This usually involves sharpening the steel blades, plus cleaning the trimmer frequently to avoid any blockages building up or excess moisture causing rust. Before you tackle your hedge, you should check for pruning advice for the particular shrub, so you don't go overboard! Because uneven and scattered hedges shatter the entire outlook of your space. 5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 2020. First off, you get a 22-inch blade, which is the longest we’ve seen yet. Electric Hedge Trimmers are powered by electricity. The trimming function is effective, with laser-cut shearing blades and pre-hardened hooked tooth features to keep them sharper for longer. Very powerful trimmer that can cut almost anything, The 60V battery gives it an amazing 4 hours run time, Doesn’t come with a sheath, which means you have to be very careful when carrying or storing it. Having said that, it’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to reach the top of bushes easily. Price $$$ Cutting Width. It is one of the best hedge trimmer appliances for heavy-duty work. Links to the best hedge trimmers we listed in this hedge trimmer review video:1. It can cut branches just over half an inch thick, which is the same as the extendable Greenworks trimmer. Price - On a competitive market, prices will vary. The ECHO HC-2020 is a cordless trimmer that takes gas to … The best gas-powered hedge trimmers for home use cost between $200 and $250. Check Price. Single-sided blades are considered safer as you can keep the blade side of the trimmer pointing away from you at all times. Greenworks aren’t one of the most well-known companies around, but they make some pretty impressive gardening tools. Gas-powered trimmers are not recommended for people who are not comfortable with hedge trimming. That means you have to plug it in and be very careful not to cut through the wire. The blades on a hedge trimmer are equipped with sharp teeth. While this is a nice safety feature to have, your fingers and hands might get fatigued quickly from being in one position. ECHO HC-2020 Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Hedge Trimmer. One of the safest hedge trimmers on the list because of the large, transparent shield, Not powerful enough for cutting through thick branches. It is a battery powered hedge trimmer with a lot of power and an ergonomic design, which makes this a winner in our test. Best hedge trimmers of 2020. This impressive little trimmer offers something completely different. Greenworks 18-Inch 2.7 Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer, 14. Woodland Hills, CA 91364, 1. It’s powered using a 3.0-amp motor, that has to be plugged into a wall socket. The Poulan Pro PR2322 Hedge Trimmer is a gas-fueled model, so you will instantly notice that it is much heavier than electric or cordless hedge trimmers. At just over 1 pound in weight, it’s easily the most lightweight option on this list, but it’s really only suitable for small bushes. #11 DOEWORKS Corded 5 AMP Multi-Angle Cutting 3 in 1 Long Reach Electric Hedge Trimmer on Pole with Rotating Handle, 20″ Dual Steel Blades. Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers 2020 Review. If you don’t already have PowerShare tools, you need to invest in a battery and charger, Double lock design of child safety lock and security key. The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer electric hedge trimmer comes with a 22-inch blade that cuts up to ¾ inch thick branches easily. Ease of Use - Hedge trimmers that are designed for easy handling allow for better maneuvering. Best … Some are only suitable for cutting thin branches of 0.25inches, yet most models can cope with 0.5 - 0.75 inches. The blade itself has two-sided teeth with a dual-action. The blades are dual-action and the motor provides a considerably higher cutting speed than most of the alternatives. 1. Best For Big Jobs. The GreenWorks trimmer comes with a 4-year warranty and a low price point, making it an affordable offering that does exactly what it says it will. 40-Volt Lithium-ion battery provides for longer runtime, The battery life is excellent and only takes 1 hour to charge up, A powerful blade will cut through thick branches, Some reports of motors burning out, but the majority of customers love it. It also has a built-in charging unit and an LED light to indicate when the battery is running low. It comes with a battery and charger included and it’s part of the Worx PowerShare range, which means it can run off any 20V or 40V Worx battery. Good cordless hedge trimmers start at around $120, though the models that rival gas-powered machines are likely to cost $200 or more. If the trimmer means that you have to keep an off/on button pressed down while operating it, then you will have to use two hands at all times, and this may not always be practical for you. As the blade rotates, it begins to trim the hedges, bushes. Its 3/8 inch cutting capacity ensures it is perfect for bushes, so if you hate the look of that jungle growing unpleasantly outside your home, this is the perfect tool for making a statement. But before you shy away from your next hedge trimming task, you might want to consider investing in a new trimming machine to make your gardening duties a little bit easier. For electric Trimmers, electrical current is used to oscillate the blade of the machine. Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 2-Cycle – Top. If you have a gas-powered trimmer, they will require a little more maintenance, making sure you keep vents clear and the correct mix of oil and gas. That means it’s completely useless on large hedgerows, but perfect for smaller bushes and neatening up the edges. The distance between the blade teeth will help determine which types of branches the machine is best suited for. Some more advanced models do have 24-inch blades, which will make cutting quicker be harder to control. Husqvarna 122HD60. Best Overall: RYOBI 22-Inch 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer. Safety - The design of the trimmer must consider the safety of the user. The power for this trimmer comes from a 20volt lithium-ion battery, which is included, and this is compatible with all other Earthwise products. LHT360CFF 60V Max Powercut is the last Black & Decker hedge trimmer in our list. It’s also designed to absorb vibration, with a ¾” blade gap to get around branches and rip them apart. 1. Its razor-sharp blades mean it gets to feed through whatever you feed it! A dual-action blade will almost always outperform a single blade model hedge trimmer. It has enough length for flat tops and long, even sides. This means you get to have quality and environmental conservation in one product. Also, remember that this is another model that comes with a ‘bare tool only’ option, so if you need a battery and charger be sure to purchase a package that comes with those included. Can cut through branches that are only 10mm thick, Only operates for approx. Its corded feature ensures that for however long you are using it, constant dependable power is assured. In general, some of the lower-priced models will have lower energy and cordless hedge trimmers will have less power than mains operated ones. That means you can get an awesome straight-line cut all the way across your hedgerow – the longer the blade, the easier it is to get a straight cut. It has around 75 minutes of run time and charges faster than most other similar models. We believe that it is possible to get top quality trimmers at prices that would seem like a bargain for their output. Poulan Pro PR2322. Some of the best hedge trimmers come with safety functions, such as automatic shut-offs or hand shields, to keep you away from the blade. You just have to remember to charge the battery before use. With a corded appliance, you will need an extension lead, and they do tend to get in the way when operating the trimmer, but they can be more powerful than a battery-powered trimmer. We have tested hedge trimmers and name Stiga SHT 48 AE as best hedge trimmer of 2020. That means they have the research and technology departments to make innovative tools that can make your gardening experience a whole lot easier. You will end up giving yourself a workout whilst gardening! Full Disclosure.) It is ideal if you want to shape hedges with small-diameter branches. This battery-powered hedge trimmer comes with a standard size (20 inches) dual action blade and enough power to trim branches of up to 0.5 inches. Battery charge level indicated on the handle. It’s much smaller than the rest of the hedge trimmers on this list, with a blade that only reaches out 6.3 inches. This is another battery-powered hedge trimmer option that has sufficient energy to take care of most of your trimming needs. 1. Once fully charged, it has a run time of approximately 4 hours before it needs to be charged again. There’s no question that this is one of the best electric hedge trimmers around. 10 Best Rat Traps in 2020. Despite being design for overhead use, it is quite a heavy build, which stops it from being one of the best hedge trimmers. With this Dewalt trimmer be sure to buy the right version for you. With the ergonomic handles and safety guard, BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 is the perfect lightweight hedge trimmer for those smaller jobs. Longer blades will make it easier to trim evenly, or in straight lines, but they aren't great if you have only a small area to operate in. Powerful 40-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery, Shearing blade cuts branches up to 3/4 inch thick. Next in our list of top 10 best cordless hedge trimmers reviews for 2020 is Terratek Long Reach Cordless Hedge trimmer. Find more great products for your garden by checking out our guide to the best cordless lawn mowers. Or anything manual? Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit *Best Battery | Best Overall* If you’ve got a big job on your hands, you need to invest in something more heavy-duty. A fully charged battery will let you trim up to 6000 square feet and you can monitor the battery life using the indicator on the handle. The model isn’t particularly heavy, but due to the built-in safety mechanics, you will always need both hands to operate it. BLACK+DECKER LHT2240CFF. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 3Greenworks 18-Inch 2.7 Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer, 7Earthwise Cordless Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo, 8Greenworks 22-Inch 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer, 9BLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF 60V Max Powercut 24, 11WORX WG261 20V Power Share 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer. It also has a shoulder strap to assist you. The SunJoe comes with a shoulder strap to help take some of the weight of the trimmer, but it often slips off. It doesn’t say exactly how long one charge will last, but they do say that you’ll be able to cut around 6000 square feet of hedge – which should keep you busy for long enough. Best For Medium Jobs. Not into electric? Hedge trimmers of all varieties have motorized blades, and these can cause significant damage if not used correctly. For more gardening tools, check out our guide to the best leaf shredders. Plus, it has a feature called Powercut™ that gives you an extra boost of power if you get stuck on a particularly tough bit of the hedgerow. There is the tool only option, which doesn’t include the ion battery or charger, or the option to purchase it with these included. The Echo HC-2020, a 21-inch dual-action trimmer that stands up extremely well – even next to our Editor’s Pick from Husqvarna – and at only 10.0 lbs (dry weight), is considered a lightweight gas trimmer. They are quite heavy, more difficult to use, but due to their power, they can get big jobs done quickly. If you have extensive hedging to maintain, there is just no substitute for a good gas hedge trimmer. 22-inch, stainless-steel blades are impressive, Quite a few bad reviews on Amazon – which is expected with cheaper products. Bosch EasyHedgeCut. It isn’t the lightest electric hedge trimmer and only cuts through 5/8 inch branches, but the rotating handle makes it surprisingly easy to maneuver. Cordless – Cordless hedge trimmers are more portable and easier to use than their corded counterparts, but you have to remember to charge them up before you use them. The 20-inch dual-action blade does make quick work of trimming hedges and thin branches, so you may be able to get all your cutting done in one battery use. Trimming a hedge can be an exhausting job, so you need to find a trimmer that suits you. But we consider only the best brands with the best designs and quality output. We’ve selected the Black & Decker LHT2436 as our Best Choice hedge trimmer. They are part of Globe Group, which is – as the name would suggest – a global company. Boasting a 5Ah Lithium battery, this trimmer as all it takes for an efficient job! Check out our reviews of best electric chainsaw sharpeners, you might find just what you need. Black and Decker is one of the most popular brands in power tools industry. Our rating: 4.8 out of 5. However, we should point out that in comparison to other gas-powered machines, this is quite lightweight. The 20 best Hedge Trimmers in 2020 ranked based on 618 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Inside the motor, there are five cushions that stop the hedge trimmer from vibrating when it’s running. CRAFTSMAN 22-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmers; 9. You might be slightly suspicious when you first look at Snow Joe HJ22HTE. Here are a few features to look out for when purchasing a Hedge Trimmer: Power - The power of a hedge trimmer is usually determined by finding out whether it uses a cord, or is cordless. However, if used correctly, with the appropriate safety precautions, they are unlikely to cause harm. 1. Best Hedge Trimmers in 2020 Reviews. Powerful 20-Volt 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery included, Compatible with all Earthwise 20-Volt Lithium-Ion battery products. Our handy guide to the best riding lawn mowers features more great products like this. The two grips are soft and ergonomically designed so that you don’t strain yourself when you’re trimming for a long time. The trimmer is also fitted with several cushions around the motor, which helps to reduce vibration levels and also keep noise to a minimum. 10 Best Hedge Trimmers in 2020. Anyone that has tried to trim a thick hedgerow will know how important this feature could be. Although an excellent product, it’s important to note is the battery for the DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer is sold separately. Plus the easy view charge indicator gives you further battery guidance. The most impressive thing about GreenWorks 2272 Pole Hedge Trimmer is the extendable pole. The battery is long-lasting, so you can expect to achieve about 2 hours of run time on one fully charged battery. 