So happy to hear your story, I miss my husky so much I lost her 4 years ago her name was Inga ❤️. I didn’t want to go, 1/2 later the neighbor called saying we better check our dog she had something large in her mouth. My family and I were getting a Boykin Spaniel and the ppl we were getting our puppy they had a Pitbull named diesel. This article has been extensively revised and updated for 2019. Died @ 16 ?. We didn’t know what to call him until we saw his markings and he is such a gentle soul. I haven’t been dealing with the loss of her life very well at all. One dark grey blue and one light blue. I have huskies named little pooper, and big pooper cause of their poops, I have a red husky named Mocha and black/gray named Mika (long E), I have two huskies. Skylar She would be a lot easier to name if she was a boy :P Anyways, thanks for help in advanced! My red female I’m getting was born yesterday so now I’m on the name hunt again. Ice Best breed ever if you enjoy outdoor activities like we do. But I also have my new husky BRADY” and YES after the GOAT TOM BRADY!!! Genesis: Meaning beginning or origin, good for a rescue that’s starting a new life with you. One that reflects their friendly nature and those expressive eyes. But they are also described as very friendly and loyal. We had a red and white Siberian husky,her name was foxy,what a beautiful,great nature dog. Her name was Nikita. Beal (handsome) It is so hard to have a puppy and we made sure our new child looks nothing like Makana. We recently lost our 12 year old Husky, her name was Mitsu. Our very first dog was an American Eskimo who looked like a little polar bear as a puppy and we named him OSO which means bear in Spanish. List of Female Husky Names Top 10 Most Popular Male Names According to poll conducted by with US Citizens and their user data, these are the most popular Dog names … Because of their uniqueness and individuality, we believe the best names for female Huskies are the most unique and special. Search best dog names for your female Siberian Husky. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use our tips below and keep researching options for female Husky names! Female Names Names for Female Siberian Huskies with meanings. Or Nik Nik. We have a list of 86 names. You might want to check out our tough names guide to help you find a name suitable for your Husky! Heeelp.?! One of these names may well be the perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy or dog. i like Bandit Athena Buck BO Baxter Buster Dexter Jaxen Teddy Max Maximus Tucker Milo Bentley Duke these are some of my favorite names you mite like some to though. Here are our favorite Husky names for 2019: Here are some classic Eskimo or Inuit Husky names! I know ur pain too well, I miss my SiberianHusky more than words could ever say. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. I was at the pet store and I saw this gorgeous white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Perhaps you’ll like something based on the color of your new Husky pup. He’s a male. recently passed away at the age of 15 1/2 years ? That was the name of our late Doberman Pinscher. Nymeria She was white gray back w/ Black tips gray mask.A Real Sweetheart. We are about to foster another girl called Anna and she is 1 year old. She was pied eyed with one blue eye & one half blue and half brown eye. We had many adventures together. Faith (faithful) Irie (lucky) Joy (rejoicing) Katie (pure) Mabel (lovable) Nora (light and honor) Poppy (the flower) Willow (slender, graceful) Male Cute Husky names. My roommate had a white husky named sky. We had named her Calypso Czarina Ice and called her Caly for short. Dakota He tragically died quite young. Female Dog Names. Kyoto Cute female Husky names. She died only a month ago, on May 2nd of this year, 2 weeks after being diagnosed with heart failure. Keep reading to choose from 400 awesome ideas! We had a male husky, named Adak. I have an all white husky and her name is Meeko! We have a Siberian Husky male named Eli after the movie ‘The book of Eli’ he has a cross on his head. Female Foster: Reina We’ve included male Husky names and female Husky names alike. So sorry for your loss,there is nothing worse than loosing a beloved know cause I had a Alaskan husky named Isis,she was 16 yes old and had to put her down,I still cry just thinking or saying her name. A BIG boy, we named him Apollo. Like his calm, obedience, his gentle ways with my siamese kittens, and his personal habits like holding hands, and having very serious conversations. Their striking white fur would blend right into a snowy scene in Siberia or Alaska. Its a website that has male and female dog names. I do hope