If a battle does break out, owners should leave the room, as their presence is typically required to fuel the conflict. To avoid potential conflict from this, try to walk your dog in an arc around the other dog. Overstimulation and what may have started out as friendly play can go too far, and a fight may break out. So yes, I will be removing my dog from this situation. If they were good friends at one time, it’s likely to be easier than if your dogs have always tried to fight each other. I definitely don’t recommend breaking up dog fights and really don’t recommend “alpha rolls” (rolling a dog on its back to force submission). Fortunately I was able to stop it. And, it sounds like you are a key resource that may be leading to the struggles. I know his history. If one or more dogs are not well-socialized or have a history of aggression toward dogs, a fight is even more likely to develop. On December 19, the Bug and dominant Boston got into a fight (without the other being involved). She has several nasty bite marks where he has tried to get her to release his head or ear or armpit from her jaws – it’s very sad, and I don’t really know how to handle it. And when they live together in a house, they compete with each other for food, territory and human attention. I try to be equal. If one of your dogs is uncomfortable, it will stare … Best of luck! The Bug is a rescue and also gets separation anxiety when it comes to me. A big stick is handy here, because if you try to grab a fighting dog, you’ll probably get bit, hard, ask me how I know. She just started showing signs of arthritis, but she’s such a mix breed, the vet tells us she has many good years left in her. Nov 27, 2012 @ 20:35:50. It rarely has anything to do with hormones and neutering generally makes it worse.In reality, these dogs are fighting each other over resources. A brief, calm interaction can satisfy the other dog’s curiosity, but get your dog out of there before a fight starts. The more aroused dogs become, however, the more likely it is that a mock battle turns into something more serious. He is a very heavy built, but passive natured Staff, but she gets such a grip on him he damages her trying to get her off. This is an invitation to play. they both are treated the same way no one is treated different. The dogs give each other warnings, like a growl or a curled lip, when one has annoyed the other. The attack is sometimes over food, toys or territory. Thank you, Liz Stelow Typically, this is the youngest, smallest or newest … Liz Stelow I did think that he was the dominant dog, but if so, that time alone with me may have really confused her – maybe she either is dominant or equal, or maybe she just does not wish to accept her rank as subordinate to him. There is some evidence that dogs involved in aggressive situations with the dogs they live with do have a tendency to show aggression in other … the weenie dog is a bit of a stinker. It may take only the slightest issue to set one of the dogs off. The dogs are fighting less now, because a major trigger was giving attention to one, and he would become frightened and attack the other as a self-defence mechanism. Dec 10, 2012 @ 21:57:05. Dear Liz, this might not be a problem with some dogs but the boxer, it has become a nightmare. The posture becomes rigid and one or both dogs will stand as if trying to appear larger. Our problem is very similar but involves 3 dogs. I think a permanent separation is going to be the best for both dogs since my son and his girlfriend don’t want to help with the situation. We’re still not there, but I believe baby steps will do it. These girls, well they challenge me. These situations commonly occur in multi-dog households. The fights are bad, so far only scratches. Also would you think it imperative to reintroduce them (leashed) ASAP? Just when I think all is ok….! Everything was fine for the first few months, but soon we started coming home to find minor teeth marks on the younger one. These fights look like they are out for blood or worse. When we find them too excited, we give them warning to calm down, and it usually does the trick. (ADD dog) I’ve had dogs my whole life,since 3. We thought it best to separate them until she’s healed since she sustained some pretty bad injuries which we could see after the vet shaved her. Unfortunately, owners have their own sense of fairness. When play fighting, dogs will voluntarily make themselves vulnerable by “falling” down and allowing themselves to be caught when playing chase and taking turns with other dogs to chase each other. Liz Stelow Even if they don't engage in play, and just sniff each other, it is helpful for their development and a good way to encourage good behavior. This is not something I can diagnose or treat over the internet. Your article says to let them at it, to leave the room. But I can try to find someone in your area that might be able to help. Four years ago we found a stray boxer, tried to find her home, no such luck. When they play fight, they often come back for more and they will not want to stop playing. Inter-dog aggression