We got you covered. It lies near the Glenn Highway about 100 miles (160 km) north-east of Anchorage in Glacier View. Matanuska Glacier flows about 1 foot (30 cm) per day. It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable in glacier travel. Pretending a glacier has a voice of its own is a bit melodramatic, but nature does have the power to stir-up emotions. Licensed and insured with 34 years of backcountry guiding, Matanuska Glacier Adventures provides you with a chance to get up close and personal with the largest glacier accessible by car in North America. Bathrooms. There were 4 in our group and we wanted to see the caves. There are several other pullouts with glacier views. Our Continue Reading. We had a blast! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the glacier, a vast river of ice surrounded by snowy peaks and wilderness. The glacier is constantly changing, so we cannot … Ice climbing instruction is also available. He spent a great deal of time explaining various aspects of the glacier and was willing to answer all questions. Yes! It is your responsibility to exercise caution. Toll Free If you are not experienced in glacier travel hire someone who is. With this,…, Matanuska Glacier Tours Sights and Sounds, Freeze Up: The Transition from Summer to Winter on the Matanuska Glacier. We supply all glacier gear and provide the ONLY Wilderness First Responder and Glacier Trekking and Rescue trained Glacier Experts guiding on the Matanuska Glacier year-round. If you want to start exploring the majestic ice caves of Alaska, knowing what they are is a good place to start. If you'd feel more comfortable with a guide, we're happy to assist you. It is your responsibility not to expose yourself or others to risk. Read more. Your first sighting of the majestic Matanuska Glacier is breathtaking. Photo about arch, high, dark, darkness, bright, mountains, alpine, landscape, glacier - 144324844 So great. 66500 S. Glacier Park Rd. blueice@mtaonline.net, ** UNGUIDED GLACIER ACCESS IS AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE SUMMERTIME. Vibrant colors shine in both the winter and summer seasons for our clients to enjoy and photograph.…, Looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure? Join us for a fun-filled day exploring the Matanuska Glacier. Its terminus feeds the Matanuska River. The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses … Originating within the Chugach Mountain Range, the Matanuska Glacier is a 27-mile-long (43-kilometer-long) river of ice and Alaska’s most accessible glacier. Matanuska Glacier Adventures offers daily winter tours, winter activities and winter glacier access to Alaska's largest glacier accessible by road. Root & Kennicott Glaciers. Yes, Matanuska Glacier is open for guided tours year-round and self-guided access during the summer. Please do not litter with anything including biodegradable products Take this drive with The Alaska App Browse all points of interest on a map and enjoy a collection of audio guides. Matanuska Glacier, just 100 miles north-east of Anchorage, Alaska, is the largest glacier in the United States that you can access by car.This valley glacier is located in southcentral Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Valley (known to the locals as Mat-Su or The Valley) and terminates in the Matanuska River. If you want to explore the Matanuska Glacier by foot and by air, consider a Helicopter Adventure. Matanuska Glacier Park guide and caretaker Bill Stevenson looks at ice inside a cave-like feature at the toe of Matanuska Glacier on February 23, 2017. When the melted water freezes again, the channel is often preserved as a narrow cave. Sutton, AK 99674 USA Do NOT count on seeing ice caves. MATANUSKA GLACIER ADVENTURES IS LICENSED & INSURED WITH 34 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE OF BACKCOUNTRY GUIDING! The Matanuska Glacier is stunning from a distance, but up close you will experience a fairytale environment of constantly changing sculptures. We booked a glacier tour with Matanuska Glacier Park, and were so impressed with both the professionalism of their guide and the inspiring grandeur of the glacier itself. The Matanuska is a beautiful valley glacier 27-miles long and four miles wide descending twelve thousand feet to the terminus. Clean up after your dog. Thank you for introducing me to heaven. The most common is formed when a flowing stream moves beneath a glacier or snowfield and carves a kind of tunnel. There's nothing quite like experiencing a glacier from the inside. It's…, At this point in Corona-Quarantine, people seem to need the outdoors more than ever. Dr Sarah's Alaska Tours offers specialized tours of the Matanuska Glacier Alaska with a trained scientist for visitors with a passion for learning. Here are…, Here at the Matanuska Glacier, we have plenty of blue ice to explore! All you do is follow Castner Creek for about 1.1 miles until you come to the glacier caves at the front of Castner Glacier. Bill was our tour guide (and amazing photographer) and he was so great at explaining all about the glacier and making sure we got to see everything. Exploring an ice cave at Matanuska Glacier. Sutton, AK 99674 USA This tour is for ages 13 to 130. Matanuska Glacier Adventures was Absolutely fantastic! Very informative. There are some beautiful views of Matanuska Glacier and the mountains. No problem! One of our most popular Winter Tours is to visit Matanuska Glacier in the Matanuska--Susitna Valley - "Mat-Su". 66500 S. Glacier Park Rd. Share. Yes, and that makes for spectacular glacier viewing. There's a maintained trail, with paid access,  that leads one-third of a mile to the top of the glacier. Absolutely fantastic! The changing light, infinite shades of blue, and the sounds of the ice make glacier hiking a unique experience. Ice grippers and crampons are useful but not required. Droppings do not decompose on the ice. Matanuska Glacier, Alaska It may have been 1/2 mile before but the glacier has since receded and it is now just barely over one mile to the caves. Enjoy a hands-on adventure while having a … The Matanuska Glacier makes for a great day trip from Anchorage, because there’s lots to see and do in the area. Here are are…, Glacier Mice Scampering balls of moss. There are different kinds of ice caves. The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of the glacier.

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