your sorrow passes quickly. Within a short period of time at the vets she passed away. Kyo As well as the women listed above, there are numerous men whose names could be used to portray an energetic, intelligent dog. And if you love the Husky breed, you’re going to love our guide to the miniature Husky! We were looking at names like Saphira, Nakita (or Nikita), Denali, ect. Piper My Pet’s Name is dedicated to finding the perfect name for your pet – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, lizards and more, we’ve got the perfect names. Black And White Husky Female Names of Beckett Keery Read about Black And White Husky Female Names storiesor see Joey G [2020] and on 4000k Led Alasvalo. Get inspired and browse through our list of unique and cute black and white dog names for male and female dogs. We are currently looking at another female Husky, they named her Maya! Yukon: This sounds like a good name for a husky. ❤️ But huskies are very feisty, hyperactive, & require dog aggression training experience. How about a cute Husky name? Female Siberian Husky Dog Names. xxx, Just picked our 8 week old husky last night. Your email address will not be published. Below are a few potential female Husky names with their meanings in brackets! Also an awesome breed , I have a Husky girl we named her Gracie it Grace for short and she’s super energetic and fun and I really like the meaning of this name. A name that sounds like stay (Clay) or down (Hound) can be confusing. she has two different colored eyes. Summer: This was the name of the direwolf owned by Bran Stark in the Game of Thrones. Whilst some of these are bold and noble, such as ‘Blaise’ and ‘Empress’, others have a more subtle and calm beauty, making this list more varied and able to suit all types of female Huskies…. I was looking toward gizmo or Oakley. Shadow I’m hoping to get a male soon to keep storm company possibly to have a litter of babies before she gets done his name will be blaze or chase and then we will keep a female pup if they have a female and she will be named Skye, I also love the names Your new Husky can be named after these in the hopes that he or she will be as legendary! He was only 8 months old and already weighed 80 freakin pounds. This is day 1 in his new home. Did they say it was Parvo? 59. Oberyn Solid black and white blue eyes. Our Husky who was named Sasha , recently passed away at 13years. Shasta Also. Leaning towards the name “Echoblue” Blue-moon ( Dames family name) piercing blue eyes black back white body gray/black mask w/ a dash (-) on the tip of his nose. one year old agouti femal husky named Keeko. By now you probably have a whole long list of possible names. Over 25 years I have had quite a few huskies….red/white, gray/white, black/ white, wolf gray. Onto another little now and keeping a girl but stuck on names but I like laytisha . I know it’s painful, but by sharing, you pass on this reminder to everyone, especially breeders to get animal shots started very young. Malachi Rin: dignified Go Huskies, If we had a male Husky we would name have Nitro that was the name of our late Doberman go Huskies. I have a 5 month old Red Husky, that now has light red and apricot colors on her head and neck, white face, chest and belly, and tan back and tail. My red and white huskys name is diamond for her beautiful blues eyes and we just had a liter and m y girl Leah and the boy is shadow until the family we fab him to comes gets him love ur huskies!!! Raelyn Whether you want a funny black Lab name, a cute option, or something unique, we have some great ideas for black Labrador names. I named my Male husky VERSACE ! We have compiled a list of female Husky names that we believe reflects the mixture of cuteness and prowess commanded by these puppies, as some sound cute, but have powerful meaning behind them. I am so sorry for your loss. Ren: Lotus Now I have a black husky named Storm, a red husky named Fallon, and a grey husky named Tikani. I had a brown and cream colored one named Shadow after his dad. I’m making a story about a person that works at a pound, with 34 huskies and I could only thing of three names, Willow, Lusa, and Sheba, all Huskies I have now. Mukluk was also famously made into a TY Beanie Baby collectible toy. If you are still struggling make sure you ask friends and family for help, as you never know who might have some great ideas to aid you in finding that special one. She was 13 and she got arthritis in her hips and then her back. I looked on Daily Treat. That concludes our list of female Husky names. I am not looking forward to the day we have to say goodbye old friend, I have a 12 year old husky called Skimo , it’s just Eskimo without the E , his