occurs much more frequently in non-neutered male dogs. And warnings happen only occasionally. My dominant Boston and Bug are more needy and the submissive is more laid back (and a bit of a daddy’s girl). Dogs in the same pack fight for one reason only: because they do not have a strong pack leader. Most dog play begins with the "play bow." Some history of our dogs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All of the dogs are altered females. If “supporting the dominant dog” doesn’t work, and her triggers are predictable (around resources, especially the ones that involve your attention), maybe she needs to be separated from him during those high arousal moments. But the most common reason two dogs in the same house get into fights is that the owner does not support the dominant dog (or favors the subordinate one). We were waiting for the Bug’s neck to heal before trying to tucker her out with exercise. And warnings happen only occasionally. We have been stopping the fights but maybe it would have been better to leave the room – I’m not sure on that since I think my Boston would have removed the Bug’s ear had we not stopped it. Also, two dogs of the same sex are more likely to fight with one another (this mainly applies to dogs that are not spayed/neutered ). Please request a referral from your veterinarian, a local shelter, or a local pet store. Over 2 years later the boxer got loose and we now have two male pups that both potential owners backed out on and we were unable to find them homes. Common dog-park scenario number 1: people watch while two dogs play. Canine behaviorists aren’t really that big around here and I find it hard to find a competent trustworthy specialist when it comes to animal behavior (although we have excelente vets!). But, what if you have two dogs of the same sex from the same litter? Liz Stelow Spaying and neutering your dogs is the best way to prevent hormone-driven aggression between them. Even dogs that live together or are related can and will fight. Unfortunately, some fighting dogs will not stop fighting until an injury occurs that results in one dog backing off. Now my dog is not the one starting the fights. It’s usually something stressful that causes it (or the lab is asserting a new-found dominance). When dogs … We have 5 dogs, 3 are boston terriers and one is a mini weenie dog. Direct them into separate rooms. It seemed the Boston gave it up only to beat up the Bug a few days later. Liz Stelow Also, I really recommend Nothing in Life is Free or other leadership program so that she listens to you if you need to redirect her. Sadly, these things are impossible to diagnose and treat over the internet. I wish I could offer something more concrete – but these things can’t be diagnosed/treated long-distance. I have two Staffies – the younger one, female (about 15 months old) attacks the older male(about 4 years old) much bigger built dog. If need be, she can contact me at UC Davis and I can work with her (since she has the professional relationship with you that I don’t). Prior to that, I was a 2006 graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. If they are still treating each other roughly, try to redirect their aggression by offering them toys when they start to bite at each other. If it just in the house, maybe you can separate them when they need to be indoors and you cannot supervise them…, imanseauIan Manseau When dogs begin to fight, they tighten up and become more focused (even obsessed with one another). He is already winning dominance of the back yard. Oct 18, 2012 @ 23:59:23. As I mentioned above, a bad introduction can lead to a lifelong stressful … That is a tough situation. 95% of the time, the dogs get on, are close, play together and are affectionate to one another, and will happily engage in play-fighting for hours, but the young female has taken to attacking the older male viciously out of the blue (not when play fighting). As they come to social maturity, one of three things may happen: If they are pretty mellow, they may never establish an obvious hierarchy and be perfectly willing to share the lead. I’m afraid to walk away because he has killed a stray cat that ventured in to our back yard, and I don’t know how for they will go. We are also stopping their playtime from escalating, which was another trigger. If this isn't enough, … But, when they see the difference their actions can make to the stress level in the house, they usually come around. Pet Health Thank you so much to anyone with any suggestions. Nov 27, 2012 @ 20:36:52, This is not something I can diagnose or treat over the internet. Anybody with any suggestion s please feel free to responed. If a younger subordinate dog is becoming socially mature or a previously-dominant dog is failing in health, there may be the opportunity for a shuffle in the dominance hierarchy. We’ve been using rescue remedy, I’ve ordered DAP collars and diffusers, and I’ve been working on additional training individually, but it seems the Bug’s aggression towards the others is building.

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