought the tank. If the problem persists then disassemble the skimmer pump to inspect for blockage and damages. Artemia sallina nauply, Brachionus plicatilis rotifers). Once the super-saturated water leaves the skimmer, it “relaxes” and releases the extra gas in the form of microbubbles. Tip: If you are using natural seawater, you should be aware that most seawater today contains traces of pollutants, e.g. Therefore, additional feeding is required as it provides the 15% DOM nutrition that is not provided by the zooxanthellae. Only a one-week supply should be put in the dosing container at a time, any remaining Reef Energy AB+ should be refrigerated. The Nitrate reducing bacteria colonies develop much quicker than Phosphate reducing bacteria and therefore it is just a question of time before you will see a noticeable effect on the Phosphates. You will need the Nitrate Pro test kit and the 3 Foundation kits to dose these properly. Is everything in order? Foreign material, such as mesh from a media bag, has been sucked in to the inlet of the powerhead and is blocking it The water color should return to normal within minutes. Heater 
The MAX heater has been manufactured with a power cord that is the correct length to fit between the heater compartment and the power control center. The skimmer will go mad if it's in water that's too deep. When I dose with Reef Energy, some of the LPS corals close up. In the MAX 130 & 130D, regular power compacts will work in the MAX, however due to their tube diameter and overall length it will be difficult to fit them inside the hood. When moving from accelerated growth to enhanced color parameters there will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the corals within a week. We do not recommend freezing Reef Energy, as it will damage some of the active ingredients in the formula. I placed the Marin balles at the 1st part of the sump where the overflow water comes first under the ATO reservior and the bioballs beneath the sock. I have started dosing NO₃:PO₄-X and the aquarium has gone a little cloudy, is this normal? Red Sea’s REEFER series of reef systems provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium. Due to the increasing popularity of automatic dosing, we have found a way to enable the nutrients to remain unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week, without reducing their efficacy. I am dosing Reef Energy A & B. During the reduction of PO₄ from the water column, PO₄ that was trapped as CaPO₄ in the live rocks and substrate, starts to leach out and the process may take between 3-4 months until the entire system strip itself from all PO₄ deposits. Insufficient skimming will not strip enough bacteria out of the water and PO₄ may be released back to the system. If you have an ATU,  you set the float or sensor to go off when the level drops from that marked line. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system including a professional refugium ready sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system. While RO water is good for seawater used for reef aquariums it is not sufficient for accurate analysis. In an established tank, when the substrate matures, it takes on the characteristics of “live sand” inhabited by millions of microorganisms. The reason for this is that the iron may have precipitated or bonded to organics substances. ), all LPSs (Large Polyp Scleractinia, like Euphyllia sp., Plerogyra sp., Nemenzophyllia sp., Trachphyllia sp., Caulestra sp., etc. How can I get around this? 4522 views, Started by zollybosher It is common to think that the water coming out of a R.O. Reef Energy AB+ can remain unrefrigerated up to one week, without reducing the efficacy of the vital amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. • Turn off the fresh water top up water control valve, Some buckets have a second batch number label on the inside of the lid. Can I continue target-feeding LPS Corals with small shrimp etc.? Reef Energy AB+ is a comprehensive coral diet in a single formula, designed for easy consumption of its vital carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. We recommend the use of good quality activated carbon as part of reef filtration and confirm that it does not affect the efficacy any of the RCP supplements. I want my corals to have more blue in them do I only need to dose Coral Colors D? It is also important to understand the PO₄ cycle in the marine environment. What is the correct way to prepare saltwater for accurate analysis? Every time I turn off my main aquarium return pump my skimmer collection cup fills. What size heater do I need for my MAX S series aquarium? Can I add a wave controller to my flow return pumps? This definition is useless to most hobbyists so we do not use it. Aquarium, Cabinet and sump concept by Red Sea for use in the keeping of Ornamental Marine Fish and Reef Systems. In an established tank, when the substrate matures, it takes on the characteristics of “live sand” inhabited by millions of microorganisms. Red Sea Deluxe Reefer aquariums now come with Red Sea ReefLED 90 lighting along with Red Sea's RL90 mounting system all in a single package. Currently its 20cm/8inches ish. systems can indicate very low levels of NO3. Usually this situation will lead to a darkening of the corals due to growth in the zooxanthellae population, and an outbreak of phytoplankton and other macro algae, even though you may measure zero levels of iron. A small amount of mould will cause no harm and it comes from active bacterial flocks. However if the product smells of rotten eggs this is an indication it has decomposed it should then be discarded. Proper skimmer should have a water throughput of at least 3X system volume per hour and at most 1:3 air to water ratio for optimal skimming. Can supplements be diluted or mixed together for use with dosing pumps etc. My Phosphate has gone up since taking my phosphate remover out of the system; should I put it back until the NO3P04-X starts working? I have overdosed on NO₃:PO₄-X, what should I do? MyBatch™ is available for all batch codes where the 5th number from the right is 5 or larger. We recommend using substrate, ideally an Aragonite-based substrate as it helps keep the water chemistry balanced. Check that the power cord is plugged in or try another outlet. Red Sea REEFER 170 Black. Mixed reef, SPS frags – 4 ml per 100 l (25 Gal). • Ensure that skimmer adjustments are checked frequently for approximately 1 hour after the water change, also check and adjust the fresh water auto top up. Included with all Red Sea REEFER series aquariums is Red Sea’s sump with an advanced water management system and gravity fed automatic top-ups system. Can I add live phytoplankton and zooplankton whilst adding Reef Energy A&B? You will always notice a slight drop in pH values after adding the NO3P04-X especially if your pH probe is in the sump or close to where you add the NO3P04-X however after a short time the pH will return to normal. Red Sea Max E-Series 170 LED Aquarium. Within a few days there should be a measurable drop in Nitrates however it takes longer for a drop in Phosphates. Red Sea’s REEFER marine aquarium. • Restart the main return pump Apart from Reef Energy A&B, all supplements can be diluted. As Aragonite dissolves slowly in water, it releases calcium ions and carbonates that help maintain proper pH and alkalinity for good coral growth. Can I use chemical absorbers whilst using NO3P04-X? It is important to dose into a rapid flow area and these solids will dissolve very quickly without issue.

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