kennel name is Artic Bandit Of Tamar , a strong black and white husky with brown eyes . This really helped!!!!! We were gonna raise it together. You might want to look into the meaning of certain names for inspiration. I’m having A very hard time picking a name for my husky. Plus, they’re a conversation starter! Like Gemini for Huskies that have one blue and one brown eye. So you could choose a native Siberian first name for your Husky. Although we will only list a few below. Our male huskies are named Odin and Loki. I’m making her Venus(the goddess of beauty and love) but I need a middle name someone please help me. He lived 16 years he passed away with our family by his side. She was my best friend & my companion for 11 1/2 years. The Chuckchi were extremely dependent on Husky help, pulling sleds in the snow and ice. We have 5 at this time…Kalev, Cheyenne, Lacy, Zora and Zona. On halloween,sge was twelve with hip dysplasia and arthritis, she is sadly missed closest dog to a human. His name suits him well. Here are a few female names that would suit a Husky perfectly. We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name. Remember, some of the best and most beautiful names are found in the world around you, so keep your eyes open! And even if the breeder says they’ve had thier first shots get a copy of vet records and start your own series right away. Not unusual for unreputable breeders to sell sick pups with no shots. If even friends and family want to visit have alcohol/water spray for the bottom of shoes and use the same on hands. Huskies are mix to make toy dogs or cup dogs. Suits him as he definitely makes a lot of crash bang wallops when he is in a playful mood! Meanings behind the best female Husky names are amazing conversation starters too and will add another level of interest to your pet. We don’t know what to pick. Bruce (Banner, The Hulk, or Wayne, Batman), Rasputin (Advisor to the last Russian Tsar). I’m thinking about getting one but I have a bad back and my hips all messed up. Contessa I am getting my first husky Sunday. My daughter has a Siberian husky named chaos and it fits him perfectly hes just about 2 yr old and high strung, I have one named thore and one named Zeus at my grandmother’s house, You forgot Phantom and AWOL and Radar, how about chinook, Sam, preacher,Bacci(kiss in Italian), Demon,.pirate, JoJo for a girl, skid, Happy, Bark, Chase, Valor,victory,Vail, Ozark, Beast,Judge,Cobra,Python,Killer,Ringo, Rambo, Toke,Crash, Crew,Gus, Hero, Tequila,.quantum, Hunter, “kiss” in Italian is “bacio”, “kisses” is “baci”. Jacob Black– A werewolf in The Twilight Saga film series and Alpha of the Black Pack. Adding an ‘ie’ or a ‘y’ to the end of female Husky names always makes them ten-times more adorable. It’s only been 6 months, so I can’t even think of getting another for a while. This really helped. We don’t have a name yet, but will soon. I love Siberian Huskies!!! Female Huskies are no different than their male counterparts and make majestic and wonderful pets. It is assumed to be the name of a Roman Goddess, too. Our options are endless: Happy dog names - male and female. (2015) History of huskies and their origin. First one I name what I would have named my daughter – Morgan, and my second I heard an Hawaiian name and it stuck so I called her Akahna. Let us know if you have any more suggestions below. However we now live in southern coastal Mexico. HE LOOKS LIKE A DESIGNER DOG, HE’S A CELEBRITY. Thinking a name for a dog is complicated but in case of husky dogs, their characteristics can be a great source of inspiration for selecting a name for them. We have put together some of our favorite quirky and unique monikers which we believe suit all kinds of Huskies. And the 2 boys names ate thor & zeus. My dogs name past away last year and her name was eclipse… she had a brown and a blue eye! I love my huskies! But that won’t bring my Destiny back to me . We just got a new black and white Siberian Husky. we’re in the process of getting a red & white male – narrowed it down to either Rook or Echo , Iv a black and white male siberian husky called Keeko. Allen Allen Angela'sAngeladown down Angela says. My boy is called Jake *twilight was all the rage and my daughter named him) he is 5 years old. 100 Names for Your Black Pup — Inspired by Pop Culture, Food & More – SheKnows Tried everything to make her well. Any good dog names? The team sent to do this brought along Mukluk as an unofficial mascot. Sketch. Your email address will not be published. Let’s take a look at some of their naming ideas, with their owners in brackets! Here are some names that might suit the colour of your red Husky. Hope you will like the list for