From the verb chase: (⇒ conjugate) chasing is: ⓘ Click the infinitive to see all available inflections v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is … Show More Sentences. Whereas Janie and Jack is defined by its classic qualities, Chasing Fireflies caters to a crowd that longs for whimsical fairy-like designs. Looking for sentences with " chasing rainbows "? You can also find a good selection of shirts at Chasing the Frog, which currently has eleven tees, an authentic bowling shirt and a copy of the Dude's Japanese baseball jersey. Bring the left sideways to meet the right as if it were chasing the other foot, hence the name "chasse.". A swimsuit with a very low cut top might not stand up well to swimming or chasing youngsters along the beach. A blow sent him smashing into a wall, and he morphed instantly, diving at the demons chasing his brothers as they retreated through the burnt doorway of Kris.s chambers to search for weapons. If they're on our property, they don't have collars and they are chasing the wildlife, then they're wild. In the mean time, maybe if she stopped running, he'd stop chasing. They've been chasing you for a long time. If your tastes are touched by romanticism, then Chasing Fireflies has much to offer in the way of summer dresses. The storm chasing vehicles are the stars of the show. "Chasing rainbows and fighting windmills, that's all I do ." The bronze statue was a lovely _____ to her collection. All these police-type guys were chasing after him. By chasing profit, you become more bland, " is Duncan's take. › Unmemorablely [ˌənˈmem(ə)rəb(ə)l], © 2020 Grim reaper: Make a tiered cake that has fondant figures of the birthday boy and the grim reaper chasing him down. Some 494 Nationwide League players are now unattached and Curtis has already been on the phone chasing possible signings. If you're going to return to chasing bad guys, you'd better think about getting in shape or you won't be catching any of them. And with no human remains from this time, it is a bit like chasing ghosts. The following rules will help you begin to use commas correctly when writing in English. brandishing a whip, insisted on chasing Geoff and myself around the dance floor. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. The birds were active around the colony, occasionally chasing giant cowbirds which parasitise them. Westlake is chasing down auction items the same as Fred, but I wonder what's so important to the Dawkins boys. Seems she and her sister have been chasing after this long lost relative for years. ‘The investigator is now chasing up leads back in the UK.’ ‘If my passion for finding the truth, if my enthusiasm for chasing up lines of enquiry came across to some people as giving an appearance of bias or pre-judgement then I regret that.’ ‘They're only saying that they are chasing … It is possible the trauma from the dogs chasing her has caused her to relate moving to a traumatic experience. _ singing " I'm Always Chasing Rainbows. Chasing after young children is hard enough, but it can be even more difficult if it's done on a cruise. b : the act of chasing : pursuit The police caught the robbers after a high-speed chase on the highway. "I'm still chasing the same ghost," he said. Rescue the Band: Rescue the Swedish band OK Go from kidnappers by chasing down the blue van. A witness chased the burglar, but he couldn't catch him. You belong here by your son's side to help him get better, not off chasing rainbows. Forest chasing striker Bramble No cramping Nic 's style as he makes... Chad Prater has been chasing after his superstar hero for two years to offer him the site. Enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin! In ocean waters the sea puss is found, Cat-like, forever chasing round and round. The merchandise stocked by Chasing Fireflies is highly unique and definitely towards the more upscale end of fashion. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The thieves easily outran the policewoman who was, In Wales[http://sentencedictcom/chasinghtml] people are, He drove through the red lights in an attempt to shake off the police car that was, Just then the door opened and the cat whipped out with the dog, Full employment is the will-o'-the-wisp that politicians have been, He's left her has he? Instead, they wind up playing with it like more of a soccer ball, chasing it around the yard and house.You can find the Doggie Dooley at Whether you're chasing the fountain of youth or simply want to hold onto your natural color a bit longer, the following ideas and tips may help you conceal nature's course. The thieves easily outran the policewoman who was chasing them. ; Growing up on an Arizona ranch, little Sandra Day used to chase rainbows. Chasing Rainbows is the second museum for Dolly at Dollywood. Another word for chasing. Buy kitty a mouse laser toy, and let him burn off energy chasing that around. The Discovery website has tons of extras for fans of the show, from a tornado chasing game to blogs from the storm chasing team. Certainly his ties to Ethel helped, but Ethel herself knew little and Dean had never told her he was chasing down the possibility that Byrne was alive. That'll teach her to go, Chasing, chased work, or embossing refer to a similar technique, in which the piece is hammered on the front side, sinking the metal. To many dogs, the idea of chasing or batting around a ball can be ideal entertainment. The two techniques are often used in conjunction. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. We haven't had much luck chasing Cleary down so far. The birds can fly very fast and could possibly have appeared to be chasing the car. Living in debt, chasing mirages, and serving the nafs, renders the human being a definitive failure. Not all of Chasing Fireflies' merchandise is for parties or special occasions, but this label offers more than just a few options for party-bound infants. Keep this in mind when chasing high scores and going after certain achievements. 1 a : the hunting of wild animals —used with the. One day, while I was out chasing gophers, I wandered off too far. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. 1. Words related to chasing tear, run down, rush, expel, hunt, drive, trail, track, follow, hound, go after, speed, course, charge, seek, chivy, shag, bird-dog, take off after, track down Example sentences from the Web for chasing For Sternberg, living in New York is not possible if you are chasing … Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, … Chasing a ball may lead to falls and collisions. Stop Your Dog, E-cigarette users blowing a cloud of aerosol (vapor). English You are chasing shadows, talking about things that will never happen! is not responsible for their content. A woman your age ought to be looking for a husband – or already married, not chasing all over creation in pants, trying to act like a man. This concept album has since been developed into a feature-length film by chasing Time Productions. chap dressed in a blood stained chefs outfit chasing a bloke who had run off with the till! An essential antidote to chasing the Holy Grail of some absolute standard of 100% quality. We have been told the place we live in is haunted and wonder if she is playing and chasing ghosts, or is she getting back to kittenhood after being spayed?

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