7 Best Ryobi Pressure Washers in 2020. We’ve selected the Black & Decker LHT2436 as our Best Choice hedge trimmer. It also has an automatic switch-off function that kicks in if the motor overheats and or when it is time to recharge the battery. Other aspects to consider when choosing the best hedge trimmer includes the handle and the on/off function. Plus, the PowerDrive transmission stops the trimmer from stalling and allows you to cut more branches. However, you will need a separate extension cord to take full advantage of its range. Corded options give you a bit more power, and you don't have to worry about the battery run time. More powerful machines are, as you would expect, heavier so while they may be quicker, they may also be a challenge to keep holding up. Husqvarna 122HD60: Best hedge trimmer overall. You’ll need a break from trimming before it does! Most hedges can be quickly dealt with using an 18 inch or 20-inch blade. If you don’t already have the LXT range batteries and charger, then you will need to buy them separately or ensure that you purchase a version of this hedge trimmer that includes them. Professional equipment starts at around $300 but can exceed $500. A: Because of their sharp nature, hedge trimmer blades are rather dangerous. Best Splurge: Milwaukee Electric … The powerful 4 amp electric Greenworks hedge trimmer, is one of the best selling hedge trimmers at Amazon and features a 4-year warranty to boot. Browse through our top 10 best hedge trimmers in 2020 reviews below. Read More. And it doesn’t disappoint. Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers 2020 (As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made through links on this page, at no additional cost to you. We have carefully selected these items to assist you in making the right choice worth your needs and budget. Despite its low price point, the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S Hedge Trimmer is one of the most powerful, thanks to its 3.2ap motor and 3400 strokes per minute speed. If you are used to handling shears and balancing on ladders, then you probably put off hedge trimming until you can bear the look of overgrown shrubs no more. The telescopic pole is designed to help you tackle tall hedges and gives you a greater reach. Maintenance - Some hedge trimmers are designed to allow for easy replacement of parts when a fault arises. Hedge trimmers will all specify the thickness of branches that they can cut. Greenworks 20-Inch 40V. The best thing about the Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer is the transparent safety guard between you and the blades. A: A hedge trimmer is used to prune or cut hedges and bushes. The LHT2240CFF features a … If you do choose a corded hedge trimmer, make sure it comes with a residual current device to stop it from electrocuting you if you cut through the wire. It can turn even the scruffiest patch of land into something that would rival the Garden of Eden. This is a tiny trimmer that can be used to trim hedges, and then the steel blades can be swapped to make it into a handheld mower to tackle grass (with grass shears) in between plants. Having beautifully trimmed and pruned hedges can make such a difference to your garden. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer. But it has one crucial difference – this trimmer can cut branches up to one and a half inches thick. It’s not going to give you the accuracy or power than the more expensive models can provide, but you can’t really expect it to. Power saw innovation cuts 1.5inch branches. It will zip through 5/8inch branches in no time at all. Sun Joe SJH902E 21-in 4-Amp Multi-Angle Hedge Trimmer, 8. A lighter trimmer will cause less stress to the arms and shoulders than a heavier one. GreenWorks 22102: Best value hedge trimmer. It can extend up to 6.5 feet, which means you can get to the super hard-to-reach areas, without the need for ladders or other dangerous equipment. The WORX WG261.9 20V Power Share 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer works especially well if you need to trim high-level hedges that involve lifting the trimmer above shoulder level. The battery has a low voltage compared to most other cordless designs so it isn’t the most powerful and you may need to recharge to complete your trimming. Finding the best gas hedge trimmer for your property is a serious . They provide 5X more charge than the standard 36-volt alternatives, found in most similar bush trimmers. Jordan works diligently to ensure only the best products ever make it onto the platform and are showcased in Gear Hungry's carefully curated, tested and expertly researched, informative buying guides. EGO Power+ 24-Inch. Check out our list of 13 best cordless string trimmers that will clean up your landscape and impress the neighbors. Electric powered hedge trimmers are the most popular choice for home use as they are lighter, quieter, and more affordable than gas versions. The power cord on this model is only about 6 inches long so you will need an extension lead before you can use it. The challenge with this machine is that there is no cord lock, so the wire may get in your way. The more powerful models can cut branches of 1.5 inches. It has a 20-inch dual-action blade, that can cut branches just over half an inch in diameter. Versatile, lightweight, emission-free, and ready to go out of the box, the Greenworks has proven itself as a “Go-To” hedge trimmer for anyone with a small to the medium-sized yard. We also encourage you to check out the Reviews of Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers. Weight plays a big part when assessing the ease of use of a trimmer as this will impact how easily you can move it around.

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