General Winfield Scott General William Worth General Twiggs Captain Robert E. Lee. The Battle of Cerro Gordo, or Battle of Sierra Gordo, in the Mexican-American War saw Winfield Scott's United States troops out-flank and drive Santa Anna's larger Mexican army from a strong defensive position. American Officers. Click a thumbnail panel link to scroll additional thumbnails into view. Mexican Officers. Mexico recognized the … ... Santa Anna placed his men along a pass at Cerro Gordo. Casualties During the Battle of Cerro Gordo Battle of Cerro Gordo from U.S. History Images. On Friday, the town was sold for $1.4 million to investors who plan to restore it. Originally home to the Kalapuya Native Americans, one story states that Cerro Gordo is named for its resemblance to the mountain where the Battle of Cerro Gordo was fought in the war with Mexico in April of 1847. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876) was the president of Mexico from 1833 to 1836. Mexican . The Battle of Cerro Gordo Mexican War 1846 ~ 1848. Cerro Gordo is a difficult mountain pass, at the foot of the eastern slope of the Cordilleras, on the great national road from Vera Cruz to the city of Mexico. Click a thumbnail to view the full size image. In this week's episode we'll jump into the slug fest between Maj General's Winfield Scott and Mexican Army General Santa Anna. General Santa Anna Colonel Manuel Robles Colonel Juan Cano Casualty statistics: American . Santa Anna , by extraordinary efforts after the battle of BUENA VISTA , had gathered a force of about 12,000 men from among the sierras of Orizaba, concentrated them … However Santa Anna was defeated and captured by Sam Houston at San Jacinto on April 21, … The first significant opposition from Santa Anna's forces occurred at Cerro Gordo, a town located in a 10,000-foot mountain pass about 60 miles inland. Dispatch communicating Scott's official report of the Battle of Cerro Gordo (Winfield Scott) March to Jalapa—Battle of Cerro Gordo (Ulysses S. Grant Memoirs) The Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 16, 1847 (George B. McClellan) U.S. The American Hotel, in the ghost town of Cerro Gordo, looking out toward the Sierra Nevada in California in 2006. A potentially dire situation was … During this time he attempted to crush the Texan Revolution and seize the Alamo in 1836. Santa Anna's belt seized from his carriage at Cerro Gordo. Blocking him was Santa Ana with 20,000 troops. It was thought that there was no way around the … Following the surrender of Vera Cruz in late March, Winfield Scott began his drive westward toward the Mexican capital. Battle of Cerra Gordo. After his victory at Vera Cruz Scott advanced with his army towards Mexico City. Battle of Cerro Gordo (April 17-18, 1847) After U.S. forces captured the Mexican Port City of Veracruz, Veracruz, U.S. General Winifred Scott led his troops toward Mexico City. He bought Cerro Gordo, a former silver mining town with a murderous history, for $1.4 million in 2018. Date: April 18, 1847 Location: 20 miles east of Jalapa, Veracruz. The United States won every major battle that followed, including the Battle of Cerro Gordo where U.S. troops skirted the massive blockade of the Cerro Gordo mountain pass near Xalapa, Mexico, to attack Santa Anna's troops from behind. Santa Ana attempted to block Scott at the pass at Cerra Gordo. In the late 1800's Cerro Gordo Mountain was established as the Paradise Hill homestead site by the Doolittle Family. Battle of Cerro Gordo. General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican troops blocked their route via the national road at the Cerro Gordo mountain pass (near Jalapa, … Battle of Cerro Gordo. The war ended in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

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