sure. Arehdel As well as writing, David has helped over 50,000 people choose the best name for their pet. My husky is named Touche ‘….she always gets the last word in! #1 – Ubu, which I got from the “Sit Ubu Sit” production meme at the end of the sitcom Family Ties; #2 – Keanu, named after Keanu Reeves; Luca, named after the character Luka Kovač on ER; and #4 – which I did not name, Storm. I have a red and white female name Siku (pronounced CEE-KOO) and a large black and white male name Rango Jango also known as RJ. They’re a good choice when you want only your dog to come when you call! Or for the White one. There are many famous Huskies around the world. Yes!! In 1963 a Husky called Charlie pulled a 3 142 lb sledge. Ayla I miss mine too, I had to put him down this last Saturday. Below are a few potential female Husky names with their meanings in brackets! Harley: For the boy or girl that loves the open road. Just check them and select the best name for your husky. Husky names can show off your dog’s striking looks, or even their imposing, noble presence. Key’ush and Sherpa are two names for boy huskies. And they do come in a whole range of different colors – from a simple black or white to copper or agouti. Maybe none of the above names have inspired you. Our first was a beautiful red and white with amber eyes who we named Sitka. She also has bright blue eyes that earned her the name “Selene”, after the vampire girl from the movie Underworld. .. lol We love to believe that he loved us so much that he came back to us via Juneau (which means Young One in French) He made a litter recently with my Golden Goddess, Mary Jane, and we’re keeping a female who we plan to name Freya… because we’re major Vikings fans… lol, I have one husky And his name is Sky just black And white And we are going to get a alusky pup so i need a name that suits with Sky. I’ve been considering getting another Husky. Her name was DIA ( nickname Deedee) smartest dog I’ve ever seen. Myka I am currently gathering names for my soon to get home female baby husky. She is black white and grey and has one blue eye one black eye. Celebrity Husky Names. Female and because she came from south, she has a 1st and middle name: Eska-Mo, Kalev (means dog/loyal in Hebrew) he is red with crystal blue eyes…Timber I think is super cute. Remember, be creative, look around you, and you’ll find the perfect name that’s just right for your dog. His name is already BANDIT , but we were also thinking of naming him DIABLO, which means devil in Spanish. Names for big dogs. Ellaria Chaos Huskies are known for their intelligent, playful and sociable nature, and female Huskies are no exception. Their brightly-colored eyes and tiny features make them extremely cute. My female white husky Mila, just had 9 pups 5 white and 4 black and white. We just adopted our 4th Husky, he is all white. Click the links below if you want to jump straight to one of them! Gizmo There are hundreds of names that could be used for a white dog. This makes them stand out from all the other dogs in the park! Furthermore, Husky names are often some of the best you’ll hear. The Husky dog names on the following list can work for either gender depending on your personal preference. She was a red & white husky. For the husky with two different eyes a really good name would be ‘Gemini’. Our 2nd Lobo (He was adopted after an email at work stated that a husky named Lobo needed a home and our 1st Lobo had passed away a gew months earlier. Perhaps a name inspired by their appearance? 64. (Full given name Ezekiel Storm), So sad hope he reterns if he does it will be a miracle, I’m looking for a male name for an husky puppy I’ve got a few I like malakai gaston miska Roscoe but not sure on them yet I will wait till I see him first then chose I no is mum is pure white husky n dad is white n gray. Blue sea, I love these names. Aurora Female Siberian Husky Names. Loved that name. Willow: A light brown and white husky with icy blue eyes. Words that describe color provide a multitude of ideas that could be a perfect fit for your new family member. First one we ever had we named Ruckus….self explanatory to anyone who has had a husky. I love azure name bec of blue eyes. Silver sounds more husky like than Shadow. We got a black and white with face markings. The name will not usually be the same as all the other dogs on the block such as Bella, Maggie, Rex, Buddy which is good when you have to search for them after their first escape. I have a two yr old male siberian alaskan husky I named Juneau cuz its the capitol of Alaska He’s a silver/black/white gorgeous boy with one blue eye and one half blue/half brown.

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