I missed the boat, C500 is discontinued on BHphoto. Demo Reel / Show Reel. Not counting they will probably hold their value for some time to come. I saw incredible images from 5d 550d t2i the 14 bit magic lantern raw was just insane …what average Joe was producing was beyond belief…Yes it was risky and dogy but it was worth it….now I am asking will the c500 raw canon version flat produce what 5d mk3 raw does …I have seen what people call dynamic range …You got a bride but your protecting the sky from clipping but the sky is not the subject ….what stupid mentality to have…all I want is extreme colours push colours so when I use my oiled phone screen it looks out of this world ..not realistic but surreal…I want very saturated colours ..that are not ruened…remember Fuji velvia positives.. those extremely gorjus over saturated colours but it was not mush our eyes could translate it…I want that for my beauty commercials…plz some one solve this …why not buy a pocket 6k …is it worth me paying triple for this will I get those velvia colours from c500 canon log raw…7q+. In 2K and 4K modes, the camera eats batteries, i.e. you’ll get less than 1 hour on a BP-955. Still it’s not worth looking at it now. Shop By Price. Has anyone actually tried to grade 10-bit GH4/GH5 stuff in a mixed-lighting situation!? This prosumer camcorder includes an integrated electronic viewfinder, a 4-inch touchscreen LCD display monitor, a versatile operating handle, a comfortable hand grip, a mic holder, and an assortment of other useful accessories for your professional videography needs. A top handle, battery solutions (lots of BPs, V-lock plate or both), the Odyssey 7Q+, the extra SSDs to handle the 4K raw workflow, fast on-site hard drives for offloading rushes… It’s a list that, like with any camera system, can rack up pretty quick. If you’re just using Canon still lenses then probably not. I’m well stocked on Canon BP batteries, but usually run off V-lock as well to give me longer stints, as well as to provide power for the Odyssey and fans. With all this rigged up, the camera gets pretty big, particularly considering how tall the camera is to start with. I made a quick on/off solution with a cheeseplate using some desktop fans powered via D-Tap. Yep, it’s big but it’s cheap, and is great for throwing on quickly for interviews. I wanted to buy a camera that I could use in a variety of shoots and that I wouldn’t be spending so much money that I would question my decision making skills come pay day. Canon Cinema EOS C300 PL Camcorder Body Lens Mount PL (Black) - AI ... Free shipping. These recorders still exist: the AJA Ki-Pro QUAD, Codex-S onboard recorder or the Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4, for example. So if I want Netflix distribution will inferno give me raw they ask for I only want 24 or 30p….and what’s the maximum I can get fps on odesy7+ 4k raw or even half raw. Nothing really, except they are obsolete! It’s crying out for an update to enable high frame rate recording in 2K and 4K resolution to Apple ProRes. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 2020 All rights reserved. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Save on Camcorders, Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- You may also like. While there is no great place on FB to share this one is the least ‘salesy’ I look forward to any more tips you want to share from your experiences with the c500 there. So? GoPro HERO8 Black Action Camera. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Not to mention don’t forget how many productions were and are still shot with the C300 mk1 which this camera basically is without a recorder. There are a few workarounds, some more graceful than others. not to mention the image. The more I use it, the more impressed I am. Add to that that there is no support for incremental frame rates. Sony is like a crappy car fitted with a turbo charger, it has a great performance, but it is still a crappy car :). C500 great, the master halelujaa!! What do you mean canon raw to prorez… you mean convert or it does both…..cause they are different??? EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. With the right rig, it’s fantastic. If you’re using cine lenses or heavier zoom lenses then definitely yes. Almost all content out there is 1080p/2K so please explain how 1080p is obsolete. But I like the massive files and data rate of C500 RMF – it is such a high quality source unlike most compressed “RAW” video. 13 watching. P3, P3+, Cinema), the ability to work in an ACES workflow, Genlock, Timecode out, RAW, and the ability to shoot in low light. And my production house is scouring around looking for more good ones because with the add-ons, it is incredibly versatile and an absolute steal. However they said they didn’t test the C500, so they didn’t really look into the higher frame rates, but that they were most likely not supported due to the file size, but “would get back to me on that.”, Convergent said: “Dear John, We are researching Apple ProRes Raw, we do not have an answer at this time.”. I imagine they will support it eventually, but have to go through some hoops with apple. Tim Fok is a freelance commercial DP based in the UK, working globally. I couldn’t swap it for an Arri mini because it does so much more. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Can’t imagine it’d be possible with atomos’ single SSD design. This company answered all of my questions immediately and looked into things regarding shipping without me asking them to, very much appreciated. Just stock up on storage if you plan on shooting lots of 60/120, those cards fill up quick! Cinematographer / DP. Just how hungry? The Canon EOS C500 Mark II uses the latest technology from the EOS R-series of Canon mirrorless cameras and puts it into a professional cinema camera that has a modular style to suit lots of different uses. And yes I understand the perks to shooting 4K- however this doesn’t make the format almost all content is distributed in obsolete. Canon is touting that the C300 Mark III can be used for a variety of applications including documentaries, TV programs, TV news, and corporate videos. EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. The EOS C500 PL fully supports both 4K and 2K image resolutions; as such, it is the ideal choice for demanding video productions across a wide gamut that ranges from high-quality commercials and TV dramas to motion-picture releases.

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