Skeffling (author) from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada on March 15, 2012: Remember high and dry! Jun 3, 2019 - Did you know there are different lavender varieties, such as French, English and Spanish lavender? Lavandula dentata will bloom year-round in coastal climates. Good luck, you will love it. French lavender is a nice alternative to common lavender thanks to its very original flowers. The darker the calyx, the most stu… Check plant labels when purchasing French lavender. All rights reserved. Discover the many benefits that lavender brings — to the garden and home. It has distinctive flowers with reflexed petals that stand upright. Any suggestions ? Spanish lavender has showier than French lavender and their leaves are not scalloped but straight like English lavender. Details L. stoechas is a bushy, upright evergreen shrub, to 60cm high and 40cm wide. Planting on a slope or amending the soil (with sand and gravel) and planting lavender on the top of the hill will allow you to grow lavender in heavier, clay soils. English lavender varieties include Hidcote, Lady and Munstead French Lavender. very cold hardy, buds nice when dried, showy, stems straight, and smells lovely. Dried lavender buds can be used in cooking to add an unusual but pleasant flavour to both savoury and sweet recipes. Other reasons for growing them are home herbal uses, tisanes, cooking, and sachets. The blooms do make nice lavender wands and potpourris. This guide will help you choose the best type of lavender for your yard. French lavender, and other varieties, has several historical uses. 'Grosso' is the cold hardiest and we have 4 year old plants in our 4 year old lavender plantation. By next year they will be those nice big cushions but you should get a few flowers this year. The three Lavandin X varieties most readily available in Ontario are 'Grosso', 'Provence' and 'Fred Boutin'. The name French Lavender is sometimes applied to Lavandula stoechas which most sources will call Spanish Lavender. Height: 30-50cm. 'Twickle Purple' is a paler purple, very long stemmed English Lavender. See even more hedge plants with flowers , as well as other fragrant hedging . We got a few of these showy paler leaved plants with pale flowers. French lavender is a wonderful landscape plant, bringing a strong … Both are zone 8 plants and both are beautiful but French Lavender blooms a lot longer. 'Grosso' is the cold hardiest and we have 4 year old plants in our 4 year old lavender plantation. I'd highly recommend trying them in milder climates and micro-climates as the aroma is amazing! Long-lived and hardy border plants include cultivars of the English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia and L. × intermedia). These are primarily dried sachet buds, dried stem flowers, culinary buds, essential oil extraction and some for simple beauty in the garden. Lavender is an undemanding plant, needing only a well-drained soil and room to grow. On this board you'll find them all!. Lavender plants are the perfect addition to the lazy gardener's yard. French lavender has the scientific name Lavandula dentata where dentata translates to "toothed" referring to the scallops on the leaves as shown above and is sometimes confused with Spanish lavender or Lavandula stoechas. There are over 450 Lavender varieties and finding the best Lavender plant for your needs might be a daunting task. May 13, 2018 - Learn a little about the differences between French Lavender vs English lavender including a few of my favorite varieties. This is a very long flowering type, drought tolerant, frost tolerant and easy care. Spanish lavender is hardy in Zones 8 to 11. This variety is much more commonly cultivated and is typical in gardens and containers. Tap into the versatility of lavender by learning ways to use this delightful herb. A sachet of lavender can keep insects at bay in the linen closet and garden, and insomnia away in the bedroom! The dentata part of the name is a Latin way of referring to teeth, which describes the edges of the leaves—they look like something took a bite out of them. French Lavandin Varieties . A plant in a pot would experience a Zone 4 winter which means the English lavenders are the only ones to survive. French Lavender is a popular variety of Lavender hedging, but we do also have the following additional varieties - English Lavender, Lavender 'Hidcote', White Lavender, and Dwarf Lavender. It’s a very striking, large bloom. This will apply to exposed sites in zone 6 and sheltered areas in zone 4!! This is a variation of lavender that is tolerant of drought. The first type is the hardiest, English Lavender, or Lavandula angustifolia. Although lavender plants get regularly pruned simply by harvesting the flowers, to keep them well-shaped and to encourage new growth, a bit of spring pruning is in order. Hi I'm looking for a Hard Lavender which can grow well in a walled border that is not too big. Grow lavandin for richly hued and scented flowers or French lavender for a clean smelling hedge. Dried French lavender flowers make nice additions to dried floral bouquets. Lavandula stoechas ‘Ballerina’ Here are some other important differences: 16 Lavender Varieties from Purple Haze Lavender Farm Lavendula Angustifolia – English Lavenders. It had very dark blue petals, so makes a wonderful dried bud variety especially for pot pourri where it can been seen once dried as it keeps it's deep colour as well as a gentle sweet lavender aroma. Often associated with the French fields of Provence, lavender is now popular all over the world. True French lavender actually hails from the Mediterranean region of Spain. Our lavender survives better when the snow has been deep in the winter. Other lavenders, including French lavender (Lavandula stoechas), are slightly less hardy and can be short-lived so need replacing every few years. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All lavenders are popular with bees, butterflies and other pollinators. how far down do you trim after cutting flowering stems? 'Hidcote' is also very cold hardy. White lavender, twickle and hidcote? This plant’s more widely used common name is Spanish lavender. The second type of lavender that can grow in the zone 5 is a Lavandin X, a hybrid of Lavender angustifolia and the less hardy, more pungent, Lavandula spicata. If you want to buy enough lavender to make a hedge, Richters herbs is wonderful for selling trays of 128 plugs of all these lavender varieties for little more than 50 cents a plant. Growing French Lavender. Both the above types have many varieties bred and selected for many qualities and uses. 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